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quinta-feira, novembro 22, 2012

L’identité de genre fait son entrée dans une résolution de l’ONU
La Troisième Commission de l'Assemblée Générale des Nations Unies a adopté hier, mardi 20 novembre, un projet de résolution relatif aux exécutions extrajudiciaires, sommaires ou arbitraires, par 108 voix pour, 1 contre (l'Iran) et 65 abstentions.

11 pessoas mudaram de sexo em Coimbra no último ano
Onze pessoas mudaram de sexo, desde outubro de 2011, no Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra (CHUC), dez das quais de mulher para homem, revelou hoje Celso Cruzeiro, diretor da Unidade responsável pelo tratamento.
CHUC: Cinco mudanças de sexo concluídas no primeiro ano de actividade

Homossexual é morto a paulada e tem corpo carbonizado
A Polícia Civil está investigando as causas da morte do homossexual Daniel Queiroz, conhecido como “Fernanda”, de 23 anos. O corpo do rapaz foi encontrado, na manhã desta quarta-feira (21), no bairro Renascer, em Cuiabá.

Susana Díaz ve "lamentable" el debate sobre si la muerte de un transexual en Fuengirola es violencia de género o no
La consejera de Presidencia e Igualdad, Susana Díaz, considera "lamentable" el hecho de que "desde el pasado jueves algunos poderes públicos estén inmersos en un debate sobre si lo que pasó en Fuengirola (Málaga) es o no violencia de género", en relación con la muerte de una joven transexual al ser apuñalada en su vivienda y haber sido detenida su pareja como presunta autora de los hechos.

Gender group's big day
A group which provides support to transgender people is holding a free information and open day tomorrow to help break down barriers with the wider community.

European Court of Human Rights issues judgment in case from Finland
The European Court of Human Rights issued yesterday a judgment in H v Finland (Appl. no. 37359/09). The case concerned a trans woman who was refused to legally change her gender since she did not want to divorce her wife and enter a registered partnership instead.

UN Blasts Cameroon’s Anti-gay Laws
The United Nations Human Rights office is sharply criticizing Cameroon's anti-gay laws, which it says criminalize same-sex relationships. The Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights says it is deeply concerned by reports in Cameroon of harassment, intimidation, arrest and imprisonment of people on suspicion of being lesbian or gay.
Condena ACNUDH detenciones arbitrarias de personas LGBT en Camerún

Malawi Churches want dress code for citizens: Speaks out on prostitution, gays
Leaders of Malawi’s biggest Christian church movement, the Malawi Council of Churches (MCC), has proposed to government to address the general ‘code of dress’ amongst Malawians to ensure that local culture and sensibilities are respected.

Transvestites' luck runs out
A group of transvestites in revealing outfits was detained by religious authorities for trying to offer sexual services.
Sinar Harian reported that they were spotted waiting for customers in Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur.

Marisol Simoes Jailed: Co-Owner Of Kinki and Mambo In Ottawa Gets 90 Days For Defamation
A co-owner of two Ottawa restaurants was sentenced to 90 days in jail on Friday in a rare criminal defamation case.

Memorial marks deaths in transgender community
Edmontonians gathered at a downtown church Saturday afternoon to honour those who were killed or injured for being transgendered.
Edmonton's trans community remembers victims of hatred
Edmontonians honour victims of transphobic violence, prejudice

Goodbye husband, hello wife: Meet the happily married woman who stayed by husband when he came out as transgender
A woman has told how she stayed with her husband, as he came out as transgender and made the transition from male-to-female.
Shellie Ruge from Peoria, Arizona, had been married to Randi for seven years, when he suddenly broke the news that he was unhappy as a man, and wanted to change sex.

Hate crime victims saluted
All across the planet, there are people being killed because they are transgender.
Those people — at least the ones who are confirmed victims — were acknowledged Saturday night during a candlelight vigil in Palm Springs.

Trial Set for Robinson
Suspect in August attack on transgender woman rejects plea

Transgender NCAA basketball player encourages students to pursue happiness
Kye Allums is not afraid to speak his mind.

"Transgender awareness profile
Hadden Carlberg is a typical college student. He enjoys video games, music and sports — and hanging out with his best friend Gina Divittorio.

Transgender panel: Treat everyone equally
Sunday marked the start of the first Transgender Awareness Week at Western Illinois University.

Transgender film reveals minority group
Danann Tyler is a typical little girl. She likes to play with her dollhouse and wear sparkles and princess dresses. She was also born a boy.

NYS Senate Democratic Defections Could Imperil GENDA
Democrats in the New York State Senate looked to have won a surprise majority on Election Day, overcoming a huge financial disadvantage, Republican gerrymandering, and no help from Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Trans woman fights for right to see son
Jessica Lynn said her ex-wife knew about her feelings of being trapped in the wrong body since before they were married. Lynn even planned to transition before they wed, but her ex got pregnant, so they married and she lived as a husband and father. Lynn admits she thought her youngest was too young to discuss her transition when he was 10, but she said she thinks it’s time now.

Salt Lake City a home for growing transgender population
About 200 people to attend a Salt Lake City conference Saturday for a discussion of transgender issues.

[Republica Dominicana]
Muere activista trans Kiara Villaueva en circunstancias que apuntan a un nuevo crimen de odio
En la madrugada del sabado 17 de noviembre perdio la vida en extrañas circunstancias la activista trans Kiara Villanueva quien fuece una de las miembros fundadoras de la organizacion trans TRANSSA de Republica Dominicana.
Acribillan transexual cuando llegaba a su casa

Condenan a hombre por homicidio de mujer transgénero en la avenida Libertador de Caracas
A nueve años y dos meses de prisión fue condenado el ciudadano Jesús Aguilar por el homicidio de una mujer transgénero, cuyo nombre legal era Jesús Rendón, hecho ocurrido el 22 de julio de 2011 en la avenida Libertador de Caracas.