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segunda-feira, dezembro 10, 2012

[International] [Commentary]
DSM Changes: Much Ado about a Meaningless Change in Terms or The Master’s Tools Will Never be used to Dismantle the Master’s ATM
All week long I’ve been running posts about: “GID Removed from the DSM.”
Hopefully, you’ve noticed, I’ve run a number of posts that warned against excessive exuberance.
I think Julia Serano, Mercedes Allen nailed it when they basically said nothing changes.

Amizade é...
Sentimentos e emoções são coisas distintas, mas que apesar de tudo se tocam.
Cada um de nós terá as suas próprias definições e convicções em relação ao que é um sentimento ou uma emoção. E a amizade o que é, hoje em dia?

Arrests and beatings at Ukraine gay human rights protest
A pro human rights event and against homophobia was brutally crushed by police and attacked by far-right groups in Kyiv, Ukraine

[Malawi/South Africa]
No regrets for Malawian jailed for gay wedding
Excerpt: "I don't have any regrets, I didn't do anything wrong," Chimbalanga, who identifies as a transgender woman despite being tried as a gay man, told AFP.

Third gender and homosexuals at high risk of HIV/AIDS transmission
The third gender and homosexuals are at high risk of HIV/AIDS transmission due to unsafe sexual activities.

Gang attacks transgender in Madurai
A 45-year-old transgender was brutally attacked by an unidentified gang, leaving her with deep cut injuries all over her body in Madurai on Friday night.

Dancing to the Future
At a conference in Goa, transgenders share their stories and discuss empowerment plans

Fremont transsexual women's hoops player makes home debut
In her first home game and first game since a national media blitz, 50-year-old transsexual women's basketball player Gabrielle Ludwig scored eight points and pulled six rebounds in Mission College's 103-58 win Saturday afternoon.

Gender-Confused Committee Member Vilifies Aurora Faith Community
On Thursday, Nov. 29, at the second meeting of the East Aurora High School ad hoc committee formed to revisit the possibility of establishing policy regarding students who experience gender confusion, over 120 people showed up, including approximately 10 pastors and 15 chaplains.

Flesh is not final: How a transgender student found his form
Editor’s note: This is the second piece in a two-part series about Mea Tavares’ experiences as a transgender person in Maine.

Local Community Members Hold Vigil For Missing Transgender Teen
Friends, family and members of the Charlottesville community held a vigil for missing transgender teenager Dashad Smith.
Family, Friends Hold Vigil for Missing Teen