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sexta-feira, março 13, 2009

Médicos portugueses criam órgão de combate à homofobia
No final de março, a Associação Médicos Pela Escolha, em Portugal, lançará o Observatório da Homofobia e Transfobia na Saúde, que consiste em estudar a fundo o preconceito sofrido pela comunidade LGBT do país.

[República Dominicana]
Corpo de trans dominicana é encontrado em parque
No último domingo, 8, a polícia da cidade de Santo Domingo, na República Dominicana, encontrou o corpo de uma travesti que foi degolada e deixada num parque na cidade. A trans que era conhecida pelo nome de Kirsy (foto), vivia do mercado do sexo e teria sido morta por um de seus clientes.

Confession tossed in Greeley transgender slaying
A Weld district court judge ruled this week that part of the confession given by a man who allegedly beat to death a transgender female last year cannot be used at his upcoming murder trial.
Judge Marcelo Kopcow also ruled prosecutors could not introduce evidence that the defendant in the case — 31-year-old Allen Andrade — would be killed if members of his gang found out he had committed a "homosexual act."

Andrade's murder confession thrown out
Judge throws out confession in transgender slaying

House committee passes nondiscrimination bill
A committee of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted to approve a bill this week that would prohibit discrimination against LGBT individuals, marking the first time such a bill has been passed out of committee.

Alaska school district adds ‘gender identity’ to official policy
The third largest school district in Alaska approved a new policy last month that will allow students to choose their own "gender identity." Gender identity — meaning the gender a person believes he or she has internally, regardless of their given biology — has been added to the nondiscrimination policy of the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District.

Feder’s hate crime speech cut short by protests
Excerpt: After Feder related that a 2007 statute meant to protect those targeted for their gender identity was “thankfully vetoed by President Bush,” one protester stood up and asked “what about Duanna Summers,” a transgendered person murdered in Memphis, TN. Feder was notably peeved at the interruption, asking authorities to “please remove her, if you don’t remove her I’m going to stop speaking,” before chiding the audience with “you god-damned Nazis.”