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sexta-feira, dezembro 28, 2012

The Best and Worst Human Rights Developments of 2012
As 2012 winds down, it is time again to reflect on the year’s human rights developments. How did the world do following an eventful 2011? Unfortunately, the bad seemed to outweigh the good this year, as many authoritarians held on to power and continued upheaval in the Middle East threatened to derail any democratic progress. Internal conflicts in a number of African countries boiled over, and the bulk of the former Soviet Union appeared to be moving in the wrong direction. Meanwhile, widely hailed political achievements in countries like Burma, Egypt, and Georgia were complicated by negative twists.

2012 saw mixed record on global LGBT issues
Advocates for global LGBT rights had high hopes this year following the release of the United Nations' first-ever report on global queer rights and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's order that U.S. embassies support LGBT rights.

Carol Marra tem operação de mudança de sexo adiada e fala das lutas para quebrar barreiras: ‘Descobri que meu corpo pertence ao Estado’
Carol Marra escolheu o Brasil para fazer a sua cirurgia de mudança de sexo. Mas para realizar o maior sonho da sua vida, a modelo internacional vem sofrendo com as burocracias impostas no país. Agendada inicialmente para o dia 18 de dezembro, ela teve que adiar a operação e luta para conseguir marcar uma data logo após as festas de fim de ano. Para isso, terá que cumprir uma série de novas exigências.

Moldova Protects Gays with Fines
Bucking a post-Soviet trend toward limiting the rights of gays, the Moldovan parliament voted in the crucial second reading to impose fines for discrimination against sexual minorities, local media said on Thursday.

Transcend Support Offers Help For Parents of Transgender Children Through Their Blog and Forum
Transcend Support, a non-profit online support group for parents of transgender children, is offering assistance to families through its online and offline support groups. Transcend allows parents to discuss the struggles of raising transgender children and offer support to one another. As well as local meetings and events Transcend offers a private forum where parents can share their experiences in an understanding environment.

LGBT Christmas video screening prompts Vancouver Island teacher suspension and investigation
A Vancouver Island teacher has been suspended for showing a video of beachwear-clad queer people lip-synching to a Christmas song to his grade four class.

In 2012, transgender rights advance in workplace protections, health access, but challenges remain
2012 marked an important year for transgender rights in the US, with advancements made that protect against discrimination in the workplace and increase access to health care.

Readers' Top 12 Transgender Stories of 2012
During 2012 I wrote approximately 400 articles for The Guerrilla Angel Report, the vast majority of them transgender-related. The following are the 12 most read stories of the year:

Native American AIDS Project closes
Hit by declining revenue, the Native American AIDS Project (NAAP), a small organization that served mostly indigent clients, closed its doors earlier this month.

National LGBT Creating Change Conference comes to Atlanta
The Creating Change Conference, billed as the “nation's pre-eminent political, leadership and skills-building conference for the LGBT social justice movement,” comes to Atlanta in January to celebrate its 25th anniversary. The massive event is sponsored by the National Lesbian & Gay Task Force.

Top 12 of 2012: A Look Back at the Top Stories of the Last Year and Where They Might Lead
As December winds down, taking 2012 with it, we at Boise Weekly would like to be among the first to say congratulations for surviving the Mayan apocalypse. With all those pesky end-of-the-world concerns out of the way, it's time to get a little reflective about the year that was.

Walking while trans in Chicago
Nomi Michaels Devereaux had six bags of groceries in hand when police arrested her.
She had just come from the Jewel Osco grocery store in Lakeview and was waiting outside while her boyfriend picked up a game system from a friend's on Sheffield.
According to Devereaux, police walked up to her, removed the groceries from her hands and handcuffed her.
"I said, 'What is going on? Why did you stop me? What is going on?'" she recalled.
At the police station, she said, officers made her take her bra off in front of them and then mocked her. She later learned she had been picked up for solicitation, she said.

Stephanie Mott Shares Her Journey, Speaks Out On Transgender Issues
People who are transgender—meaning that they identify with a gender different from their biological one—face a difficult road to self-acceptance.

New Study by the Williams Institute: Proposed Legislation Would Protect Over 400,000 LGBT Workers from Discrimination Complaints
Enforcing workplace protections would have a significant and positive impact for Texas LGBT workers, minimal impact on state agencies and the state budget

Hay tres homicidios de odio al mes en el Edomex: CODHEM
El representante del Consejo Ciudadano para la Prevención y Eliminación de la Discriminación, Israfil Filos Real, solicitó a los diputados mexiquenses que aprueben las reformas para tipificar el delito de crimen de odio en la entidad.

Movilh: Providencia regulará comercio sexual para prevenir violencia contra transexuales
Se busca prevenir discriminación y violencia en la comuna.
Además, la alcaldesa Errázuriz se sumaría a querella contra responsables de ataque a transexual.

¿Los argentinos están "graduados" en respeto a la diversidad sexual?
Un balance sobre lo sucedido en 2012; se casaron 5839 parejas del mismo sexo; por la ley de género, 1720 personas trans se cambiaron el nombre