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quarta-feira, agosto 06, 2008

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene

Teenager 'strangled Thornton Heath transexual after date mistake'
A teenager strangled a transsexual after taking her out on a date when he discovered she used to be a man, the Old Bailey heard today.
Shanniel Hyatt, 18, covered the body of 39-year-old Kellie Telesford with a white blanket - with the brown furry scarf used to choke her still bound tightly round her neck.
Kellie was strangled by teenager after oral sex, court told
The Old Bailey today heard that a 39-year-old trans woman was strangled to death in her flat in south east London by a teenager who had allowed her to perform oral sex on him.
Teenager denies killing transgender woman
A south London teenager has denied killing a woman with whom he claims to have become intimate, unaware she was born a man.
Shanniel Hyatt said he only found out the truth about Kellie Telesford's gender when police arrested him for her murder.

From Politics to Reality Show: A Career Change?
The twists and turns of Italian politics rival any nighttime soap: one minute you're Europe's first transgender parliamentarian, the next you're getting an extreme wax to prepare for a reality show.
That's the trajectory of Vladimir Luxuria, former Communist Refoundation representative, ousted from government -- along with the rest of the party -- and now preparing to star in September in Italy's version of Celebrity Survivor! (Called, un-catchily, "Isola dei Famosi" or Famous People's Island in Italian).

Projeto de Lei sueco propõe castração de pessoas trans
Um novo projeto de lei proposto na Suécia, que pretende tornar obrigatória a castração de todas as pessoas que desejarem se submeter à mudança de sexo no país, foi recebido com revolta por parte das organizações LGBT nacionais.

Transexuais são pecado contra a natureza, diz político
O Movimento de Integração e Liberação Homossexual do Chile, o Movilh, expressou nesta terça-feira, dia 5, o seu profundo desapontamento perante às declarações transfóbicas do político Jaime Barrientos, do partido União Democrata Independiente (UDI), que afirmou serem os transexuais um "pecado que vai contra a natureza".

[Taiwan] [Commentary]
Family kills if you don't toe the hard gender line
A decade ago, a key figure in Taiwan's lesbian and gay movement said out of distress: "In Taiwan, only orphans can be gay."
Taiwan, the whole Chinese world in fact, has a tradition of keeping "potentially embarrassing" family matters a secret. This tradition has seen the parents of many gay people express extreme anger and hatred toward them, with some parents choosing to totally isolate and ignore their own children. On some occasions, parents even use emotional blackmail to force their children to "return to normality."

Thailand's Teen Castration Ban Splits Doctors, Gay Campaigners
Paiboon Marvin started wearing dresses and makeup before he became a teenager. Now 16, he wants to be castrated as the next step toward becoming a woman.
Until recently, that wouldn't have been a problem: Boys of any age in Thailand could have their testicles removed for as little as 5,000 Baht ($150) with no questions asked. Now Paiboon may have to wait two years because the procedure will be outlawed for those under 18, after pressure from gay rights activists who say youngsters may follow a trend and regret it later.
Ban on Underage Castration Divides Thailand’s Doctors, Activists
Transgendered people are not regarded as unusual in Thailand, but even so a new law is poised to ban castration procedures for biological males under the age of 18--and the new law is the result of GLBT activists.

Parade caps St. John's Gay Pride Week
Homosexual and transgendered people and their supporters marched through St. John's on Sunday in a parade to end Gay Pride Week.

Transgender man on trial for Decatur bank robbery
Jury selection began today in the trial of a bank robbery suspect who was at first identified as a woman, but turned out to be a man.
Transgender man on trial for holdup
A federal prosecutor will continue presenting evidence today in the trial of bank robbery suspect Jimmy Maurice Lewis II, a transgender man with breast implants who was mistaken for a woman when the FBI and police first investigated the robbery.

[USA] [Commentary]
Rethinking Sexism: How Trans Women Challenge Feminism
In 1991, Nancy Jean Burkholder was expelled from the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival (MWMF), the world's largest annual women-only event, because festival workers suspected that she was a trans woman -- that is, someone who was assigned a male sex at birth but who identifies and lives as female. That incident sparked protests from a burgeoning transgender movement to challenge what eventually came to be known as the festival's "womyn-born- womyn"-only policy, which effectively bars trans women from attending.

Transsexual Cited For Entering Women's Restroom
A transsexual is accusing the Jacksonville Transportation Authority and police of discrimination after being cited for entering a women's restroom.
Transsexual Cited For Trespassing In Bus Bathroom
A transsexual accuses the Jacksonville Transportation Authority and police of both discriminating over the use of restrooms. (Vídeo)

Human Rights Campaign Statement on 'Trans-Panic' Defense in Murder of Angie Zapata
"The shameful 'trans panic' defense is nothing more than a scurrilous attempt to blame the victim for this horrible crime," said Solmonese.

Online Extra: It's a Man's World
Donna Rose has a unique perspective.
She used to be a man.
The statuesque blond grew up as David Rosen, a nationally ranked college wrestler who could bench press 300 pounds.
Forty years after living his life as a man, David decided to become Donna.
Photo: Mark W. Lipczynski/The Arizona Republic
Donna Rose has a unique perspective on the differences between men and women in the workplace having begun her life as a man.