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domingo, novembro 04, 2012

"Candidata do DF" vence concurso de beleza transexual
Marcela Ohio, candidata do DF, venceu o concurso de beleza transexual Miss T Brasil 2012, realizado esta semana no Rio de Janeiro. O evento teve patrocínio do governo estadual e foi organizado pela ONG ativista Astra Rio.
Brazil Holds First Transsexual Beauty Pageant

Transexuales andaluces piden la creación de una Fiscalía Antidiscriminación
La Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía (ATA) se ha entrevistado con el fiscal superior de Andalucía, Jesús García Calderón, para solicitarle la creación de una Fiscalía Antidiscriminación que vele por los derechos de este colectivo.

Iranian film shines spotlight on taboo subject of transsexuals
Facing Mirrors brings transsexuality to the big screen for the first time, even though Khomeini fatwa legalised it in 1987

Pinoy transgender wins beauty tilt in Thailand
Filipino transgender beauty titlist Kevin Balot bested 21 contestants from 15 countries to be crowned Miss International Queen 2012 in Pattaya, Thailand on Friday, November 2, reports said.
Pinay transgender crowned Miss International Queen in Thailand
Transgender beauty pageant crown awarded to Miss Philippines

Japan transsexual denied recognition as father
A person who had a sex-change to become a man has complained of discrimination after a Japanese court refused to register him as the father of his wife's child, according to reports Saturday.
Court rejects family registry of GID parent's son

U of A conference looks into the world of two-spirited people
For Dr. James Makokis, being native and gay means coming from a long line of valued healers.

For Winnipeg's transgender community, journey to a new identity is life-affirming
They'd been best friends for nearly 33 years and did everything together, including raise two children.
In hindsight, Sue says, she should've known something was up when her bearded, fashion-indifferent husband suddenly started dressing better and watching his weight.

Media Reports About Boca Raton Protecting Gays Are Misleading
Sun Sentinel and WFLX recently reported that Boca Raton will no longer discriminate against LGBT employees. But there’s one problem with their report: it’s simply not true.

Speaker shares experience on being a transgender person
JoAnne Wheeler Bland was the guest speaker for the Gender and Women’s Studies last “Genderations” lecture series on Friday, speaking about her experience and transition.

College dorms increasingly blind to gender
Born a male — dresses and lives as a female.
Or the other way around.
So, where should a college bunk such students?

Minding Your Health - Two Events to Support the Transgender Community
Hate-based violence is so common for transgender people that each year we set aside a day of remembrance for those who have been victimized. Transgender Day of Remembrance is Nov. 20, and UMKC will hold two events to raise awareness and support for the transgender community.

'Bathroom Bill' becomes focal point of District 7 House race
For most voters, this election is about jobs and the economy, but one local contest may hinge on something very different: ladies' bathrooms.

Coed dorms come to SUNY Potsdam
SUNY Potsdam will soon be joining over 100 other universities in implementing a new system that allows people of differing sexes to room together in a dorm building. The push is in response to rising national campaigns for equality and consideration towards people who may identify as gender-nonconforming or transgender.

Early Voting with Transgender Knoxvillians
Voter Photo ID was not an encumbrance for Transgender and Gender Variant voters in Knox County Tennessee during the four days of Early Voting for this year's election, which ended Thursday at 8pm EST.

Survey documents transgender experiences getting driver’s license
A new statewide survey is documenting sometimes humiliating experiences of transgendered Utahns’ in one of the most mundane tasks — getting a driver’s license.

Fight brewing over transgender person in Evergreen College locker room
A new legal fight is brewing over Evergreen State College's decision to allow a transgender person to use the women's locker room.
A group that takes on legal issues surrounding religion has sent a letter to the college in Olympia.
It complains about the 45-year-old student with male genitals, who dresses as a woman.
‘Non-Discrimination Policy’ Results in Girls as Young as 6-Years-Old Being Allegedly Exposed to ‘Male Genitalia’ in Women’s Locker Room
College Protects ‘Civil Right’ of Male Crossdresser to Strip Naked in Girl’s Locker Room
Controversy swirls around local transgender college student

Crash motivates lone survivor to change genders
In a flash earlier this year, a family was changed forever.
Police say an oncoming driver suffered a seizure, lost control and slammed into a car innocently waiting at a stop sign. Four family members were in the struck car. The crash in New Berlin killed Patti White, her brother Tom Wagner and Tom's wife, Cathy.
There is a surviving sibling. Tom and Patti's brother, William Wagner, lived.

La agenda de los concejales electos de la diversidad sexual
Jaime Parada y Zuliana Araya, dos candidatos a concejal que resultaron electos, el primero en Providencia, la segunda en Valparaíso. Pero tienen en común algo más que eso: ambos se han caracterizado por posicionar en la opinión pública el respeto a la diversidad sexual.

El próximo sábado, harán la quinta Marcha del Orgullo Gay en Santiago
Mañana se realizará en nuestra ciudad la 5ª Marcha del Orgullo Gay y el 3º Festival de la Diversidad, bajo el lema: “Educando para la integración y la igualdad”.