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terça-feira, agosto 05, 2008

Anger as 350 police officers taken off the beat for sex-swap awareness classes because one is changing gender
Police officers in an area with a high crime rate are being taken off the beat for an awareness course on sex changes.
The half-day training class is meant to help them deal with a colleague who is beginning a new life as a woman.

Milhares participam da 1ª Marcha Internacional Contra o Estigma, a Discriminação e a Homofobia
Milhares de pessoas participaram da 1ª Marcha Internacional Contra o Estigma, a Discriminação e a Homofobia, que aconteceu na Cidade do México no último sábado, dia 2 de agosto.
A marcha aconteceu um dia antes da abertura da 17ª Conferência Internacional Sobre a Aids - também sediada na capital mexicana – e serviu para cobrar governos nacionais compromissos com as causas gays e pressionar a ONU para que ela impeça a perseguição aos homossexuais em diversos países.
HEALTH: March Sets Tone For AIDS Conference
Excerpt: And transgender commercial sex workers like Angela and Diana, find living off their bodies their only option as society and authorities reject them.
'I pray. But not for myself'
Excerpt: I wish my family understood me better, but we became estranged when I told them I was gay and that I liked to dress as a woman. At that time, I didn't want to live any more. I didn't take care of myself, and that included not only failing to wear condoms, but also not eating properly. I lost weight until I got sick and ended up at the hospital, where they administered an HIV test. I was 16 years old. It was harder for my parents to learn that I had HIV than to discover that I was transgender.
The first time I dressed as a woman, I felt I was another person. My gestures no longer provoked laughter. I don't care any longer about the way others react. No matter what I do, I am a person who matters.
HIV-positive migrants accuse US of neglect
Excerpt: The death of the 23-year-old transgender Mexican immigrant is at the forefront of discussions at this week's international AIDS conference in Mexico City. Rights activists say it shows the failure of immigration officials to deal humanely with HIV-positive inmates among the 30,000 migrants held in detention centers across the United States.

MontCo referendum seen as guide to nixing transgender laws in U.S.
Religious conservatives are hoping a referendum on a Montgomery County law protecting transgender people could become a template to repeal similar measures across the country.