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domingo, dezembro 02, 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Trans Comedy Award
Trans Comedy have joined forces with BBC Writersroom to launch The Trans Comedy Award: a talent search to encourage writers to promote a positive portrayal of Transgender people in mainstream comedy.
BBC puts up £5k for transgender comedy
Trans Comedy Award

Lithuania to reconsider anti-trans law
Lithuania will discuss whether to ban gender reassignment surgery, contradicting European law

Transgender, sex workers to help draft women policy
For the first time, members from the marginalized sections of transgenders and commercial sex workers will help draft the state's women policy. State minister for women and child Varsha Gaikwad told TOI, "The state women's policy aims to recognize the concerns of communities like the transgenders and sex workers. Hence, the expert committee reviewing the policy will have a representation from these communities."
Committee to include representatives of transgender and sex worker communities

It’s been 60 years since the first he turned she: Bronx-born Christine Jorgensen’s historic sexual reassignment surgery in Denmark
Former Army Pvt. George Jorgensen made headlines around the world when he returned from Denmark as a blond woman named Christine.
I'm a lady! 60 years since the world's first sex-change operation

California prison manuals change with the sexual times
California prison officials are revising official procedures and even prison garb to get up to date with changing mental and medical treatment of inmates who identify with one sex and their bodies, another.

Trial Date Set for Montgomery
Suspect accused of killing Deoni Jones to be tried in June

A transgender student’s perspective on identity, gender, growing up in rural Maine
Mea Tavares has always stuck out. The first time someone asked if he was gay was in fourth grade. In sixth grade, a peer said, “I can’t believe you’ve always been a girl.” When he was young, his mother had to explain it wasn’t OK to only wear shorts when he swam.