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terça-feira, novembro 20, 2012

Trans community looks ahead to global day of remembrance
Organisers in the UK are raising awareness of next week’s Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR).

Travesti é agredida no programa da Christina Rocha
Segundo o colunista Flávio Ricco do UOL, durante uma gravação do "Casos de Família", na semana passada, uma travesti foi parar na enfermaria do SBT, depois de levar uma “microfonada” de um homem da plateia. Christina Rocha imediatamente interrompeu o programa, expulsou o agressor do estúdio e foi pedir pessoalmente desculpas a agredida. Consultada, a emissora disse que o fato realmente aconteceu, mas não será levado ao ar.

Transexual de Mogi das Cruzes luta na Justiça para trocar de nome
A pedagoga Alexandra Vasconcelos, de 35 anos, moradora de Mogi das Cruzes, região metropolitana de São Paulo, vive um dilema. Ela nasceu com o órgão sexual masculino e assim viveu a infância e parte da juventude. Há dois anos, fez uma cirurgia de mudança de sexo. Mas o nome em seus documentos continua o mesmo. “Eu até prefiro não falar o meu nome que ainda consta em meus documentos. Não me sinto bem, sabe?”

Swedish School’s Big Lesson Begins With Dropping Personal Pronouns
At an ocher-color preschool along a lane in Stockholm’s Old Town, the teachers avoid the pronouns “him” and “her,” instead calling their 115 toddlers simply “friends.” Masculine and feminine references are taboo, often replaced by the pronoun “hen,” an artificial and genderless word that most Swedes avoid but is popular in some gay and feminist circles.

Bettina Rheims: Gender Studies
This is the fifth week that this Portfolio of Bettina Rheims appears in the Best of the Week of Le Journal.
Camera Work presents the exhibition "Gender Studies" by Bettina Rheims. Focusing again on transgender, in 2011 the artist created a fascinating portrait series of 25 people who evade categorization of being male or female.

[New Zealand]
Carmen to be honoured in composer's opus
Auckland’s Town Hall is to be transformed into a “dahling tea room” for the world premiere of a work in memory of Carmen Rupe.

[New Zealand]
Agender urges respect for pilot's identity
Transgender advocacy group Agender has written an open letter to the family, friends and colleagues of killed chopper pilot Julianne Kramer, urging them to respect her gender identity.

Army takes transition in stride
A senior political strategist within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has publicly revealed her gender transition with the Army confirming Lieutenant Colonel Cate McGregor will continue on in her position as speechwriter to Army chief, Lieutenant General David Morrison.

Advocates unhappy with exemptions
Tasmanian gay rights advocates are unhappy with a proposal to allow religious schools to discriminate against students on the grounds of religion but have welcomed safeguards to ensure discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation will continue to be unlawful. For several years the Catholic Church has sought an exemption to allow it to turn away non-Catholic students from schools that are over-subscribed.

Trans student banned from using male toilets
A transgender male student in Ontario, Canada, has allegedly been barred from using the men’s toilet at school.

Watch The Exclusive Debut Of “I AM: Trans People Speak”
The new video series from GLAAD aims to spotlight the stories of transgender Americans and their allies in an effort to educate the public about transgender issues.
GLAAD And MTPC Release New Videos For "I AM: Trans People Speak" During Transgender Awareness Week
Americans tell their stories for Transgender Awareness Week
WATCH: Trans People Share Their Stories
Fenway Health Releases "I AM: Trans People Speak" Video for Transgender Awareness Week

HRC Releases 11th Edition of the Corporate Equality Index
The good news for LGBT Americans didn’t end with last week’s election night victories.
Record numbers of businesses achieve 100 percent rating in HRCF’s new Corporate Equality Index

Ensuring Benefits Parity and Gender Identity Nondiscrimination in Essential Health Benefits
At the core of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is the most comprehensive overhaul of the American health insurance system since the creation of Medicare and Medicaid more than 40 years ago.

Gay students can be themselves at Q High
When Kailee Hernandez told her friends at Central High School last year that she's gay, things changed between them.
Girls she was once close to mocked the then-sophomore, acting as if she was hitting on them. When she entered a classroom, they sometimes just stared at her.
Kailee, 15, dropped out before the school year was over.

Life on his terms: UA transgender student offers new perspective
As a kid, Michael Woodward owned the biggest G.I. Joe collection in the neighborhood. In high school, he participated in a Junior Miss Pageant.
Michael, a UA graduate student studying public health, was born in 1964 and grew up in Indiana as a girl.
“The whole time,” he said, “it never felt like it was my life.”

'Western bandit' suspected in slaying, multiple robberies
Los Angeles police are forming a task force to search for a man suspected in a killing and who repeatedly robbed people and businesses along Western Avenue for more than a year, authorities said Thursday.
"The Western Bandit," as police have named him, is wanted in at least nine armed robberies, including a series of 7-Eleven robberies, and the murder of transgender woman Nathan Vickers in November 2011.
Armed and Dangerous: Police Hunt for the "Western Bandit"

Transgender Film Festival Pushes Boundaries of What's Typical On Screen
The fourth annual Los Angeles Transgender Film Festival, held November 2 to 4, featured an impressive collection of shorts and feature-length films aimed at expanding the conventional, tragic narrative often seen in stories about trans identities.

[CA, USA] [Commentary]
Rose Ellen Epstein: Remembering transgender people who have been victimized
As Thanksgiving approaches, we prepare to sit down together and remember the things we are thankful for. We may be thankful for family or good food, but how many of us are thankful to have just survived another year?

Marking Transgender Day of Remembrance
Locals prepare traditional memorial event, along with transgender health discussion
Queery: Xion Lopez

Transgender Awareness Month at UGA
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center at the University of Georgia will observe Transgender Awareness Month with several events scheduled Nov. 13-16. A Transgender Day of Remembrance display will be placed on Tate Plaza on Nov 13. The display is designed to raise awareness and to memorialize individuals killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice.

Illinois Hate-Group Wants Teachers to Reject 'Fiction' of Trans Students
The Illinois Family Institute, a designated antigay hate group, is breaking out the dehumanizing rhetoric to discourage teachers in Illinois from recognizing the preferred gender identity of transgender students, according to ThinkProgress LGBT.

Center on Halsted transgender programming coordinator resigns in protest
Center on Halsted’s transgender programming coordinator resigned from her volunteer position Tuesday in protest of a decision by the Center to take money from the Human Rights Campaign for this Sunday’s observance of the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Documentary highlights family’s reaction to transgender issues
What would you do if you found out a loved one was about to have a sex-change procedure?
That question was the basic premise of documentary-filmmaker Melissa Regan’s short film “No Dumb Questions,” which chronicles the thoughts, emotions and reactions of three sisters ages 6 to 11 as they learned about their Uncle Bill’s transformation into Aunt

Transgender Day of Remembrance
This evening, Shreveport community members will gather at the Centenary College Band Shell to remember and mourn transgender and gender nonconforming people who have been murdered in the previous year. They hope to draw attention to the ongoing problem of violence against the transgender community.
QSA commemorates Transgender Day of Remembrance

Transgender activist visits UMass
For the first 38 years of 53-year-old Mara Keisling’s life, she knew she wanted to be a woman.

Transgender Day of Remembrance Events
Since Transgender Day of Remembrance began in 1998, students at the University of Michigan have gathered to honor the lives of transgender people who have died at the hands of violence because of who they are.

Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance Planned for Kalamazoo Community
The Kalamazoo Gay Lesbian Resource Center will recognize National Transgender Day of Remembrance Nov. 18 with a memorial, live music and poetry, a candlelight vigil and a keynote address by Arcus Center Executive Director Jaime M. Grant, Ph.D.

Committee approves UNC gender non-specific housing proposal
Students supporting gender non-specific housing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill got the answer they wanted Wednesday from the UNC Board of Trustees’ University Affairs Committee.
UNC trustees approve gender-neutral housing

Transgender Remembrance commemorations slated
National remembrance day to be marked across the Carolinas

US: Nebraska city council implements protections for LGBT city employees
In a change of direction from a decision last month, the Grand Island City Council has overridden a mayoral veto, and granted protections for LGBT people working for the city.
Nebraska town overrides mayor's veto to add protections for gay city workers

G.I. city council adopts gay-rights measure
The Grand Island City Council has overridden a mayoral veto and enacted city employment protection for gay, bisexual and transgender people.

First Transgender class at Rutgers explores misunderstandings
In Aren Aizura’s class “Introduction to Transgender Studies” — the first class of its kind at Rutgers — students analyze footage of Christine Jorgensen upon her return to the United States after a sex change operation in Denmark.

Redeemer church in Morristown observes Transgender Day of Remembrance
The Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Morristown will honor the lives of men and women who have been killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice on Sunday, Nov. 18, at the 10:30 a.m. service. One candle will be lit to represent each life taken over the last year, and a brief history of each individual will be read as the candle is extinguished.

4 OYS investigation: transgender bullying
It's been a humbling past few months as I've listened to countless stories about kids, teens, and adults bullied. In this series, our 4 On Your Side team decided to focus on two stories.

Sunday event in Glens Falls to focus on prejudice against transgender people
Although last week’s elections brought good news to the lesbian, gay and bisexual communities, the Albany-based Empire State Pride Agenda will focus on one sexual minority group when it holds an event focusing on prejudice and violence against transgender people Sunday.

Syracuse council urged to protect 'gender expression' rights
The family of LaTeisha Green, a transgender woman who was slain four years ago in a hate crime, went to Syracuse City Hall Wednesday to urge lawmakers to pass a law protecting the rights of all citizens regardless of “gender identity or gender expression.”

City sees firsts for Trans Day of Remembrance
With the Philadelphia community shaken by recent incidents of violence against transgender individuals, this year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance has taken on even more meaning. The occasion will be marked by a number of community events, including two new tributes.

Seminar Focuses on Etiquette Surrounding the Transgender Community
Ever wonder what terms are okay to use when referring to transgender friends or family members? An all-day seminar this Saturday, November 17th will lay down the proper etiquette.