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terça-feira, agosto 19, 2008

SIDA: há quem seja imune
Algumas pessoas, apesar de terem o virús no seu organismo, não desenvolvem a doença

Juiz de Fora: Glamour, beleza e muitos shows marcam Miss Brasil Gay 2008
O longo tapete vermelho estendido na frente do Cine-Theatro Central, na cidade mineira de Juiz de Fora, já dava o tom de elegância que marcou a 32ª edição do mais que tradicional Miss Brasil Gay, concurso que elege a transformista mais bela do país e que foi realizado na noite de sábado, dia 16 de agosto.
Miss Pernambuco, Lizandra Brunelly vence a 32ª edição do Miss Brasil Gay em Juiz de Fora

[South Africa]
Can Miss SA be an ex-Mr?
The organisers of the annual Miss South Africa pageant have been in crisis the past week, after a woman who had had a sex-change operation wanted to enrol in a workshop for prospective participants, and encountered a very chilly welcome.

Trans-genders Face High HIV/AIDS Risk
After return from International AIDS conference (held in Mexico City) in the capacity of Jury of the prestigious Red Ribbon Award, noted physician and Medical Director of International Health Organization, Dr Diwakar Tejaswi, at a press conference held at the Windsor Hotel, Exhibition Road in Patna on Sunday, said that the transgender community was found to be at excessive risk of acquiring HIV AIDS.

[USA] [News/Health]
Women With Male DNA All Female
Excerpt: Atwood is not a freak -- nor is she half-man, half-woman. But her DNA says she's a man. That's because she has male chromosomes, an X and a Y, instead of two Xs, like most females. It's a disorder of sexual development in the womb called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, or AIS. It can be passed down through the mother or occur as a spontaneous mutation.

GLAAD: 'Fox News Channel and Us Weekly apologize for crude, dehumanizing anti-transgender comments'
Thanks to constituents sharing their concerns with Fox News, on August 15 America's Newsroom host Gregg Jarrett apologized on the air for comments made about a transgender contestant on the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model: "This time yesterday we aired a segment about a transgender by the name of Isis, who will compete in the upcoming season of the television show America's Next Top Model. The group GLAAD, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation sent us an email saying it was offensive. That was not our intention. We apologize." This segment can be viewed on YouTube <> .