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terça-feira, novembro 27, 2012

U.N. Draft Resolution Against Extrajudicial Executions Includes Gender Identity
The draft resolution approved in the Third Committee of the General Assembly mentions gender identity as a characteristic warranting protection from unlawful executions for the first time.
UN condemns gay and trans killings with new draft resolution
Can The UN Pass Basic Human Rights for Trans People?

TGEU Media Release "Rejection and Unawareness: Eurobarometer's first findings on attitudes towards trans people"
Europeans are unaware of trans people and reject them at great levels reveals the today published Eurobarometer. EU Commission vows to step up future actions for trans people and commemorates Transgender Day of Remembrance at the Equality Summit in Nicosia, Cyprus. Designated EU Health Commissioner pledges to fight for transgender people not being considered mentally ill.
Europeans say ethnicity and sexual orientation main reasons for discrimination – survey
Latest EU survey on discrimination includes sexual orientation and gender identity
ILGA-Europe applauds the inclusion of gender identity in Eurobarometer 2012

Designated EU Health Commissioner commits to trans depathologization
Designated Commissioner for Health and Consumer Rights, Tonio Borg, promised in a letter to European Parliamentarians to work to stop that transgender people are considered mentally ill.

Curitiba autoriza uso de nome social para trans
População trans da cidade de Curitiba conquista direito de usar seu nome social

Hertford chapel holds trans* memorial
A memorial service to commemorate the International Transgender Day of Remembrance was held in Hertford’s chapel on Sunday.

Students banned from wearing drag
The Dutch-medium Brussels Institute of Higher Education University HUB has banned its students from wearing drag as part of student fraternity initiation rituals. The ban comes after a male student was robbed and raped by a group of youths in Brussels last month.

Maltese not keen on transgender, non-Catholic prime minister
Eurobarometer finds Maltese more prejudiced towards PM of different religious, ethnic background or transgender leader.

Kenya political campaign puts gay taboo in spotlight
An anti-poverty campaigner has become Kenya's first openly gay man to run for political office, but David Kuria Mbote faces a challenging path as he tries to dispel taboos in the largely conservative Christian nation in a race for a senate seat.

Debating homosexuality and human rights in Malawi
When Malawi’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice Ralph Kasambara announced earlier this month that police had been ordered not to arrest anyone suspected in “engaging in homosexuality,” it was lauded by Human Rights Watch as “courageous” and by Amnesty International as “a step in the right direction.” A day later, Kasambara denied ever making the statement. As one of 36 African countries with laws banning same-sex relationships, the announcement suspending these laws has re-opened a debate on the subject which has been raging within Malawi for two intense years.

Homosexuality bill not necessary: religious groups and opposition politicians
The Ugandan government has come under fire from religious and opposition leaders for wasting time on a bill that seeks to punish homosexuality instead of addressing pressing issues.

Social security cell says cases it comes across at times need to be handled delicately
Senior inspector Bhanupratap Barge of the social security cell said the kind of cases they come across range from blackmailing to more grave ones like rape and those of forceful castration etc.
City police seek guidelines to deal with LGBT cases
Pune police plan to frame rules for dealing with lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender complaints
Indian police get schooled on LGBT issues

Law to protect transgenders’ rights stressed
The makers of the film 'Ardhanaari' stressed the need for a law to improve the living conditions and to protect the interests of transgenders in India. At a news conference held here on Sunday, Santhosh Souparnika, the director of the film, said that during the making of the film he came across more than 5000 hijras in Thiruvananthapuam. "We often forget the 'third sex'. It is sad that our Constitution has never thought of giving any kind of consideration to them," he said

Indian gay rights parade demands extension of anti-discriminatory laws
Hundreds of gay rights activists marched through New Delhi on Sunday to demand that they be allowed to lead lives of dignity in India’s deeply conservative society.

Opera singer finds her true voice
A contestant in Pattaya's Miss International Queen beauty pageant has been given the chance to start life anew

Surfing legend Peter Drouyn turns from board to “broad”
THE story of Gold Coast surfing legend Peter Drouyn who announced he planned to undergo a sex change in Thailand in 2009, has hit the limelight again.

Anti-discrimination overhaul doesn’t go far enough: advocates
While the Federal Government’s overhaul of national anti-discrimination laws has elicited praise for including new protections for LGBT people, there are concerns the changes do not go far enough to address discrimination for intersex people.

[New Zealand]
Transgender offender seeking home detention
A judge has ordered a further report on a transgender woman who does not want to be sent to a men's prison.

[New Zealand]
NZ trans man uses tattoo to join Movember
Sam Orchard brings awareness to trans men's mental health this November

Federal trans rights bill stalled
Partisanship strikes again. The House of Commons, through some procedural one-upmanship, has forced the standing committee on justice and human rights to adjourn until Nov 27. That means the NDP's trans rights bill faces yet another hurdle.

A night of remembrance
An intimate gathering of allies in the Queen’s community came together in commemoration for the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Trans label stirs memories of cruelty and hate
Local community meets to recall the cruelty and hurt they have suffered

New Resource: Preparing for Airport Security
While most transgender and gender non-conforming people get through airport security without any incidents, the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) urges travelers to understand their rights before going through airport security with our new resource.
Airport Security and Transgender People
Transgender travelers get a helping hand

Eight LGBT Native Americans You Should Know
Heather Purser, a 29-year-old seafood diver for Washington's Suquamish Tribe, spent four years pushing for her tribe to adopt a law recognizing same-sex marriages. Out since she was a teen, Pursser decided after college to approach her tribal council and ask for the change. Members said they'd consider it. Years later, she returned and asked again — this time reportedly demanding a voice vote, according to the Associated Press.

Laverne Cox: I Had To Begin Owning This Transgender Thing
Actress Laverne Cox discusses transitioning in a new video for the I AM: Trans People Speak campaign.

Transgendered Burglary Suspect Thwarted By Man With Rifle
A suspected residential burglary left one transgendered woman in the hospital Wednesday night.

Tazed transgender woman wants a different type of justice
Brooke Fantelli, the transgender woman who was tazed by a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ranger, has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the BLM for the incident that occurred Oct. 16, 2011 near Ramona, Calif.

Center hosts commemoration for murdered transgender people
On Nov. 17, 2011, Cassidy Vickers, a transgender woman, was shot in the chest and murdered in Hollywood, Calif. On Dec. 30, 2011, a transgender woman named Githe Goines was strangled to death and dumped in a scrap yard in New Orleans.On Aug. 17, 2012, Laryssa Silveira, a transgender woman in Brazil, was shot in the face and chest and was left by the side of the road.These names and over 30 others were read by members of the North County LGBTQ Resource Center to commemorate the transgender people murdered over the past year throughout the world during a ceremony for the TDOR (Transgender Day of Remembrance) on Nov. 20.
Community Observes Transgender Day of Remembrance

GLLU Website Ceases
Activists critical of move from full site to MPD page

Remembering and Rallying
Large crowd at D.C.'s Transgender Day of Remembrance event hears from Mayor Gray, families of victims
Gray, Ellerbe attend Transgender Day of Remembrance event

Antigay Crime Remains Steady in Washington Despite Work of Special Unit
It was just after 4 a.m. when the young man turned down his street toward his apartment. In the dark, another man fell in step behind him, demanding his bag. The young man ran, as shouted slurs trailed him. On the front steps of his apartment building, under a security camera, the pursuer’s fists began pummeling his face.

Atlanta gathers for trans remembrance [photos]
Among Tuesday’s commemorations across the U.S. for Transgender Day of Remembrance was LGBT Atlanta’s annual affair with some added attractions and a distinct tone of triumph amid the reverence this year.

City to consider repeal of equality ordinance amendment
At their regular meeting Monday, Salina city commissioners are scheduled to consider repealing the amendment to the city’s equality ordinance that provides protections to people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered.

Judge suspends ruling on gender reassignment surgery for convicted murderer
A federal judge, who earlier this year ordered that convicted murderer Michelle Kosilek be allowed taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery, ruled Tuesday that he would suspend his order until an appeal of his ruling by the administration of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

Father reacts to ruling in Orono transgender case
A judge has ruled in favor of the Orono School District in a case involving a transgender student.
Maine Judge Tosses Transgender Student's Bathroom Suit
Maine Judge: No Unlawful Discrimination in Transgender Girl's Case

Transgender Detroit Transitions into GNA
The Gender-identity Network Alliance (GNA, pronounced GINA) was announced on Nov. 17 with a party at Affirmations Community Center. Formerly known as Transgender Detroit, the new identity of the transgender-serving organization is one of embracing all forms of gender variance and working on multiple gender-related issues. The new organization hopes to reach beyond the Detroit area in the coming year.

Transgender students push for unisex bathrooms at Oakland University
A group of Oakland University students is pushing for an increase in the number of unisex or “family” restrooms throughout the campus.

UM, MSU students want gender identity protection
University of Montana and Montana State University students want the state Board of Regents to add sexual orientation and gender identity to its nondiscrimination policy.

Nashua Rep Did Jail Time in Laconia
Stacie Laughton does not deny her past – that she served four months in prison in 2008 on conspiracy to commit credit card fraud charges.
Nashua voters elected felon to N.H. House who is very familiar to Laconia police
Newly elected Nashua representative Laughton a convicted felon
Newspaper reveals criminal record of newly elected trans woman

Transgender Woman Speaks Out After Name Change Battle
After spending thousands of dollars fighting the State of Oklahoma, a transgender woman is now allowed to change her name from Steven to Christie.

Transwoman gets up to 50 years in hotel killing
A transgender woman pleaded guilty last week to murdering a man who was paying her for sex.

FW woman alleges she was kicked out of Dollar General store for being transgender
Teresa Cross has been a frequent shopper at the Dollar General store near her home since last fall.
But when she went into the store on Saturday, Nov. 3, she said she was kicked out of the store after she corrected an employee about her gender identity.

Woman linked to 1990 prostitute killings
Investigators have linked a Spokane woman, who once was a man, to two of three 1990 prostitute slayings in the Spokane area based on a recently discovered fingerprint and DNA evidence.
Court Documents Reveal More About Donna Perry's Past

[América Latina]
Prostitutas y homosexuales, los más azotados por el sida en América Latina
Los profesionales del sexo y los homosexuales son los colectivos más azotados por el sida en América Latina, en particular en el Caribe, que tras el Africa subshariana es una de las regiones más afectadas por la pandemia, según el informe anual de ONUSIDA, divulgado este martes en Ginebra.

Exigen renuncia de activista a secretaría de diversidad sexual de Morena
Por considerar que no representa los intereses del colectivo lésbico, gay, bisexual, travesti, transgénero, transexual, intersexual (LGBTTTI), activistas exigieron la renuncia de Jaime López Vela como titular de la Secretaría de Diversidad Sexual del Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (Morena).

Candidata por el movimiento Ruptura Diane Rodríguez, la primera transexual tras una curul en la Asamblea
Diane Rodríguez, candidata a asambleísta por el Guayas en representación del movimiento Ruptura, dijo ser el reflejo de un grupo de la población discriminada en el país, por eso su intención de llegar a la Asamblea Nacional, pues ese cuerpo colegiado no representa a esa sociedad diversa que se ve cada día en Ecuador.

Aumenta violencia contra personas de la diversidad sexual
Un estudio diagnóstico del organismo regional CEJIL, Centro por la Justicia y el Derecho Internacional, identificó 53 casos de agresiones y violencia contra las personas de la comunidad lésbico, gay, bisexual, transexual, transgénico, travesti e intersex, LGBTTTI, en un período de 1999 a 2011 en 15 municipios de 11 departamentos de Nicaragua.

El exilio de las Putas Babilónicas del Liceo de Niñas
A fines de septiembre un inocente letrero puesto en los pasillos del Liceo 7 de Providencia invitaba a las estudiantes a un Taller de Identidad Sexual. A la hora y el día señalado la sala se llenó para presenciar la primera sesión impartida por las Putas Babilónicas, un grupo de estudiantes del Liceo Lastarria que al calor de las movilizaciones del 2011 se cuestionaron sobre el cómo involucrar en las luchas estudiantiles el tema de la diversidad sexual.

La diversidad sexual se hizo ficción en televisión
Canal 7 estrenó la compleja historia de una transexual que deberá luchar por sus derechos tras la muerte de su pareja

Médicos del hospital Gutiérrez se capacitaron para mejorar el trato hacia pacientes de diversidad sexual
Directivos, médicos y enfermeros del hospital Gutiérrez de La Plata, donde desde hace años se realizan cirugías de reasignación genital, se capacitaron con la nueva guía para la atención de pacientes de diversidad sexual.