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quinta-feira, outubro 25, 2012

Trans Model Petitions World Health Organization For Affirmation
Jenna Talackova made international headlines earlier this year when the Miss Universe Canada pageant originally refused to let her compete because she is transgender.

Man Petitions World Health Org: 'We Are Trans, Not Sick'
Maxwell Zachs is on a global crusade to normalize what until now has been considered a mental illness -- being transgender.

Travesti é apedrejada até a morte na Bahia
Segundo o Jornal Folha de S.Paulo, uma travesti foi apedrejada até a morte ontem (23) em Paripe, bairro periférico de Salvador. O crime ocorreu por volta das 3h na rua Eduardo Dotto, em frente a uma localidade conhecida como Portelinha.

Transexuales de Andalucía responden a las desafortunadas declaraciones de la Consejera de Salud Maria Jesús Montero
Transexuales de Andalucía responden a Maria Jesús Montero, Consejera de Salud, Igualdad y Bienestar Social de la Junta de Andalucía, ante lo que consideran un grave ataque en unas fechas tan relevantes como es el Día Mundial contra la Despatologización Trans.

TGEU Steering Committee Meeting 21-22 October 2012, Dublin
The TGEU Steering Committee met for a two day meeting on October 21-22 in Dublin for a first phsyical meeting in the term 2012 - 2014. Getting to know organizational processes, internal work processes, recap of the 16th ILGA-Europe Annual Conference and up-coming events were discussed together with members of the staff.

Trans Murder, Antalya
A trans* person (her name is Serap, 29) was murdered early this morning - around 05.00 - in Antalya, Turkey. Her throat was cut. The police came into the scene when she was alive, however she died before she was taken to the hospital. Other trans* from the district came together after she was attacked to see her however (based on the a trans from Antalya said) the police pepper sprayed people who gathered and did not react immediately to take Serap to the hospital.
Hopefully we will have more details in the upcoming days.

Lana Wachowski’s Remarkable Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award Speech
One of the things that’s so remarkable about Lana’s address—in addition to its artlessness, the result of her first major stint as a public speaker—is the way it addresses the inadequacy of everything from the gender binary, to our media culture, to the language we use to describe ourselves.

2012 Angels of Change Runway Show Benefits Transgender Youth
This year's Angels of Change Calendar Release and Runway Show benefiting transgender youth will take place this Saturday. Performer Calpernia Addams chats with Frontiers contributor Michelle McCarthy to tell us why Angels of Change is such an important organization for transgender youth.

Transgender Community Discussion November 17th
Members of the Transgender Community, friends, and allies are invited to join us on Saturday November 17th at the 3:00 PM at the DC Center for a discussion on how the DC Center can better serve the needs of the Transgender Community. (please note, this meeting will take place in lieu of the monthly transgender discussions that normally take place on the third Saturday of the month).

Illinois School Board Passes, Then Rescinds, Transgender Rights Policy
The Illinois Family Institute, a right-wing group, had led the outcry against the policy, which was rescinded four days after its passage.
Illinois School Board Abandons Transgender Students For Hate Group’s Favor

Small group protests Awaken Salina rally
People holding signs, two with American flags, lined the road just west of the Salina Bicentennial Center Monday night to demonstrate against a rally planned inside.
Salina Rallies As Controversial LGBT Ordinance Up For Repeal
Small group protests Awaken Salina rally
Salinans rally to repeal ordinance

Anti-Trans Massachusetts Lawmaker Attempts To Circumvent Federal Court Ruling
Last month, a federal judge ruled that Michelle Kosilek, who is serving a life sentence for murdering her wife, is entitled to the sex reassignment surgery prescribed for her by her prison doctors.
Trans prisoner requests that court assigns surgeon for her operation

Bullied trans student gets suspended
A transgender student in Maryland was suspended last week from school for getting into a fight after a fellow student allegedly assaulted her.

DelVal considering gender-neutral housing
A growing number of college students say they either consider themselves transgender or prefer not to be identified by their sex, according to college and university officials.

Promueven despatologización trans
Con el objetivo fundacional de construir un marco de referencia sobre los temas relacionados con las transidentidades, que permita la promoción de su despatologización, sesionará en La Habana la tercera edición del III Coloquio Transidentidades, Género y Cultura.