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sexta-feira, agosto 29, 2008

Clima: milhões de mortos dentro de 20 anos
Em 2002 morreram só em África 2,4 milhões de pessoas vítimas de doenças relacionadas com as alterações do clima

Brasil : 2.000 pinguins encontrados mortos, cobertos petróleo
Cerca de dois mil pinguins de Magalhães foram encontrados mortos, cobertos de petróleo, nas praias de Florianopolis (Sul do Brasil), desde domingo, indicou um responsável do Centro de Triagem dos Animais Selvagens (Cetas) desta cidade.

Hermaphrodite baby’s mother calls for help
A hermaphrodite baby, born some two years, six months ago, has been taken to an orphanage in Ebolowa for care. The baby named Kelvin was born with the male and female genital organs.

Reality Bites! With Mama Catastrophe
America’s Next Top Model cycle 11 begins airing in the US early next month and as reported earlier this month there is going to be a transgender contestant – Isis, age 22, a program assistant from New York. Now to Mama this is nothing new – there’s been plenty of our trans-sistahs working as successful models over the years. That aside, the amount of attention it’s getting concerns Mama – there’s so much debate about this child’s transgender status and whether the public, the press or even the modelling industry are ready to fully embrace and accept a totally open transgender model.
America's Next Top Model features hot tranny mess
Ladies and gentleman, the inevitable has happened — Tyra Banks has lost her freaking mind.
No, I'm not talking about the horrendous crimped hairstyle she recently wore to celebrate Vogue Italia's first all-black model issue.
I'm not even referencing the recent reports that she kept an audience for her talk show waiting for two hours while she gabbed with stagehands around the snack table backstage.
I'm talking about Isis, Banks' newest headline-snagging protégé.

Transgender Emergency Fund Will Start Offering Assistance in September
The Transgender Emergency Fund, a Central Mass.-based program that will provide critical assistance to low-income transgender or transsexual people, will begin providing financial assistance to people next month, says Jesse Pack of AIDS Project Worcester.

[CT, USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Connecticut District Court Recognized Transgender Discrimination, But . . .
This case may be about losing the battle, but eventually winning the war. Jillian Weiss of the Transgender Workplace Diversity blog writes about the recent case of Morales v. ATP from the District of Connecticut.