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segunda-feira, novembro 12, 2012

Cross-dresser caught out in UAE park on ladies day
A man donned an abaya to pretend to be a woman so he could visit a park in the UAE on ladies day and perv, cops have said.

Dreams take centre stage at transgender beauty pageant
Competitors came from around the world for the Miss International Queen 2012 pageant. While for some it was a chance to strut their stuff in a welcoming environment, for others it represented a chance to realise lifelong aspirations of fully becoming women

Male-to-Female Cosplayers and Japan’s Cross-Dressing Double Standard
At any anime, comic or game convention cosplayers tend to attract a lot of attention. As such, there are a number of rules, informal and formal, that both cosplayers and their viewers should follow to make sure no one gets offended.

Bombshell dropped as army officer changes gender
Army chief David Morrison's speechwriter, Malcolm McGregor,has secured the support of the Defence Force to continue employment as Cate McGregor.
The former journalist and political staffer to John Hewson and Bob Carr shocked the political establishment yesterday by choosing to publicly confirm the transition.

Trans Prisoners Fight Abuse
Trans prisoners and queer-rights groups protest unfair treatment behind bars.

5 LGBT Victories Obama Can Win in his Second Term
We've thrown the confetti and toasted champagne over the huge LGBT victories on Election Night. But now that President Barack Obama has won a second term, it's time to start working towards the next round of LGBT victories he can secure in the next four years.

LGBT Voters Crucial to Obama Popular Vote Victory: LGBT Voters Vital to Outcome in Florida
The national LGBT vote was crucial to President Obama’s popular vote victory on Election Day, according to new analysis from Gary J. Gates, distinguished scholar at the Williams Institute. In a contest of razor-thin margins, the 4.5 million votes cast by the LGBT population was a critical component of the president’s winning coalition.

Proud, political – G.O.P. transvestites
When Linda Obuchoska walked into Washington Square Park one day five years ago, she had no idea that a chance meeting and a snapshot photo would turn into a friendship and a documentary about, yes, Republican cross-dressers. Her film explores a world of elderly, heterosexual, right-wing men who spend their leisure time dressed as women.-
(Linda Obuchoska, left, and “Jeanette” meet again in Washington Square. Photo by Bob Krasner)

[USA] [Commentary]
The Transgender Pride Flag and the Transgender Day of Remembrance
Many in the LGBT community aren’t aware that there is a Transgender Pride Flag. It’s flown at transgender specific events; it can be seen each year at the San Diego Pride festival at the transgender booth. It’s a flag that visually symbolizes the T subcommunity of the LGBT community in a manner similar to how the Bisexual Pride Flag symbolizes the bisexual subcommunity, as well as how the Rainbow Pride Flag visually symbolizes the entirety of the LGBT community.

Sundance Channel Developing Transgender Drama
In a first for television, the Sundance Channel is developing a scripted drama series focusing on a transgender man reconciling his past as a lesbian activist.

The transgender norm
As the video came to a close the floor was open to questions about the 45-minute video and a personal example of what the video is all about.

Event set to honor memory of victims
The tragic death of Alfred "Ariana" Dibble 61/2 years ago will be remembered next Sunday. Again.

San Francisco becomes first US city to offer free trans surgery
Promising to stop transgender people from avoiding debts, the Californian city has voted to offer free operations

Kansas cities say no, no, no to homosexual protections
Two Kansas cities rose up against homosexual and gender-identity issues.

Coed dorm rooms idea is tricky for MU
The University of Missouri's Residential Life Department is facing growing pressure to offer coed dorm rooms, in part to make life more comfortable for students who might not identify as their biological gender.

Knoxville Transgender Day of Remembrance 2012 to be held Nov. 20
SOFFAs of east Tennessee Transgenders, with support of KnoxBoyz and KnoxGirlz of East Tennessee, has announced they will be hosting a local public Transgender Day of Remembrance event (TDoR) on Tuesday, November 20, 2012. The event will be located on the grounds of Alternative Counseling Center, 3105 Essary Dr, Knoxville TN 37918, beginning at 7:30pm.

Transgender activist defines terms related to gender issues during Coming Out Week
“Cisgender” is the nonjudgmental term used to describe people who identify with the gender to which they were born, transgender activist Katy Stewart said Oct. 11 during a lecture for Coming Out Week in Loftin Student Center.

With Transgender Locker Room Controversy Ignited at Evergreen, Where Does UW Stand on the Matter?
Earlier this week on The Daily Weekly we reported on the controversy brewing at The Evergreen State College in Olympia centering on a transgender student's use of the female locker room at the college's recreation center.

Yessica se abstuvo de opinar sobre transexuales
La boliviana optó por ser cauta y no se jugó por una posición

OTD nuevamente con su trabajo logra el respeto a la dignidad de las personas Trans (transexuales, transgéneros/as, travestis) e intersex. En esta ocasión después de UN AÑO 7 MESES de arduo trabajo, múltiples reuniones, no claudicar ni decaer, ha logrado un Protocolo de atención a personas Trans, bajo los estándares internacionales de respeto, y por sobre todo valorando a la persona Trans como un ser humano íntegro.

Thousands join Chile gay pride parade
Thousands are parading in Chile’s capital at a pride fest that has turned into the country’s largest gay rights event.

La Marcha del Orgullo convocó a más de 100 mil personas
En el hecho político más relevante del fin de semana, la comunidad homosexual reunió a más de 100 mil argentinos, que se movilizaron en apoyo a la diversidad sexual y cultural. No reclamaban nada, a diferencia de los asistentes al 8N, sólo celebraron lo que lograron hasta ahora y lo que lograrán en el futuro.
Trescientas personas iniciaban las conquistas
La Marcha del Orgullo, a 20 años de la primera manifestación en la Argentina
La Marcha del Orgullo pidió educación en la Diversidad
La gobernadora Ríos participó de la Marcha del Orgullo Gay en Buenos Aires
Rachid reivindicó las leyes de Matrimonio Igualitario y de Identidad de Género
El Orgullo Gay marcha por Buenos Aires