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domingo, agosto 31, 2008

Sex-change soldier assaulted in champagne bar
A MAN has been convicted of assaulting Britain's first sex-change Army officer in a champagne bar.
James Young's victim was former Parachute Regiment hero Captain Ian Hamilton, who served his country in six war zones.

Iranian film 'Tedium' explores the lives of 7 transsexuals in Iran
Organizers of the Venice Film Festival waited to announce "Khastegi (Tedium)" by first-time Iranian director Bahman Motamedian until the last minute to avoid alerting authorities to its sensitive subject: transsexuals in modern-day Iran.

Transgendered Khmer Rouge victim demands justice
Excerpt: S. alleges she suffered numerous rapes at the hands of Khmer Rouge soldiers and cadres and was imprisoned several times in re-education camps as well as in prisons. She says she was threatened with death if she refused to marry a woman and the Khmer Rouge forced her to engage in sexual intercourse with her arranged wife.

Mexico City approves name changes for transsexuals
Mexico City's legislature has passed a law making it easier for transsexuals and transgender people to legally change their names and obtain revised birth certificates that reflect their gender identification.

Transgender Iranian refugee charged with murder in shooting
A transgender Iranian refugee has been charged in Twin Falls with shooting and killing his male housemate, also a refugee from Iran.
Majid Kol-estani, 42, was charged with first-degree murder for the Monday shooting death of Ehsan Velayati Kababian, 29.