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quarta-feira, fevereiro 25, 2009

HIV: vírus de rápida mutação
Investigadores perceberam que vírus «evolui» rapidamente para curto-circuitar as defesas imunitárias do indivíduo

Travesti pré-candidata à deputada no Paraná começa a movimentar sua campanha
Pré-candidata à deputada estadual no Paraná, a travesti Andrielly Vogue (PT) foi recebida na semana passada pelos deputados estaduais durante sessão da Assembleia Legislativa paranaense, em Curitiba. A visita foi feita poucos dias depois de Andrielly anunciar que desde já é candidata à deputada em 2010. A candidatura dela ainda precisa ser aprovada nas convenções do PT para ser validada.

Cambiará de sexo para ser monja e ingresar a un convento
Marco vive cerca de Roma, es homosexual desde que tiene uso de razón y tiene un puesto de trabajo, pero será en mayo de este año cuando deje todo para someterse a una reasignación de sexo y llevar una vida entregada a Dios.
Italian gay man wants sex change, become nun

Transsexual candidate for district representative
District officer candidate Belgin Çelik: "As a transsexual woman, I believe I will be able to secularly fulfill my duties. I plan to determine the problems present and solve them with the public. There are two men also up for this position, but I believe I am going to win."

Moscow ponders expanding nondiscrimination policy
City officials in Moscow are considering a new policy that would give transgender people protection under the city's nondiscrimination policy.
The city's existing policy protects against discrimination for employment based on sexual orientation.

Tendrán transexuales clínica de salud en el DF
Además de otros servicios, el Gobierno de la Ciudad de México brindará a personas trans apoyo sicológico y asesoría en terapias hormonales. Responsables del proyecto informaron que aún se trabaja en el protocola de atención.

Parading Towards Equality: Transcolombia Awakes
Ever since 1513, when the Conquistador Vasco Nuñez de Balboa decided to set his dogs on 40 Quarequa indigenous people for engaging in transvestism and homosexual acts, Colombia´s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) sector has enjoyed a stressful relationship with the dominant society. Following the conquest, indigenous cultures which tolerated gender and sexual diversity were violently discouraged, and the rigid gender and sexual constructions advocated by the Catholicism of the time were quickly and methodically imposed on society. As in the rest of the continent, machismo and social conservatism became the norms, forcing the majority of LGBT individuals to hide their sexual and gender orientations as much as possible.

Fitness club owner faces human rights hearing over transsexual
The owner of a St. Catharines, Ont., fitness club faces a mediation hearing Wednesday for allegedly denying a pre-operation transsexual access to the women's only areas of his gym.
The transsexual - now a woman, but a man at the time of the incident two years ago - is taking the case to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, John Fulton said Tuesday.

Who killed Simmie Williams?
A year after the brutal murder of transgender teen Simmie Williams, police in Fort Lauderdale are not near making an arrest.
The body of the 17-year-old was found Feb. 22, 2008, in a pool of blood in an area frequented by transsexual prostitutes. Williams was declared dead in the hospital.

Transgender Woman Sues Burlington Coat Factory for Discrimination
A transgender woman filed a sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit against the clothing chain Burlington Coat Factory in Superior Court Tuesday morning, alleging she had been harassed, groped, and shown pornography while working as a sales associate in the San Francisco store since starting her physical transition in 2001.
Transsexual says ex-employer ignored harassment