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quarta-feira, outubro 31, 2012

Trans não! Ariadna diz que vai processar quem a chamar de transexual
Ariadna desabafou em seu pefil no Twitter, na última segunda-feira (29), como se incomoda em ser diferenciada pelo termo “transexual” por veículos de comunicação.
Ariadna diz que vai processar quem a chamar de transexual

Transex Carol Marra posa para revista: 'Gays são preconceituosos'
A modelo transexual Carol Marra posou para a primeira edição da revista LGBT "G Size". Na entrevista, ela disse que lésbicas, gays, bissexuais, travestis e transexuais são preconceituosos entre eles mesmos. "Canso de ouvir um chamar o outro de passiva, de uma forma ofensiva, como que ser passiva fosse um demérito. Afinal, em uma relação precisa haver um passivo e um ativo e nenhuma das posições diminuem a pessoa. Acho esse tipo de brincadeira entre eles desnecessária e agressiva", disse a modelo, que também assumiu que seus namorados costumam ser heterossexuais.

Travellers, disabled and transgendered face 'high levels of prejudice'
Travellers, disabled people and transgender people face "disproportionately high levels of prejudice" in Scotland, according to a human rights body.

Transgender firefighter hoping to be face of Rank
Hampshire firefighter Katie is hoping to win a national competition to become the new face of Rank advertising.

Britain's youngest sex change patient wants to go BACK to being a boy
Britain's youngest sex-swap patient has decided she want to go back to being a boy – because she experiences too many mood swings as a girl.
Ria Cooper, 18, from Hull, has had thousands of pounds worth of NHS treatment involving hormonal injections to turn her from a boy into a girl.
But the hormones affected her so badly that she attempted suicide twice. Ria, formerly known as Brad, lives her life as a female.
Transsexualité : redevenir un homme après un an dans le corps d'une femme
'I was a boy.. then a girl.. now I want to be a boy again': Agony of of teen who is Britain's youngest sex-swap patient

Transgenders refute ‘indecent dress’ charge
Transgender people, known as Nupi Sabi (pretending to be women) in Manipur, on Sunday refuted charges by women groups that they have been promoting indecent dresses among the girls through beauty pageants and sought withdrawal of a “ban” on a “Miss Manipur” contest.

Meet Kalki: India's first transgender entrepreneur
Kalki Subramaniam talks to Shobha Warrier about her journey from being a harassed child in school to a successful social activist and an entrepreneur.

Sex-change bid to ease pain of alleged rape
AN intellectually disabled boy left traumatised after being allegedly repeatedly gang raped by older students at a small Queensland private school wants a sex-change operation to "alleviate the emotional pain".

MAGNET Boycotts RuPaul's Ongoing Bullying & Misgendering of Transsexual Women; 'Drag Race' October 29th Episode Mocks Transsexualism; (memo: Gay Men Don't Get Free Pass On Transphobia, Hypocrisy & Sexism)
Last night, October 29th 2012, on RuPaul’s All Star’s Drag Race, gay male entertainer RuPaul once again used his show as a bully pulpit to mock and misrepresent what the medical condition transsexualism actually is, despite the last few years of transsexual and transgender advocates protesting his use of offensive pejoratives such as “tra**y” and “she-male”

Justin Timberlake 'sorry' for trans joke wedding video
Pop star turned actor Timberlake says friend's 'joke' video was not intended to offend and denied rumors it was shown at his wedding to Jessica Biel

'Gender Identity Disorder' to Go the Way of Homosexuality
When asked, "What are you?" Cocoa Chandelier confidently replies, "I am māhu. Not ma-hu or mahU, but māhu."
In Native Hawaiian culture, māhu represents a third gender -- someone who embodies both male and female qualities. In old Hawai'i, māhus entertained the chiefs and people held them in high regard. Māhus distinctively had higher powers because they embodied the best of male and female qualities, making them confidants, kumu hulas (dance teachers) and spiritual leaders.

For Transgendered Soldiers, Don't Ask Don't Tell Carries On
On an afternoon in January 1998, Monica Helms walked into a building in Phoenix, Arizona, where she lay her reapplication papers on the counter in front of her and waited for the reaction she knew was coming.

Transgender Film Festival Returns to Los Angeles
Showcasing films created by queer, genderqueer and transgender filmmakers, the annual Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival (LATFF) returns for its fourth year this weekend, Nov. 2-4.
LA Transgender Film Fest 2012 Schedule At A Glance

D.C. officer convicted of assault against transgender woman
A Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police officer has been convicted in a shooting after an altercation with a transgender woman and her acquaintances.
Furr Guilty on Two of Eight Charges

East Aurora School District announces new committee in the wake of transgender controversy
The East Aurora School District has announced that a committee will hold its first meeting Nov. 8 to discuss potential new anti-bullying and discrimination policies.

NW Missouri St. offers gender-neutral housing
About 35 students are participating in a new "gender-neutral" housing initiative at Northwest Missouri State University in St. Joseph.
The university began offering the housing plan this fall after a request from some transgender students.

Jamaica center will use grant to fight HIV in the transgender community
Although HIV/AIDS rates have generally been on the decline, transgender women of color are still at alarmingly high risk of contracting the disease, although one Jamaica health clinic is hoping a new funding stream will allow it to reduce some of the exposure in the transgender population.

Gender-neutral bathrooms give more private option for residents
For students living in the residence halls, showering in a community bathroom is normal. However, Kreischer Quadrangle had four gender-neutral bathrooms installed in the building during the summer, giving students the option of a more private experience.

Este domingo 28 de octubre se realizaron en Chile las elecciones municipales en las 346 comunas del país, en cinco de las cuales se presentaron mujeres Trans como candidatas a concejales, dos de las cuales resultaron electas por votación popular.