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quinta-feira, dezembro 20, 2012

ID Accurately Reflecting One’s Gender Identity Is a Human Right
This past week our nation joined others around the globe in celebrating International Human Rights Day, which marked the 64th anniversary of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, signed on December 10, 1948. This document declares that “inherent dignity” and “equal and inalienable rights” are the foundation for a just, peaceful, and free world. Decades later these principles continue to guide human rights policies established around the world, acting as a foundation for the evolving global understanding of what it means to acknowledge the equality of all people.

IULV-CA registra en el Parlamento un proyecto de ley para lograr la "plena integración" de los transexuales
El grupo parlamentario de IULV-CA ha registrado este miércoles en la Cámara un proyecto de ley para "luchar contra la transfobia social" y en defensa de "la plena integración" de mujeres y hombres transexuales de Andalucía "en igualdad de condiciones con el resto de los ciudadanos andaluces en el ámbito laboral, sanitario o educativo".

Trans murder toll rises again in Turkey
Another trans women was murdered in Turkey, bringing the 2012 toll to at least three

Russia delays debate on anti-gay propaganda law
Russia’s State Duma will not discuss law banning ‘promotion of homosexuality’ to children until next year

WATCH: Ugandan Trans Man Calls Antigay Rev. Ssempa a 'Hooligan'
A transgender man appeared on Ugandan television's Morning Breeze to talk about homosexuality, but he could barely get a word in edgewise with antigay Reverend Martin Ssempa's vitriolic hate speech and constant interruptions.

Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill on hold but gay campaigners fear the worst
Yet an increasing number of nations in the continent are pursuing further legalisation to criminalise lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people.
Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” Bill Back in Limbo

The highs and the lows
Nuntita Khampiranon, better known as Belle Nuntita, wowed audiences on March 13, last year, when she stood on the stage of the ever-popular Thailand’s Got Talent TV show. The 29-year old walked out – looking stunning and all-woman – and started singing like a trained songstress. Her voice was soothingly feminine and note-perfect. But then, halfway through the performance, came something which had barely ever been seen – or heard – before. Nuntita ‘switched voice’ completely and began to sing in a powerful and moving masculine tone, octaves lower.
Bell aims to be role model for transgenders
'Most of the transgenders adore me,' says Thailand's Got Talent star

[New Zealand]
Transgender person sent to men's jail
A Whangarei transgender person seeking treatment to become a woman has been sent to a men's prison to do time despite her pleas.
Transgender woman sent to men's prison

Groups rally opposition to transgender Bill C-279
Socially conservative groups are rallying opposition to Bill C-279 that would add gender identity and gender expression as prohibited grounds for discrimination.

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers: Statement of 50 U.S. LGBTQ and Allied Organizations
LGBTQ and allied organizations from around the country today released the following statement marking the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers and voicing their support for efforts worldwide to defend the lives and rights of all people involved in the sex trades.

East Aurora School District Abandons Trans Students Again
Illinois’s East Aurora School Board does not have the courage of its convictions, having once again given up on protecting transgender students. In October, the district innocuously passed a policy that would protect transgender students’ ability to identity with their authentic gender. The Illinois Family Institute, an anti-LGBT hate group, objected to the accommodations for “gender-confused teens,” and four days after passing it, the school board rescinded the policy.

Helena, Mont., unanimously approves LGBT non-discrimination ordinance
The Helena, Mont., City Commission on Monday voted unanimously to approve an ordinance to prohibit discrimination in housing, employment and many kinds of public accommodation based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
Helena non-discrimination ordinance passes with "locker room" amendment

Columbus Hits Business With Lawsuit Over Treatment Of Transsexual
About two years ago, 53-year-old Savanna DeLong changed her name and let people know she was making the physical transition from a man to a woman.

$10,000 donated in search of missing transgender man
$10,000 is the amount of money an anonymous donor just gave to help find a missing Charlottesville man.
Nobody has seen Dashad Smith for about a month now as investigators continue to focus on an landfill in Henrico County.
Reward announced in search for Charlottesville man
Police Announce $10,000 Reward for Information on Missing Person
$10,000 reward offered for information on missing teen

Interponen queja ante Conapred por discriminación a una mujer trans
Esta tarde Lorena De la Vega presentó una queja ante el Consejo Nacional para Prevenir la Discriminación (Conapred) después de haber sido discriminada en varias ocasiones en un bar gay de Pachuca, Hidalgo por el hecho de ser una mujer trans.

Socialist Uruguay on road to homosexual and transsexual 'marriage'
The Uruguayan Chamber of Deputies overwhelmingly voted last week to approve a bill that would make “marriage” a legal right for homosexual couples and for transsexuals as well, according to local media reports.