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sábado, outubro 13, 2012

Travesti leva três tiros e morre em Joinville, Norte de Santa Catarina
Vítima ainda conseguiu andar alguns metros e pedir ajuda para senhora.
Polícia Militar não tem nenhum suspeito até momento da investigação.

New EU accession reports: LGBT rights in South-Eastern Europe, Turkey and Iceland
The European Commission’s annual reports on accession countries were published yesterday, and include important information on the situation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in those 9 countries. Both positive and negative developments are noted.

Transgenders lose bid to challenge dress ban
The High Court says that it is undisputed that the four applicants are Muslims and therefore subjected to the Syariah law that bars men from dressing in women's clothes.
Malaysia cross-dressing transsexuals lose court case
Malaysia Transsexuals Lose Challenge Against Law

[New Zealand]
Transgender bird spotted in New Zealand
Staff at an eco-sanctuary near Wellington identify a bellbird with female DNA and male behaviour
Zealandia home to first transgender bellbird
Capital's "butch bellbird" could be transgender
Transgender bird discovered at sanctuary

[New Zealand]
Transgender woman could get home detention
A Whangarei judge may allow a transgender woman to be sentenced to home detention because of the risk she faces of abuse in prison.
NZ trans woman pleas not to be sentenced to men’s prison

[New Zealand] [Commentary]
Delays terrible for transsexuals
This week I was saddened to hear of the recent death of a transsexual. It appears it was a suicide.
What caused her to do this? Frustration, loneliness, anxiety, are all likely answers. I can empathise very much, having tried to kill myself in the past.

Ask Lambda Legal: Police Harassment
Q: I've never been arrested, but it seems like I get a harder time from the police than some of my friends. Am I imagining this?

Doctors call on medical schools to teach LGBT health
As a growing number of patients feel comfortable coming out to their doctors, the nation's medical schools and physicians' offices have become new arenas in the fight for LGBT equality.

[USA] [Commentary]
Stacey Blahnik Lee Case Still Open Two Years Later
October 11 marks two years since Stacey Blahnik Lee's boyfriend Malik Moorer found her lifeless body in the South Philadelphia home they shared. While there was a person of interest in this case, the ongoing investigation has yet to lead to enough solid evidence to get an arrest.

VIDEO: Transgender woman named city manager in California
The Greenfield City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to name Susan A. Stanton as city manager.
She will take over on Nov. 12.
Greenfield city manager finalist a transgender woman

Transformations: Transgender Man Works to Change Media, Perceptions
Lance Hicks used to get mad when schoolyard bullies would argue with him about his race. "I used to carry around family photos to show them because I would get really upset when people would tell me that I wasn't the race that I said I was," he says, sitting on a bench in Clark Park. "Its just that idea that a perfect stranger based on how you look feels entitled to say they know more about you than you do."

Citizens react after LGBT law voted down in Grand Island
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals will not be protected under any anti-discrimination law in Grand Island. That's because Tuesday night, the Grand Island city council voted against such measures. The vote was 8 to 2.
Residents React After G.I. Rejects Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

Petition Against LGBT Ordinance
Several hundred petition circulators are now working to gather signatures against the recently adopted LGBT ordinance passed earlier this year by the City Council. "We feel the Omaha City Council really overstepped its authority," Omaha Liberty Project Exec, Patrick Bonnett, says.

Barbra Casbar Siperstein: Breaking ground in N.J., nationally
The story of Barbra "Babs" Siperstein is one that will both break your heart and move you to action. It's a story of the power of love, the passion of commitment and the importance of being present.

Bureau of Labor and Industries finds 'substantial evidence of discrimination' at North Portland P Club
The Bureau of Labor and Industries said Wednesday it found "substantial evidence of discrimination" in its investigation of North Portland bar The P Club.
The bureau's civil rights division began investigating the club this summer after owner Chris Penner told a group of transgender customers not to return to the bar.
State says Portland bar discriminated against transgendered group
State investigators say local bar is discriminating against transgenders
Dispute over findings in transgender complaint case

"Black Madam" in court for allegedly killing British tourist with butt injection
"THE BLACK Madam" offered two types of illegal booty enhancements - bubble butts and teardrops - but what the transgender gothic hip-hop artist gave to one British tourist was death, according to court testimony.

Learn about transgender identities during workshop
The definition and awareness of gender is evolving. For those in the “helping” professions, understanding the term transgender can be critical for treating clients sensitively and appropriately.

Students Adjust To Gender-Neutral Housing In Residence Halls
For freshmen Ashton Roth and Liam Klarnet, the transition to UW residence halls was made significantly easier by the introduction of gender-neutral housing.