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terça-feira, agosto 12, 2008

Discover Shane Meadows' Somers Town
Excerpt: Transformation on Eversholt Street is apparently the world's largest shop and centre for transvestites and transsexuals ('transforming men into beautiful women'). Understandably it's a discreet operation, so unless you have the guts to walk it, its services are kept from view by darkened windows.

Book on LGBT life in Muslim cultures published
Excerpt: He said: 'I'm particularly passionate about transgendered people and gay women.
'We all know what it is to be a gay man in Pakisan or Morocco, but how many people have read stories of transsexuals or lesbians in these countries? Not many.'

[UK] [Blog/Commentary]
Kellie Telesford murder - “no evidence of kinky sex”
Further to my recent post about the Kellie Telesford murder trial reaching the courts at the Old Bailey (link here), I’ve just read this article in Croydon Today.
It seems that the defence barrister’s assertion that Ms Telesford “could have died after a ‘kinky sex’ game” with her alleged murderer has been rejected by Dr Kenneth Shorrock, who examined the body.

AIDS Anthology Reveals Another India
At every International AIDS Conference, set apart from the meeting halls where science and politics battle, there's a place called the Global Village.

Vigil Held For Murdered Transgender Woman
Friends and family remembered a loved one at a candlelight vigil Saturday evening. They celebrated the life of transgender woman Angie Zapata.
Police say Zapata was beaten to death last month by a man she met online.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Womyn Born Womyn
Excerpt: Since its inception, "the Michigan Festival...always has been an event for women, and this continues to be defined as womyn born womyn" (Lisa Vogel & Barbara Price). This policy has gained notoriety for the festival, as it officially requests that the attendees be "womyn-born- womyn" (WBW) only. That is, those who were born and raised as girls, and currently identify as women. MWMF is one of only a few women's festivals with a WBW policy.