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quinta-feira, agosto 28, 2008

[UK] [Commentary]
Young transsexuals should be allowed to put puberty on hold
Halting development allows teenagers time to consider their potential treatment, says Richard Green

Mark Weston (1906 - ?) shot-putter and javelin thrower
Mary Edith Louise Weston was England's best female shot-putter 1924-1930 and the best javelin thrower in 1927.
In 1936 Mary became Mark after two operations by Lennox Broster at Charing Cross Hospital. Broster said: "Mr. Mark Weston, who was always brought up as a female, is male, and should continue life as such".

Transsexualisme : l’art du traumatisme d’Etat
Vouloir changer de sexe relève d'un choix personnel, et souvent salvateur. La souffrance engendrée par le fait de ne pas se sentir dans le corps qu'il faut est importante, de nombreuses études le démontrent.
Face à cela, toute personne un tant soit peu humaine se dit que de facilité le parcours pour passer d'un sexe à l'autre doit être la norme d'une société un peu évoluée.
Eh bien, il n'en est rien en France, bien au contraire.

Gay online TV channel to launch in Romania
Excerpt: The country includes sexual orientation in its anti-discrimination legislation and allows those who have undergone gender reassignment to change their identity.

Documentary Examines Iran’s ’Final Solution’ to Gay ’Problem’
When Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed last year that there were no homosexuals in Iran, the world reacted with skepticism. A new documentary film on how the Iranian government deals with gays might shed some light on what seems like an extraordinary claim.
Iran’s ’solution’ to the gay ’problem’ is to change gay men into women (
A documentary looks at Iran's heartbreaking "solution" to homosexuality
Filmmaker Tanaz Eshaghian has long been fascinated by gender issues, so when she read a New York Times story about how the Iranian government was dealing with homosexuality, she was completely transfixed.

[South Korea]
New rape law to acknowledge Korea's male and trans victims
An opposition MP in South Korea has proposed new legislation that would extend the definition of a rape victim to include men and transsexuals.
Democratic Party Representative Choi Young-hee said that there were more than 1,000 male victims of sex crimes in 2007, up from 468 in 2004.

Transexuales y travestis argentinas se unen en cooperativa de trabajo
Integrada por el trabajo de 30 travestis y transexuales fue inaugurada en la localidad de Avellaneda, provincia de Buenos Aires, la Cooperativa de trabajo Nadia Echazú, llamada así en honor a una activista del colectivo homosexual fallecida en 2004.
Foto: Cooperativa, alternativa a la prostitución.

Piden a diputados aprobar ley trans de coalición
Organizaciones de la sociedad civil se congratularon por el esfuerzo realizado por la coalición parlamentaria del Alternativa Socialdemócrata y el Partido de la Revolución Democrática, que presentó una iniciativa por los derechos de personas transexuales.

Transgender rights protesters at Fillmore show
About three dozen demonstrators confronted people attending a Human Rights Campaign concert at the Fillmore Auditorium Tuesday night.
The protesters, from the group Bashback! Denver as well as several other groups, said the Human Rights Campaign, a liberal gay-rights group, hasn't done enough to extend those same protections to transgender individuals. The protesters chanted, "Gender is an illusion, stop trans exclusion," as several dozen police officers looked on.

Activists fear sex worker arrests near new condos
Gay and transgender activists are calling on the District government to use existing social services programs rather than a police crackdown to curtail street prostitution in the city's Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood, where transgender and gay male sex workers have plied their trade for more than 20 years.