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terça-feira, outubro 16, 2012

[South Africa]
‘Moffie’ court victory
A Roodepoort make-up artist obtained a groundbreaking ruling in the Roodepoort Equality Court when a magistrate found his neighbour guilty of hate speech and ordered her to compensate him for the humiliation he had suffered at her hands after she discovered that he was a transgendered individual.

A private glimpse at the life of a Phuket ladyboy dancer
It’s 5.30 in the afternoon and heading towards dusk. Spotlights on the roof of the Aphrodite cabaret show on the bypass road are bouncing beams off clouds. Already more than 200 tourists are milling around in the auditorium.

Trannies lose court case
Four tranvestites failed in their bid to challenge a Syariah enactment that stopped them from wearing women's clothes, Berita Harian reported.

Boys dress up as girls from famous schools in Singapore for fun
A group of university students who decided to crossdress to celebrate Children's Day raised a few eyebrows and questions among netizens.

[New Zealand]
Group plea for safe sentence for transgender woman
An organisation for transgender people hopes Northland's Glen Cooper's safety will be taken into consideration when she is sentenced next month.

Les Ontariens trans peuvent maintenant changer les certificats
L'Ontario est devenue la première province du Canada a permettre (cliquez site officiel ServiceOntario,modification désignation du sexe de naissance) à des personnes trans, transgenres,transsexuelles,.. de changer le sexe sur leur acte de naissance sans intervention chirurgicale.

Study: Transgender Native Americans Experience Discrimination at Worst Rates
Bias faced by transgender and gender non-conforming people extends into virtually all aspects of their lives, according to the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF). But the organization’s most recent transgender discrimination survey, produced in collaboration with the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE), reveals that transgender Native Americans experience prejudice at the worst levels.

LGBT History Month Spotlight: Sylvia Rivera
For LGBT History Month, NCTE is highlighting outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the movement for trans equality and justice. Our first spotlight is on Sylvia Rivera, a transgender activist who worked tirelessly for more than three decades on behalf of trans people and all LGBTQ people marginalized by poverty, racism, and a narrowly conceived “gay rights” movement.

Transgender Healthcare: A Work in Progress
More healthcare programs are geared to the transgender community.

Montgomery Indictment Expected by Next Month
Man accused of killing Deoni Jones expected to stand trial soon, while defense wants bond status reconsidered

School won't call transgendered student by male name
School administrators at Cathedral High School say they won't recognize a transgender student. Their decision is based upon Catholic beliefs.

OU officials say mixed-gender housing plan is working
University of Oklahoma residential life officials say a new mixed-gender housing program has been successful.

UT Southwestern to hold chest wellness day for trans community next week
A Chest & Breast Wellness Day next Saturday at UT Southwestern will provide transgender men and women and masculine women an opportunity to have a comfortable environment for breast cancer screenings.

CIDH pide investigación
“En todo lo que se refiere al continente americano, la Comisión está muy preocupada porque ha recibido elementos muy consistentes de información que le hacen deducir que hay una situación muy agravada de violencia y exclusión de las personas trans, de todos los beneficios y aspectos de la vida pública”, dijo Víctor Madrigal, de la unidad para los derechos de las personas con orientación sexual diferente.