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segunda-feira, fevereiro 16, 2009

No Oceano Atlântico - Submarinos nucleares colidiram
Um submarino britânico e um submersível francês, ambos com propulsão nuclear, colidiram no início do mês no Oceano Atlântico.

Ártico «deixará de existir» dentro de duas décadas
O Ártico tal como é conhecido hoje vai deixar de existir dentro de duas décadas, devido ao aquecimento global que pode fazer aumentar a temperatura na região até 7ºC até meados deste século, segundo especialistas citados pela Folha de S. Paulo.
Ártico desaparece dentro de duas décadas

Santarém: Tribunal aplicou pena de quatro anos e seis meses - Transformista rouba e burla
Um homem de 24 anos, referenciado por roubos e que diz ser transformista profissional, foi condenado pelo Tribunal de Santarém a quatro anos e seis meses de prisão, pelos crimes de furto, falsificação e burla.

"Cross-dressing" man is latest victim of Bahrain's morality purge
A driving instructor has been jailed for one month in Bahrain for wearing women's clothing in public.

Cross-dressing case points to ‘selective discrimination’
The recent arrest and conviction of seven men for cross-dressing have prompted calls for the repeal of the colonial-era laws, which rights groups say are being used to selectively discriminate against transgender persons.

Suit Filed Over Killing of Teenager in Classroom
The family of a gay middle school student who was shot to death in class has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit that accuses the school district, a shelter and a gay rights organization of failing to protect him.
DA: Larry King's Murder Premeditated

Transgender Woman Pleads Guilty to Exercising Husband, 73, to Death
An Ohio transgender woman has pleaded guilty to reckless homicide for exercising her 73-year-old husband to death in an apartment complex swimming pool.

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
Where Are The Positive Black Brazilian Transwomen Role Models?
Brazil has a population of African descended people of about 100 million, which is more than the combined population of African descended people in the Caribbean, the US, Canada and Central America.
Based on Lynn Conway's 1/250 ratio of transgender births the estimated potential population of Black Brazilian transsexuals in Brazil is 400,000. But most of the transwomen that we've heard about who have garnered international attention from Brazil are people such as Roberta Close or recently Patricia Araujo, who just walked the runway at a Rio fashion show.

Trans woman gets favorable rulings from PCHR
Bobbie E. Burnett has been involved in litigation against her employer, the Free Library of Philadelphia, for the past six years. She’s described the experience as frustrating, depressing and stressful.
But at last she’s beginning to feel a glimmer of hope.

American TV station pulls homophobic infomercial after gay complaints
A local television station in the United States has pulled a one hour programme paid for by a notoriously homophobic "family" group.

Raped Transgendered Inmate Can Sue
The California Supreme Court will allow Alexis Giraldo, a trans woman held in the all-male Folsom State Prison because she had not had gender reassignment surgery, to proceed with a suit against the guards who failed to protect her after she complained in January 2006 of being assaulted and raped "on a daily basis," the San Francisco Chronicle reported. When she was attacked with a box-cutter in March of that year, she was finally put into a segregated unit. She was paroled in July 2007.