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segunda-feira, dezembro 03, 2012

Will session expire before Uganda acts on anti-gay bill?
A new hope is emerging that the legislative session for Uganda’s parliament will expire before lawmakers take action on a draconian anti-gay bill amid new developments related to the legislation on Friday in various parts of the world.

Transgenders upset over sex change delays
The transgender community in western Tamil Nadu is upset with the inordinate delay in getting sex reassignment surgeries done at Coimbatore Medical College Hospital (CMCH). In Coimbatore district alone, there are more than 350 transgenders who are awaiting their turn for free sex change surgery at the hospital. Since such a surgery cost more than a lakh rupee in private hospitals, poor and socially discriminated transgender people have no option but to wait for their turn for free surgery at CMCH.

Malaysia’s ruling party says LGBT community “of the devil”
Malaysia’s ruling party, at its national conference, continued to attack the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, much to the anger of human rights activists in the country.

Butt implant fail wins viral video award (VIDEOS)
The winner for viral video award of the week goes to an unfortunate woman who reveals a buttocks implant operation that has gone terribly wrong.

Just 2 sexes? Maybe not
What if one of the fundamental rules of biology is wrong?
One of the first things we learn about the world is that there are two sexes: male and female. Hundreds of official forms and documents we fill out over a lifetime reinforce this picture of biology.
But in 1993, the journal The Sciences published a provocative cover article, "The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough."

'I Boy': A family's challenge to understand gender
Isabella, a pink-cheeked lightning bolt in a Dora the Explorer shirt, uttered her first sentence around age 2; it was nothing her parents had expected. The two little words foretold a struggle over a fact of her birth.
Scientific studies used to report 'I boy'

Psychiatrists OK vast changes to diagnosis manual
For the first time in almost two decades the nation's psychiatrists are changing the guidebook they use to diagnose mental disorders. Among the most controversial proposed changes: dropping certain familiar terms like Asperger's disorder and dyslexia and calling frequent, severe temper tantrums a mental illness.

'We didn't start the sexual revolution but we gave it a good kick in the pants!' 60th anniversary of world's first SEX CHANGE that turned shy New York gent into blonde starlet
George Jorgensen shocked the U.S. in December 1952 by transforming into a glamorous woman named Christine
Former soldier read about a Danish doctor who was experimenting with sex change therapy using animals and booked a ticket to Copenhagen
After taking female hormones, Jorgensen underwent a series of operations to transform her genitals from male to female
Her family, the media and the public were generally supportive of her decision and she was embraced by Hollywood

Answers to questions about city paying for gender reassignment surgeries
We got a lot of responses — and plenty of questions — about the recent column regarding San Francisco becoming the first city in the country to pay for gender reassignment surgeries for uninsured transgender residents.

N.H. transgender state rep to resign due to flap over prior felony convictions
Newly elected State Representative Stacie Laughton, one of the nation's first openly transgender state officials, ceremoniously signed her letter of resignation Thursday on a cable access show hosted by fellow Democrat and friend, State Rep. Ken Gidge.
Still no ruling on Laughton law-breaking

Transgender Latinas Find a Refuge in Queens
Two years ago, smugglers buried a woman named Joselyn in Matamoros, a Mexican border city that attracts immigrants waiting to cross into the United States. Several men encased her body in dirt, covered her face with leaves and told her to wait until Border Patrol agents had disappeared to dig herself out.

Crimefighters: Who killed Kyra Cordova?
Dawn Maher says her daughter, Kyra Cordova, was trying to make a difference in her community.

Dashad Smith Search Continues
The family of a Charlottesville teen missing since early last week will hit the streets this weekend to look for answers.
Community continues for missing Charlottesville teen
Community Searches for Missing Charlottesville Teen

Exclusión a la población transgénero: "A nadie le interesa lo que tengo entre las piernas"
La construcción de una identidad individual implica la limitación del acceso a los derechos fundamentales para un sector de la comunidad LGBTI. En el Estado hay un profundo desconocimiento de lo ‘trans’.

Soy papá, travesti, arquitecta, docente
La fuerza del deseo. Un hombre que estuvo en pareja con una mujer durante 27 años sintió la necesidad de transformar su cuerpo y su sensibilidad hacia lo femenino, pero sin perder la profesión ni la relación con sus hijos.
(Foto CARLOS CARRION/ En casa. Sus hijos Bárbara, Juan Ignacio y Santiago mantienen una buena relación con el padre que hoy es travesti. A los varones les costó más, pero aceptaron.)