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quarta-feira, outubro 24, 2012

International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization 2012: More than 100 Actions Worldwide
On October 20, 2012, International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization, actions for trans depathologization took place in different regions worldwide, within the annual call of action of STP 2012, International Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization.
[Commentary] Trans is not a Mental Illness

Miss Universe Nominee Fights to Remove Transsexualism from Mental Disorder List
Canadian beauty Jenna Talackova knows firsthand the affects of prejudice toward transgender people. Most will recall her triumphant battle with the Miss Universe committee earlier this year, eventually being allowed to compete in the international beauty competition, after much debate about her eligibility given her status as a transgender woman.

Petition calls on WHO to delist 'transsexualism' as illness
Miss Universe Canada contestant Jenna Talackova is among more than 43,000 people supporting a petition calling on the World Health Organization (WHO) to stop considering trans people mentally ill.

Travesti assassinado em Paripe
Um travesti foi assassinado no início da manhã desta terça-feira, dia 22, na localidade da Portelinha, no bairro de Paripe, Subúrbio Ferroviário de Salvador. Segundo informações da 19ª Companhia Independente da Polícia Militar (CIPM/Paripe). Testemunhas contaram que a vítima foi espancada, surrada e apedrejada nas proximidades do Colégio Dom Pedro.
Travesti é morta a pedradas em Salvador

BA: Vitória da Conquista sediará Encontro de Trans
Abertas as inscrições para o III Encontro de Travestis e Transexuais da Bahia

Pernambuco: Adolescente de 14 anos fará cirurgia de mudança de sexo na Tailândia
A adolescência é um período transformador na vida de qualquer pessoa. E para a jovem Alice, esta regra não se tornou uma exceção. Aos 14 anos, a recifense vai passar por uma transformação em todos os sentidos: ela irá fazer uma cirurgia para mudança de sexo na Tailândia.

16th ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference concluded in Dublin
On 21 October, the 16th ILGA-Europe’s Annual Conference concluded in Dublin. 235 lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) activists, European and national politicians, representatives of other organisations from 42 countries gathered in the Irish capital from 18 to 21 October 2012 for the largest annual event on LGBTI rights in Europe.

Over 100 rally for legal reform
OVER 100 people attended Ireland’s first public rally calling for legal gender recognition last Saturday.
Colourful banners with the slogans “Human Rights Are My Pride”, “Don’t Legislate my Genitals” and “Someone I love is Trans” were held up outside Leinster House at the rally marking the International Day for Trans and Intersex Depathologisation.
No timetable for legislation on gender recognition

'Pahichan' echoes concerns of third gender
‘Pahichan’ – a radio programme on air by Ujyalo 90 Network everyday – has been helpful in identifying the problems of homosexuals and transgender populations and openly bring their issues to light in society, said various speakers.

Thai transgender stewardess airline suspends flights
PC Air in financial trouble only ten months after launch

The right to change
After an amendment to Concordia University’s policies, 12 transgender students have benefitted from the opportunity to register their preferred names on non-official documents such as identification cards and class lists.

Surgery not needed to change sex on birth certificate
Sudbury man said living with paperwork that identified him as female was difficult

Voting While Trans
A man walks into a polling place. The rolls list him as female. Can he vote?

East Aurora School Board Repeals Transgender Protections For Students
Last Monday the East Aurora school board passed a policy that allowed transgender students to be addressed by the name and pronoun that match their gender identity and participate in sports, gym classes, health classes, and use restrooms without harrassment. Then on Friday they met again and took away these rights.

Lesbians No Longer: A Transgender Trip into Heteronormality
On the roof deck of their Williamsburg apartment, discussing which herbs and vegetables to plant this year, and which of last year’s plants might be salvageable, Sadie sits cross-legged and sips a beer while Marco cleans and lights the grill. Sadie, wearing a short, fitted dress, asks, “Honey, do we have enough coal?” in that singsong voice girlfriends sometimes use to cloak skepticism as supportiveness.

Meant to be a man: Saylorsburg native finds true self as transgender male
Alek Wilczek suffered from deep depression for as long as he could remember.
That depression led to a sense of hopelessness and eventually self-destructive behavior.