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segunda-feira, novembro 24, 2008

«Entre 30 a 40 por cento dos doentes são diagnosticados tardiamente»
Alerta feito por especialista em infecciologia do Hospital de São João

Transgendered community remembers those fallen
Around 40 people gathered in Amherst's Unitarian Universalist meetinghouse Thursday for Transgender Day of Remembrance, an annual holiday dedicated to remembering those who have died in the past year because of their gender identity or expression.
Tenth Annual Tribute to Our Dead
Students honor hate crime victims
San Diego Hosts Transgender Day of Remembrance

Filme Para que não me Ames leva dois prêmios no Festival Mix Brasil
A 16a. edição do Festival MixBrasil de Cinema e Vídeo da Diversidade Sexual fez sua última sessão em São Paulo neste domingo, 23, no MIS.

[UK] [Blog/Commentary]
The Portman Clinic and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health: eugenic hotbeds
Any transgender person in the United Kingdom, especially young people, should avoid the Portman Clinic at all costs. They are as bad or worse than the CAMH Clarke Institute in Canada, widely considered the worst of the worst in terms of eugenic-oriented mental institutions that treat gender-variant people as criminals.

Psychosexual Outcome of Gender-Dysphoric Children.
Objective: To establish the psychosexual outcome of gender-dysphoric children at 16 years or older and to examine childhood characteristics related to psychosexual outcome.

Falcons protest alleged hermaphrodite in E' Guinean team
The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) may have filed a protest to the Confederation of African Football (CAF), over allegations that three hermaphrodites are in the Equatorial Guinea team.

WA gender decision to become test case
IN a major test case, two "former women" are taking on the West Australian Government in a bid to officially be recognised as men.

Interview: America’s First Crossdressing Mayor
Stu Rasmussen, a lifelong resident of Silverton, Oregon, was recently reelected for his third term as mayor. This time, however, he campaigned in heels. We spoke with Stu about his career, his relationship with 30-year partner Victoria Sage, and being an out transgendered elected official.