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terça-feira, novembro 06, 2012

Modelo transexual é destaque da semana de moda do Paraná
Trans Maite Schneider é destaque da semana de moda paranaense

New policies recognise needs of vulnerable sexual communities
Following the implementation of new legislation equalities policy, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is now an aspect of staff training in local government according to research at the Universities of Newcastle and Huddersfield carried out by Professor Diane Richardson and Dr Surya Monro. The research project is the springboard for a workshop on LGBT equalities, which will take place in London on November 6 as part of the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Science.

Slovak Queer Film Festival draws nearly 3000 viewers
Almost 3000 visitors turned out for the films about LGBTI people, discussion, theatre performance, party and talks featured at the Slovak Queer Film Festival. The Pink Balloon, the award for audiences’ favourite film, went to the US picture “Albert Nobbs”, directed by Rodrigo García and starring a brilliant Glenn Close. Altogether FFi screened 27 feature-length films and 6 shorts from 19 countries, including Slovakia: two from director Róbert Šveda and one from Juraj Krasnohorský, both of whom personally introduced their films.

Gay Pakistanis, Still in Shadows, Seek Acceptance
The group meets irregularly in a simple building among a row of shops here that close in the evening. Drapes cover the windows. Sometimes members watch movies or read poetry. Occasionally, they give a party, dance and drink and let off steam.

Transgender couple in Thailand speak
A touching video about a Thai opposite-gender couple who both happen to be trans

Trans man denied recognition of fatherhood in Japan
Despite being official recognized as male, judge rules that trans man cannot be named on his child’s birth certificate

Controversy prompts panto name change
After absorbing a backlash from members of the transgender community for the past few weeks, producers of the Trevor Ashley-starring panto trAnnie have now decided to rename the show to Trashley.

Voter Suppression Effort Targets Transgender People
A group called True the Vote is training volunteers to target transgender voters as sources of fraud, says the National Center for Transgender Equality.
Tea Party Group Targets Trans Voters
NCTE: Tea Party group training poll watchers to target transgender voters

[Commentary] True The Vote Targets Transgender Voters

Dems push for transgender teachers
A coalition that stands for traditional values is running an awareness campaign concerning candidates for office in Washington who are on the side of homosexual activism.

Majority of LGBT voters more favorable toward Obama than Romney
Poll shows most LGBT voters inclined to support Obama

Drian Juarez: My story & why I attend the Transgender Leadership Summit
My name is Drian Juarez, and I am living my authentic life as a proud transgender woman.

TransWeek! events spark conversation
A significant portion of the population, even the most well-intentioned people, believe this common story of transgendered individuals: They learn early in life that their body doesn’t match their gender and so they transition to the other one.

Sandy Devastates New York LGBT Youth Facility
The superstorm caused severe damage to the Ali Forney Center's drop-in center in Chelsea.

College under fire for allowing transgender female to use women's locker room
A liberal arts college in Washington state has received a warning letter from the Arizona-based religious liberties legal group, Alliance Defending Freedom, advising that the college's decision to allow a transgender female student to use a woman's locker room could put the school in legal jeopardy.

Bermuda to ban anti-gay discrimination
The little Caribbean island state of Bermuda announced it will amends its laws to ban discrimination against LGBT citizens

Un libro para que desconocer no ampare la discriminación
Michelle Suárez Bertola, la primera abodaga trans de Uruguay, presentó el libro “Hacia una Igualdad Sustantiva. Realidades y perspectivas de la normativa vigente para la inclusión social de la diversidad sexual”. Antes, dijo, “era casi imposible que una denuncia por discriminación simplemente se instruyera y se investigara”.