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quinta-feira, outubro 11, 2012

PB: Travesti é eleita primeira trans vereadora de Pilar
Cidade paraibana elege sua primeira vereadora travesti. É Mãe Shirley
A 52 quilômetros da capital João Pessoa, a cidade de Pilar, Paraíba, elegeu no último domingo, 7 de outubro, a travesti Shirley Costa, 51 anos. Ela foi eleita vereadora da cidade com 273 votos pelo Partido Progressista (PP) e é conhecida em Pilar também como Mãe Shirley, já que é adepta do Candomblé há pelo menos 38 anos.

Policial pode ter matado travesti em São Paulo
Polícia investiga envolvimento de policial em morte de travesti em São Paulo

1ª vereadora travesti de Piracicaba, Madalena escolhe terno para posse
Líder comunitária, de 57 anos de idade, recebeu 3.035 votos.
Ela pretende ampliar a atuação social como vereadora.

Vanessão não morreu! Travesti que virou web hit ressurge em Ji-Paraná; assista vídeo
Até hoje não conseguimos esquecer o mito Vanessão. Depois de sua primeira aparição em Ji-Paraná, milhares de boatos surgiram, principalmente o de sua morte.

Media accreditation opens for ILGA-Europe’s 16th Annual Conference in Dublin
On 18-21 October 2012, ILGA-Europe holds its 16th Annual Conference in Dublin. The theme of the conference is “Advancing LGBTI equality in challenging economic times.”

Italy smashes transsexual prostitution ring
Italian police say they have broken a prostitution ring which trafficked transsexual people from Latin America into the country.
Italy: Police break trans prostitution ring

Secretary General Jagland concerned over law on homosexuality in Ukraine
In a letter sent to the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada, Volodymyr Lytvyn, Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjørn Jagland expressed deep concern over a bill which proposes to ban the so-called “promotion” of homosexuality.

Supreme court of Russia dismiss appeal against anti-gay law
The Russian supreme court dismissed an appeal by the local LGBT organization Coming Out against St. Petersburg's ‘gay propaganda’ law

My life, my way
Excerpt: A. Revathi, a vivacious transsexual woman, whose prose and poetry has been translated into Kannada, English and Hindi, shares: “I was originally a boy named Doraisamy. Although my parents accepted my sexuality privately, they discouraged me from dressing as a woman in public. I could not find a job and depended on them, financially.”

Eunuchs may run for office in MP assembly elections
Nayak Panchyat, a representative body of different groups of eunuchs in the country, on Monday announced that eunuchs would contest election in eight assembly constituencies in the coming MP assembly elections.

Singapore bus driver disciplined after gay slur
Bus driver disciplined for ridiculing trans woman in Singapore
The employers of a bus driver who verbally abused a Singaporean trans woman have agreed to formally discipline him.
Leona Lo complained to bus company SBS transit after one of their drivers shouted ‘Ah Kua’ (a slur for effeminate men or trans women) ‘and adopted a woman’s gait as he “sashayed” past me’, Lo described on her blog.
Ah Kua Show star called 'ah kua' by bus driver

Report: ‘highest levels’ of discrimination against transgender Native Americans
The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force selected Columbus Day for the timing of its latest report – a study into the pervasive discrimination against transgender Native Americans.

New Greenfield city manager underwent sex change
Greenfield is expected to appoint a new city manager on Tuesday who was fired as city manager in two Florida cities and spurred a national debate on transgender identity.

Police: Jilted lover stabbed boyfriend in butt cheek
Orlando police said they were called out to an apartment in the 900 block of West Colonial Drive around 9:45 p.m. Friday. When they arrived, they found a man bleeding from an apparent stab wound to his left butt cheek.
The man, Marcus Thomas, said his boyfriend, 21-year-old Christopher Hunter stabbed him when he tried to leave him.
[Photo: Christopher Hunter]

City council to consider GLBT law
The Grand Island City Council will consider whether to create a protected class for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people through a local ordinance Tuesday night.

Prisoner loses suit 4th time
A transgender inmate who sued the Luzerne County prison four times in a nine-month period ended up on the losing end once again after a federal jury determined guards did not use excessive force in removing her from a cell.