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segunda-feira, setembro 01, 2008

Dads who found love together
JENNY-ANNE Bishop and Elen Heart are a very unusual couple – they both have the bodies of men and were once husbands and fathers.
But they gave it all up to dress as women and become a “lesbian” transgender couple.
Like all transsexuals, Jenny-Ann, 62, who used to be Paul, and Elen, 65, who was once Alan, think they were born in the wrong bodies.
But they have decided against sex-swap surgery because of health risks at their age.

Vancouver transsexual says her candidacy rejected
A transsexual Vancouver prostitution advocate is preparing a human rights complaint against the city's governing party after being told her candidacy for parks board has been rejected.

Now he really is Jahn the Man
Jahn Kirchoff calls to check in, and the voice on the phone is startling. It has dropped considerably in just a couple of weeks. No way it sounds like a woman's voice anymore.