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sexta-feira, agosto 22, 2008

Greenpeace chumba peixe dos supermercados portugueses
Todos os supermercados que operam em Portugal desrespeitam a compra de peixe sustentável de acordo com um ranking da Greenpeace, hoje divulgado, que coloca o Lidl na melhor posição e o grupo Sonae (Modelo e Continente) na pior.

[South Africa]
South African Trans-woman in beauty pageant furore
A row has erupted over a transgender woman who has apparently been snubbed by the organisers of the Miss South Africa pageant.
The transgender woman, Lindiwe Ringane, reportedly wanted to enrol in a workshop for potential participants but was made to feel unwelcome by the organisers, Sun International, reported Beeld, an Afrikaans daily newspaper.

Student victim of gay "witch-hunt" wins in court but faces backlash from neighbours
A student who sued her headmaster for conducting a homophobic "witch-hunt" is facing a hostile response from local residents.
Heather Gillman, of Ponce de Leon High School in Florida, was outraged when a lesbian classmate (who wishes to remain anonymous) was told that homosexuality was wrong by her headmaster.

Coalition builds for boycott of New England HRC gala
In response to Human Rights Campaign's stance on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), the activist group, along with activists from Queers Without Borders, Pride at Work and KnowThyNeighbor. org are organizing a protest of the organization' s New England gala dinner, which will be held at the Sheraton in Boston on October 25th.

Transgender Air Force colonel sues Library of Congress over pulled job offer
"Military colleagues [and] family have all been tremendously supportive," decorated veteran Diane Schroer said. "My country, which I served honorably for 25 years, has not been as tolerant or accepting."

The first federally recognized same-sex marriage will happen on the Coquille reservation
In a move as confusing as it is exciting the Coquille Tribe on the southern Oregon coast has just legalized marriage on their land. And Kitzen and Jeni Branting, in a committed lesbian relationship since high school, will soon be legally wed.
Though most Native American cultures have been fairly accepting of a wide range of genders and sexualities, sometimes honoring "
two-spirits" as shamans, contemporary tribal laws have mostly banned same-sex marriage.