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quinta-feira, agosto 14, 2008

Amazónia em perigo por culpa do petróleo
Os projectos de prospecção petrolífera e de gás natural na região oeste da Bacia Amazónica, transformaram-se numa ameaça para a biodiversidade e para os povos indígenas da região, assegurou um estudo publicado pela revista PLoS ONE, explica o site brasileiro de informação Estadao.
Equador: 37 mil litros de resíduos de petróleo derramados
Mais de 37 mil litros de resíduos de petróleo foram derramados esta quarta-feira num estuário que desagua no Rio Aguarico, na província amazónica de Sucumbíos, perto da fronteira do Equador com a Colômbia, revelou a televisão local.

'My body is wrong'
Should teenagers who believe they are transgender be helped to change sex? And if so, what about the four-year-olds who feel the same way? Viv Groskop meets the parents and doctors in favour of intervention

[Malaysia] [Commentary]
Time to engage Mak Nyah
Excerpt: A TRANSSEXUAL asked: "Since Islam rejects people like me, may I leave Islam?"
"Now I know you are really crazy! You're already in trouble with the authorities, you want to court more trouble?" her colleague interjected.
"I don't see what the problem is. You, and I, and everyone here are subject to harassment all the time, and constantly reminded that we are an abhorrent to the faith. So why be part of a religion that rejects you?"
This particular dilemma was discussed at an audit I undertook as part of an HIV/AIDS project recently.

Apenas 1% dos investimentos contra aids é voltado para homens gays e bi, aponta ONU
Pesquisas da UNAIDS, órgão ligado às Nações Unidas, revelam que apenas 1% do investimento total de US$ 669 milhões feito em todo o planeta para prevenir a transmissão do vírus HIV é destinado aos homens gays e bissexuais. O dado de 2006 foi revelado durante a Conferência Internacional de AIDS que terminou ocorrida na Cidade do México durante a última semana, e representa o cálculo mais recente sobre o assunto.

International Trans Day
Most gay historians will tell you modern gay activism began with the riots at the Stonewall Inn in New York, 1969.
But on Friday many in our community will commemorate the anniversary of another incident three years prior to Stonewall.
International Transgender Day of Awareness, August 15, marks the 42nd anniversary of the 1966 Compton Cafeteria riot in San Francisco, where transgender and queer patrons rebelled against police harassment.
Photo from the diner riot doco "Screaming Queens".

Transexual participará da próxima temporada de America's Next Top Model
Uma transexual está na lista dos 14 nomes confirmados para concorrer na próxima temporada do America's Next Top Model, que começa a ser transmitido em 3 de setembro nos Estados Unidos.
(Na foto, Isis)
Transexual é candidata do America´s Next Top Model
Uma das 14 garotas que participarão da nova temporada do America's Next Top Model, com início a partir do dia 3 de setembro, é a transexual Isis, de 22 anos e natural do estado de Maryland.
'Top Model's eleventh-season cast includes transgender contestant
America's Next Top Model is trying to break the norm with one of its eleventh-season cast members.
"Some people might say I'm transgender, some people might say transsexual. Personally, I prefer 'born in the wrong body,'" eleventh-season Top Model finalist Isis explained in a The CW-released video obtained by Entertainment Tonight.
[Blog/Commentary] Isis to bring it to the judges' panel on America's Next Top Model
Isis, the 22-year old transgender woman who hails from neighboring Prince George's County, Maryland, will walk and pose and dip as a contender on Season 3 of Tyra Banks's America's Next Top Model.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
The Angie Zapata Vigil
Angie Zapata had the eyes of an angel. To look at pictures of her are to see beautiful, deep, soulful eyes that speak in ways that transcend words. They speak of a difficult life, but also of a sense of deep inner peace that belie her young 18 years of life. They reach off of the page as if to invite you to be her friend. And it's hard not to want to take her up on her offer.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Are Black Transwomen Fighting A Lost Cause?
I just think that it is sad, to see a people who were fighting for their rights as second class citizens, just to get those rights, and now turn their noses up at their own brothers and sisters who are in the trans movement.