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sexta-feira, outubro 12, 2012

Reportagem TSF: Muito Mais Que Um Corpo
Há pessoas que se sentem presas a um corpo errado e não aceitam a imagem refletida no espelho. A Reportagem TSF escutou os receios e esperanças de quem teve de percorrer um longo caminho até conseguir ter uma vida no corpo certo. São homens e mulheres transsexuais que contaram com o apoio da Unidade de Reconstrução Genito-Urinária e sexual criada há um ano em Coimbra.

USP realiza workshop de pesquisa sobre sexualidade trans
USP sedia workshop de pesquisa em sexualidade trans. Inscrições estão abertas

Izquierda Unida de Málaga apoya a las transexuales que discrimina la Junta
La presidenta del colectivo denunció ayer en EL MUNDO Andalucía las largas listas de espera a las que se les somete

X Factor’s Lucy Spraggan wanted to be a boy called ‘Max’, says mum
The mother of Lucy Spraggan, the lesbian X Factor contender, has revealed that the singer wore boxers and asked to be called “Max” when she was at primary school.

European Symposium Transgender at Work
Being Transgender at Work is still a challenge for many and hence a very needed and welcome topic to discuss. Targetted at employers, companies, media, academia and trans civil society the symposium will explore important issues around legal environment and practical ideas and suggestions for employers on how to faciliate trans-friendly workplaces.

MPs Call for Guarantee of Rights of Transgender
Eleven MPs across all parties except the Independence Party have called for amendments to the criminal code to guarantee the rights of the transgender community.

Mission to improve Indian LGBT lives at work launched
Community Business launches a guide to improve the experience of LGBT people at work in India

[Singapore] [Commentary]
The SBS Incident – What Really Happened
In case you read about this in tomorrow’s Straits Times, the incident with the SBS driver has snowballed beyond my original intentions. This has never been about punishing the driver/captain, whatever. I never asked to be abused. I never asked to be the subject of public ridicule.
[Commentary] The Aftermath

Sydney Opera House ‘TrAnnie’ panto outrages trans Australians
Drag artist Trevor Ashley’s pantomime for Christmas 2012 lampooning the musical Annie has been attacked as transphobic and sexist

[New Zealand]
Transgender woman pleads to avoid male jail
A transgender woman who struck a man over the head with a bottle of sparkling wine has pleaded with a judge not to send her to a men's prison.
NZ trans woman pleas not to be sentenced to men’s prison
Judge set to help trans-woman out of men's jail

[Canada] [Commentary]
Bill C-279: Compromise on Bathroom Issue May Be Needed
“They’re caught between a rock and a hard place.”
Those were the words of a close female friend, a natural born female, in response to my question about gender-variant MtF people who find themselves unwelcome in both women’s washrooms and the men’s rooms. Where do they go to the washroom in public places, I asked her.
[Commentary] MP’s trans predator fearmongering escalates

Ontario alters gender-change rules
Trans people no longer require full sex reassignment surgery to get new legal documents
What was once impossible for transgender Ontarians is now attainable in six to eight weeks for a $37 fee.
And that’s good news, say activists.
[Commentary] New Ontario Legal Sex Change Requirements a Huge Disappointment for Most Trans* People

Petition Started To Remove MP Rob Anders From Office
A Calgary man has launched a petition calling for the removal of Calgary MP Rob Anders from office.

New analysis shows startling levels of discrimination against American Indian and Alaskan Native transgender people
American Indian and Alaskan Native transgender and gender non-conforming people face some of the highest levels of discrimination of all transgender people, according to a new analysis released today, Injustice at Every Turn: A Look at American Indian and Alaskan Native Respondents in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey.

[USA] [Commentary]
More News In The Nizah Morris Case
Our late trans sister Nizah Morris in Philadelphia has been gone almost ten years. The Philadelphia trans community and our allies have never gotten a satisfactory explanation of how she died from a fatal head wound on Christmas Eve after leaving a downtown area LGBT bar seriously inebriated.and receiving a courtesy ride on December 22, 2002 from the Philadelphia Police Department.

Tea Party Republican Supports ENDA
A Tea Party Republican said that he supports the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would protect workers from being fired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

TONI Project: Providing Important Resources and Data for Trans College Students
Last month, we told you about the National Center for Transgender Equality’s TONI (Transgender On-campus Nondiscrimination Information) Project - a website that allows trans and gender non-conforming college students to share information about trans-affirmative on-campus practices, and provides a forum for exchanging ideas to improve campus life.

As demand for illegal silicone injections grows, so do deaths
People seeking bigger buttocks often end up at illegal 'pumping parties' with unsanitary – and sometimes fatal – injections of industrial-grade silicone.

Transgender Voters Left in Cold With Patchwork of ID Laws
Kit Yan, a slam poet from New York who performs in English, Chinese and even Hawaiian Creole to enthusiastic audiences on the college tour, is confident on stage, but not when he goes to the voting booth.

Robinson Hearing Postponed
Defense attorney requests rescheduling in case of transgender woman attacked in Chinatown

Update: Grand Island Council Votes Against Fairness Ordinance
Grand Island will not become the next Nebraska city to pass an anti-discrimination ordinance protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.
Grand Island City Council Votes No on Civil Protections for LGBTs

Petition drive aims to overturn protections for gays in Omaha
Petitions to overturn Omaha's legal protections for gay and transgender residents are now being distributed, and organizers are confident that they can quickly surpass the roughly 11,400 signatures required to put the measure before voters.

Muxes In Mexico, A Third Gender Embraced By The Zapotec People (VIDEO)
In Oaxaca, one of the southernmost states of Mexico, the indigenous Zapotec people have embraced a third gender within their communities: the muxes.