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sexta-feira, junho 05, 2009

Lares não aceitam idosos infectados com o vírus da Sida
Há dezenas de doentes com mais de 50 anos. Muitos começam a precisar de um lar. Uma associação contactou 15 residências e apenas uma aceitou integrar um seropositivo.

Jogo erótico terá vitimado actor de 72 anos - Actor de ‘Kung Fu’ asfixiado
O actor norte-americano David Carradine, que interpretou a personagem Bill nos filmes de Quentin Tarantino, ‘Kill Bill’, foi ontem encontrado morto num hotel de Banguecoque, na Tailândia.
Morreu o actor David Carradine


Batemos um papinho com Garota X, a Mulher Banana do funk
Em abril deste ano os leitores do Mix puderam conferir à perfomance babado da funkeira carioca conhecida no Rio de Janeiro como Garota X. Integrante do time da Furacão 2000, a fofa moradora de Nova Iguaçu aparece em um dos DVDs da companhia soltando a voz no Funk da Mulher Banana, uma alfinetada na onda de mulheres-fruta que toma conta do País.(Foto)

Yorkshire and Humber SHA accused of grilling gender
Gender equality campaigners have accused Yorkshire and the Humber commissioners of breaching the Human Rights Act in its treatment of patients with gender dysphoria.

Driver ‘fired for her sex change talk’
A transsexual cab driver has claimed her employers gave her the boot simply because she wore nail polish and a skirt.
Fare lady cabbie 'fired for sex swap'

Scottish Parliament passes anti-gay hate laws
The Scottish Parliament yesterday passed legislation that seeks to ban hate crime against lesbian, gay bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people.

[UK/USA] [Blog/News/Health]
Is Health Care Failing Transgender Patients?
Eek, these are some scary statistics if accurate.
The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association released a study, based on the survey responses of more than 90 hospitals and 70 health clinics in the United States, on the care provided to LGBT patients, and the findings show an epidemic of insufficient care for transgender patients.

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Caring transsexual in new documentary
BY day she cares for sick babies at the Royal Free Hospital - but by night she dons her make-up and dances the night away to the sound of rapturous applause.
Nurse Chiqui Diokno, 43, is the front woman of Paper Dolls, an extrovert group of Filipino transsexuals who are the subject of a film that premieres at the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn on Monday.

Man wants to turn 'girlfriend' into real girl
A young migrant worker was shocked but remained open minded to the fact that his girlfriend of four years is actually a man.

Contentos trans cubanos con cirugías de cambio de sexo
Hace un año el Ministerio de Salud en la isla aprobó un plan de atención a personas transgénero que desean una reasignación sexual. De 100 casos bajo análisis, 19 están listos para la cirugía y se muestran felices por la nueva etapa que les tocará vivir.

Transgender Murders Continue in Venezuela
Since January, twenty murders of transsexuals have occurred in Venezuela. However, the real numbers are difficult to track because of the lack of police effort in the investigations of transsexual violence. Estrella Cerezo, a founding member of the Venezuelan transgender rights group Transvenus, has tried to keep track of the transsexual murders.

NDP MP Bill Siksay calls for coverage of sex reassignment surgery
NDP MP Bill Siksay tabled today (June 3) a motion in the House of Commons which calls on the federal government to take action to ensure that sex reassignment surgery is covered by Canada’s health system.

Judge allows DeLee murder case to go forward
County Judge William Walsh today upheld the constitutionality of the state's hate crime law in the murder prosecution of Dwight DeLee.
DeLee is charged with second-degree murder as a hate crime in the Nov. 14 shooting death of Moses Cannon. Cannon was described by his family as a transsexual who went by the name Latiesha "Teish" Green. The prosecution contends the victim was targeted because of sexual orientation.

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That which does not kill us
Editors' Note: Guest blogger Elsbeth Goff is presently unemployed and learning of the trials and tribulations of an out transwoman trying to find a job. A recent stroke has further complicated her life, but then without it, things would be just too easy now wouldn't it?

[USA] [Blog/Commentary]
No Match, No Job, No Surgery
Maybe it was my naiveté, but I always thought when I got my documentation changed, I transitioned, and was passable, that I'd be able to live the nice normal life I did before transition. It hasn't quite worked out that way. Recently I was interviewed a few times and offered a job... and then I got that dreaded call.

Under fire, radio host says transgender comments were 'a joke'
Lambasted by critics for belittling children who expressed transgender feelings, local radio host Arnie States said Wednesday that he didn't do anything wrong.
Did 98 Rock DJs Cross the Line?