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domingo, outubro 21, 2012

Jornada mundial de lucha a favor de la despatologización de la transexualidad
Este sábado, 20 de octubre, se celebra el Día Mundial por la Despatologización de la Transexualidad. Una reivindicación que comenzó a ser impulsada desde los sectores más a la vanguardia del activismo LGTB, y que con el paso de los años ha ido ganando peso y siendo asumida por todo el movimiento.
ALEAS Andalucía le recuerda al PSOE que defender la despatologización de la transexualidad implica renunciar a los diagnósticos psicológicos

Award-winner Paris gets back to business
It’s back to business for Paris Lees, the Hucknall woman who recently landed a prestigious National Diversity Award.
Paris (25) has returned to London to edit her magazine after taking home the Positive Role Model Award for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) at the National Diversity Awards.

Transsexualism not a mental illness, say campaigners
Pressure grows on the World Health Organisation to change its definition of transsexualism and remove it from its internationally recognised list of mental disorders.

TENI Press Release: Human Rights Spotlight Turned on Ireland
This morning the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Nils Muižnieks turned the human rights spotlight on Ireland and its failure to provide gender recognition for its transgender residents.

Away from the desk: A visit to the world's only eunuch museum
No one knows if, according to custom, Tian Yi was reunited with his private parts when he died. At the time, Chinese eunuchs would carry their “three jewels” with them in a small pouch, so that they could be made whole again in the afterlife.

'Mak Nyah' witch-hunt fear
A recent case in Negri Sembilan where four transgender persons lost their case when challenging a ban on Muslim men dressing and posing as women could spark a witch-hunt by the authorities against the community, the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC) said.

Passage of Cebu's anti-discrimination law lauded
Equal rights defenders on Thursday expressed optimism that the passage of anti-discrimination ordinance here will stop the stigma of being different.
Cebu is first city in the Philippines to approve anti-discrimination law

[New Zealand]
Maggie Barry "ignorant" says trans advocate
An advocate for trans people has delivered a stinging rebuke to National MP Maggie Barry after the previously gay-friendly ex-broadcaster lashed out in Parliament at a lesbian MP, describing transgender issues as "fringe" matters.

WeHo celebrating Transgender Month
In the month of November throughout the United States, Transgender Awareness Month is honored and celebrated.

Gathering of the transgender tribe set for Berkeley
In film, books, blogs and newspaper articles, transgender Jews have focused mainly on identity and inclusion — or barriers to it.

Off-duty D.C. police officer was defending himself in 2011 shooting, attorney says
An off-duty D.C. police officer charged with pulling his service revolver and firing into a packed car last year was “under attack” by the people in the car, the officer’s attorney told a D.C. Superior Court jury Tuesday.
Trial for Kenneth Furr, D.C. police officer accused of solicitation, begins

Illinois Family Institute, Anti-Gay Hate Group, Condemns School For Transgender-Inclusive Policies
An Illinois anti-gay Christian hate group voiced its condemnation of a newly affirmed school policy for transgender-inclusion, claiming the "feckless school board has made a decision to accommodate, not the needs of gender-confused teens, but their disordered desires."
Aurora district receives criticism, support for transgender student policy
School considers rescinding transgender rights policy amid hate group, parental outrage
Illinois Hate Group Attacks School’s New Transgender-Inclusive Policies
Illinois School Board May Cave To Hate Group And Rescind Trans-Inclusive Policy
Aurora school board reconsiders transgender policy
East Aurora schools may reverse transgender student policy following criticism
Residents urge local voices be heard on East Aurora transgender policy
Transgender Policy Expected To Be Reversed In East Aurora
E. Aurora school board to rescind transgender policy
East rescinds transgender policy
East Aurora School Board strikes down transgender policy
East Aurora School Board Rescinds Transgender-Support Policy
East Aurora board repeals district transgender policy
East Aurora School Board flip-flops on transgender policy
East Aurora school officials debate transgender policy

T In The Life: Stephanie Dykes
PronounS: She, her
Identifies as: Woman, transwoman, transsexual woman
Neighborhood: Lombard, Illinois
Relationship status: Single
[Photo by Eric Noeske]

Trans Activist Janet Mock to Keynote HBGC Gay Youth Conference
Struggling against bullying and fighting for inclusion is an issue that the LGBTQ youth community faces every day in America. As teenagers and young adults try to define who they are and what they want to do in life, they are rarely able to find the help they need. But with their second annual Youth Empowerment Conference on Oct. 20, organizations like It Gets Better and the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition (HBGC) will attempt to provide youth with an opportunity to find acceptance and guidance.

Gay, Transgender City Workers Protected From Discrimination
At the end of a long night at City Hall with a relatively short agenda, Shelby County Commissioner Sidney Chism told Memphis City Council members that their meetings looked like more “fun” than the commission’s meetings.

A ningún niño le será negada la educación por motivos de orientación sexual o de género: IEEPO
En cumplimiento a lo que mandata la Ley, el Instituto Estatal de Educación Pública de Oaxaca, cuida que a ningún niño o adolescente, le sea negado por motivos de orientación sexual o de género, el derecho a la educación escolar completa afirmó el director general, Manuel Antonio Iturribarría Bolaños, durante el acto de apertura del Taller de Capacitación sobre Diversidad Sexual y no Discriminación desde una Perspectiva de Género, auspiciado por el Gobierno del Estado.

Rivadavia tiene a la primera transexual de Mendoza en ser empleada municipal
Luego de la Ley de Matrimonio Igualitario y la Ley de Identidad de Género, cada vez son más las transexuales que se incorporan en el ámbito laboral. Algunos ejemplos sirven para demostrar el significado de una política activa de las organizaciones civiles y otros dan ejemplo de responsabilidad social.

Contradictions and Contextual Discrepancies: The Mainstream Media’s Coverage on Argentine Economic Policy and Gender Identity
On May 24, 2012, The New York Times published an article regarding recent legislation in Argentina that grants transgender individuals the right to change their national ID card, foregoing bureaucratic measures that previously made this action near impossible. Under new legislation, transgender people do not have to undergo sex-reassignment surgery or a psychological diagnosis in order to obtain an ID that reflects how they self identify. This measure, as described by The New York Times, as well as other popular media sources such as the Huffington Post, Fox Latino, and most recently NPR, is “groundbreaking” and “cutting-edge” in terms of global gender equality legislation and rights. Though all of these articles should be recognized for covering unprecedented legislation for a traditionally ignored and stigmatized community, they also warrant critical attention for several reasons related to popular press coverage on Argentina and a general lack context related to the complexity of gender equality within Argentina.