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domingo, novembro 18, 2012

"Já fiz campanha homofóbica", diz bissexual e transgênero Laerte
Há muito, a cartunista Laerte, assumidamente bissexual e transgênero, é uma das figuras LGBT mais respeitadas e engajadas do Brasil. Mas houve pelo menos um ponto baixo nessa trajetória. Em entrevista ao site da revista Época, Laerte se diz envergonhada de já ter feito uma ação homofóbica. Isso nos anos 1980.

Alternative side to remembrance
HOT on the heels of honouring heroes on Poppy Day comes a remembrance service with a difference – organised for the city’s transgender community.
The Church of Christ the Cornerstone will host the MK International Transgender Day of Remembrance event next Tuesday evening.
With mayor Catriona Morris as guest of honour, the service will include a two minute silence to remember victims of transphobic attacks.
Service to be held for transgender victims

Soldier who joined the Army aged 16 in a bid to suppress his desire for a sex change is now 'happier than ever' after becoming a woman
Jennine Jackson, 47, was born Russell Jackson but always felt different
Joined army to suppress his feelings but after becoming unfit for service he decided to undergo sex change
Spent £4,000 on breast implants and now feels confident
Now runs his own tyre business
Sex swap squaddie now happier than ever after finally becoming a woman

Big increase in South West gender swap cases
An NHS gender clinic in Devon has seen a six-fold increase in referrals in six years.
The Laurels gender and sexual medicine clinic in Exeter saw 167 new cases last year, about half of whom will be supported to undergo a surgical sex change.

Caen. Un détenu transsexuel se suicide au centre de détention
Un détenu transsexuel s’est pendu dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi dans sa cellule du centre de détention de Caen, a-t-on appris samedi auprès de l’Observatoire international des prisons (OIP).
Suicide d'un détenu transsexuel à Caen

Doctor criticised for breast removal surgery
The mother of a 15-year-old transsexual child, who had his breasts removed last year, said her child was thriving after the operation

Beauties demand rights
A transgender woman from the Philippines recently won an international beauty competition, but Filipina trans rights advocate Naomi Fontanos tells Gay Star News there’s more to transgender life than looking beautiful
Transgender beauty queen finally wins acceptance from her father

[New Zealand]
Inspiring trans pilot being farewelled today
Transgender helicopter pilot Julianne “JK” Kramer is being farewelled at a funeral at a Queenstown church today.

Tolerated, but not accepted
This summer Daphne Shaed gave out 300 resumés. She went to 30 interviews. She hoped to land a summer job that suited her skills as a workshop facilitator and Camosun College Student Society Pride director.
Eventually she took the only job she could find working the graveyard shift at a Saanich hotel.
(Photo: Daphne Shaed, a transgender woman and Camosun College pride director, holds a candle in the campus pride office for the Transgender Day of Remembrance this weekend.)

Relationship ends in 'frenzied explosion of violence'
A transgender woman in Vancouver has been sentenced to life in prison without parole eligibility for 12 years after pleading guilty to the "savage" murder of her former boyfriend who had left her for another woman.

They want to transform your perspective
Jack had to pee.
It’s a basic human function. There’s usually no complication. There’s usually no hesitation. One just goes to the washroom and solves the problem.
But things weren’t so simple for Jack.
Jack O’Donnell* was a 15-yearold student who identified as a trans male, yet his peers and teachers saw him as a woman and he wasn’t allowed to enter the men’s washroom.

Transgendered student denied access to men’s washroom
When James Spencer switched schools to avoid bullies the last place he thought he’d run into them again was at the main office.
But that’s exactly what Spencer, a 16-year-old who transitioned from female to male, says happened when Clarke High School in Durham Region barred him from using the men’s washroom.

A Long Road for LGBT Youth
Mia Tu Mutch, 22, identifies as transgender and prefers female pronouns. She’s served as a member of the San Francisco Youth Commission for a year and a half. Advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights are more than just politics, it’s necessary for her own survival. Mutch was refused health care access, she said, after service providers discovered she is transgender. She is not alone.

Trans Woman Sues After Federal Agent Tased Her
A transgender woman who was attacked with a taser-gun shot to her crotch last year by federal agents has filed suit accusing the accusing the U.S. Bureau of Land Management of excessive force.
US: Transgender woman sues after taser incident

Conference focuses on transgender issues
The Pride Center held its first transgender conference on Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Bronco Student Center.

Boise's discrimination-ordinance meeting attracts hundreds
Any Boise employer or landlord may dismiss or deny an employee or tenant based on gender or sexual identity. If passed, a new city ordinance would change that. The city council and more than 300 members of the public met Tuesday to debate that change.
Big show of support for Boise anti-discrimination ordinance

Salina Human Relations Board Member Criticized
A dozen citizens showed up at the Tuesday evening Salina Human Relations Commission meeting.

Transgender Awareness Week kicks off in Boston
On November 28, 1998, two men followed transgender woman Rita Hester to her apartment in Boston and fatally stabbed her inside.

Bethesda Transgender Day or Remembrance
Over the last decade more than one person a month has died due to anti-transgender biased prejudice. We call on our community to stand with us to remember those whose lives have been taken due to hatred and prejudice and join together in hope for a future of peace and justice.

LGBT community kicks off trans awareness week
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Campus Center is set to kick off its trans* awareness campaign later this week at the University of Wisconsin.