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segunda-feira, novembro 26, 2012

U.N. Draft Resolution Against Extrajudicial Executions Includes Gender Identity
The draft resolution approved in the Third Committee of the General Assembly mentions gender identity as a characteristic warranting protection from unlawful executions for the first time.
General Assembly Will Condemn in Strongest Terms Use of Extrajudicial Executions
Governments Condemn Extrajudicial Executions in Seminal UN Vote

Web sex fiend caged for raping girl, 12
Excerpt: In the dock, Cooper, who claimed to be a transsexual, pleaded guilty to rape and other offences against the schoolgirl and another 15-year-old girl, from Coventry.

Documentary follows trans teen during Miss England
A trans teenager is the focus of a new BBC documentary, which follows her though the heats of a beauty pageant, the prestige of which she wants to use to become a role model for young trans people.

Brighton: 2 students charged with transphobic attack
Two students have been charged in connection with an attack on a transgender woman in Brighton.

One Direction's Harry Styles inspired trans to come out
Transgender student models himself on his boyband idol who gave him the 'guts to be transgender'

My idol Tulisa gave me the confidence to change into a woman
IN a figure-hugging dress, with immaculate make-up and wavy hair extensions, Jamie Eagle looks like a confident, stylish young woman.

Bulgaria's LGBT Request Legal Sex Self-Determination
Members of Bulgaria's LGBT community presented Thursday their call for an introduction of a right for citizens to determine their gender based on their feeling of identity.

Harassed by eunuchs? Help is just a call away
Help is at hand, if you are facing any kind of trouble from eunuchs. Now, a group of senior citizens has stepped in to protect people from harassment by the transgender community, particularly during celebrations. The group, mostly comprising ex-servicemen, has come up with a 24X7 helpline that would deal with the menace. They are of the opinion that the eunuchs, who make a living by dancing and singing outside households hosting wedding or birthday ceremonies, have become a ‘nuisance’ for citizens.

Australia’s first intersex mayor steps down
Tony Briffa, Australia's first openly intersex mayor, steps down in Hobsons Bay, west Melbourne
Briffa sits out re-election contest

Intersex protections need more work
Intersex advocates have welcomed draft legislation for federal anti-discrimination laws announced today but say the protections for intersex people need to be clearer in order to work.

New LGBT Protections in Federal Anti-discrimination Bill
It has been revealed that the federal government is pushing to outlaw discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity under a major consolidation of national laws.

[New Zealand]
Jacquie Grant finishes up at Human Rights Tribunal
New Zealand’s “tranny granny” Jacquie Grant has wound up her time at the Human Rights Review Tribunal, after eight years of work she is very proud of.

Transgender Rights to be Protected in Human Rights Act
Transgender Nova Scotians' right to equality and fairness will be made clear with proposed amendments to the Human Rights Act.
N.S. bill would give transgender people legal footing
N.S. moves to protect rights of transgendered people
Nova Scotia set to further protect trans rights
Trans legislation imminent on Day of Remembrance
Nova Scotia’s NDP gvmt proposes ‘gender identity’ bill

Former Cobourg transgendered student denied use of men's washroom
Friends of former Cobourg student Samantha DeGraauw, now James Spencer, were shocked to hear he is not allowed to use the men's washroom in his new school.

UBC Trangender Day of Remembrance a success despite tension with other Vancouver group
Pride UBC says their annual Transgender Day of Remembrance event on Tuesday night was a success, despite a schism that caused another Vancouver activist group to pull out at the last minute.

'My womanhood is valid': transgender activist Janet Mock calls for change
On the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, transgender activist Janet Mock explains why we need to rethink our definition of what it is to be a woman.

How Fox News Celebrated The Transgender Day Of Remembrance
On the same day that thousands of people around the world gather to remember those who have been killed due to anti-transgender hatred, Fox News ran a segment criticizing one transgender prison inmate for requesting adequate medical care.

White House, Obama Administration mark 14th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance
The White House on Tuesday marked the 14th annual observance of Transgender Day of Remembrance, an international day of remembrance of the people lost to anti-transgender fear, discrimination, and violence.
Statement by Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on Transgender Day of Remembrance
Transgender Day of Remembrance

GLAAD: More than half of transgender images on TV in past decade have been negative
Study released on Transgender Day of Remembrance

Vigil at UA remembers transgender murder victims
A vigil Tuesday night left more than 60 candles floating in the Old Main fountain, representing a small fraction of people in the worldwide transgender community who had been murdered because of their transgender identification.

Transgender Pride Flag Raised For the First Time in the Castro
Tonight, in a ceremony at Harvey Milk Plaza following a march from Civic Center, trans activists and LGBT supporters raised the transgender pride flag on the big Castro flagpole for the first time. The flag-raising follows a months-long kerfuffle with the Castro merchants association who initially resisted the proposal to fly the flag — originally discussed as flying at half mast, in honor of Transgender Day of Remembrance, on November 20. The reasoning had to do with the stability of the huge flag itself and pedestrian safety when any flag is at half mast — the merchants noted that no flag ever flies at half mast there for this reason.
Transgender flag flies over Hillcrest today for Transgender Day of Rememberance

Watchdog body failed to investigate transgender inmate complaints
Allegations against sheriff include discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct

Ceremony at Oakland center honors victims of anti-transgender violence
Discrimination and violence showed no boundaries at Friday’s Transgender Day of Remembrance at the Oakland Peace Center. Mexico, Brazil and India. Maryland, Florida and Louisiana. Turkey and Canada. All these are states and countries—their names read aloud in melancholy succession at the event—in which transgendered women were murdered this year.

Guerrero calls on OPD to solve Martell murder
The mother of murdered transgender teen Gwen Araujo used her remarks at a Transgender Day of Remembrance event in Oakland last week to call on police to solve the killing of a trans woman earlier this year.

St. Pete celebrates Trans Day of Remembrance
For the first time ever, the City of St. Petersburg will officially Transgender Day of Remembrance. A ceremony, sponsored by Trans*Action Florida, will be held on the steps of City Hall on the night of Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Man charged in murder of transgender South Beach prostitute
Police say DNA on a used condom, sock and underwear found near the body of Rene Hidalgo Hernandez matched a sample Miguel Pavon gave Miami Police investigating the June 2011 murder of a prostitute.
DNA Match in Murder of Miami Transgender Prostitute

Purdue remembers those murdered for being transgendered
Friday on the “Hello Walk,” 14 headstones commemorated a few of the 265 people who were murdered globally this year for being transgendered.

Trans prisoner requests electrolysis, and for court to refer to her as female
A trans woman prisoner incarcerated in an all male prison has requested electrolysis hair removal, and for the court to refer to her as female during ongoing proceedings.
State resists transgender inmate's bid for electrolysis
Judge may stay his ruling on inmate sex-change
Judge suspends gender reassignment order for trans woman prisoner, denies electrolysis
Judge puts prisoner’s sex-change order on hold

Trans Murder Victims Remembered on Boston Common
On a chilly Sunday evening, hundreds of supporters stood with lit candles on Boston Common to honor the 265 transgender men and women killed because of who they are.

Judge dismisses transgender student's lawsuit
A Maine judge has ruled in favor of the Orono school district and against the parents of a transgender child who was barred from using the girls' bathroom at school.
Judge finds in favor of Orono schools over transgender girl’s use of bathroom

A day of remembrance and respect: Duluth vigil is part of international Transgender Day of Action
The purpose of the new Lake Superior Transgender Groups is to provide support for transgender people in the area and to make the public better aware of issues they face in society.

Anti-discrimination measure for gender identity advances in St. Louis County
After hearing from an impassioned crowd of supporters and opponents, the St. Louis County Council moved closer Tuesday to adopting a bill that would add gender identity and sexual orientation to the county’s anti-discrimination regulations and hate crimes law.

Regents asked to add sexual orientation to non-discrimination policy
Student groups from the state’s two flagship universities have asked the Montana Board of Regents to put safety ahead of politics by adding sexual orientation and gender identity to its nondiscrimination policy.

Charlotte community marks Trans Day of Remembrance
Nearly four dozen community members gathered on Saturday, Nov. 17 to mark a special remembrance of transgender people lost this year to violence and hate. Charlotte’s annual Transgender Day of Remembrance ceremony and vigil was held at the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte at the NC Music Factory. The annual service is a part of the national Transgender Day of Remembrance movement, traditionally recognized on Nov. 20.

Transgender crime victims remembered in Asheville
They marched through the streets of downtown, honoring and remembering murdered transgender individuals worldwide who had been beaten, shot, stabbed, strangled, burned or stoned.

Syracuse councilors vote to ban discrimination against transgendered people
The Syracuse Common Council this afternoon passed a local law extending civil rights to all people regardless of “gender expression.”
Syracuse adds protections based on gender identity to 'Fair Practices Law'

Okla. court: Name change allowed after sex change
A woman who became female through gender-reassignment surgery has the right to change her name too, despite a trial court judge's ruling that suggested her new name was misleading, the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals ruled on Tuesday.
Oklahoma appeals court orders name change in transgender case

PHOTOS: Transgender Day of Remembrance at Cathedral of Hope
More than 100 gathered Sunday evening at the Cathedral of Hope to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance.

UW protects against gender-identity discrimination
Thanks to efforts by the Q Center and the Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity, the UW has clarified its nondiscrimination policy to better protect trans* students on campus.

Police identify transgender suspect as person of interest in 3 homicides in 1990 in Spokane
Law enforcement officers have identified a suspect in connection with three unsolved homicides that occurred 22 years ago in the Spokane area.

Los transexuales no se interesan por la belleza
La gente no tiene claro el concepto de la transexualidad y es por eso que tres de las seis transexuales afiliadas a la Unión de Travestis de Santa Cruz prefirieron no opinar a la pregunta: ¿Participarías en el Miss Bolivia si la convocatoria se abre a las transexuales? Después de que Donald Trump anunció que podrán concursar las participantes que quieran, sin importar su condición sexual, el próximo año.

Los retos de la población transgénero
Aunque ha ganado terreno, la población trans aún es víctima de abusos y discriminación. Además de romper con los imaginarios de que son personas violentas o enfermas ¿qué otros retos enfrentan?

Colectivo transexual argentino protagoniza una nueva telenovela
Un proyecto audiovisual de 13 capítulos se estrenó la semana pasada en la televisión de Buenos Aires. Se trata de la primera novela con una temática que gira en torno a los derechos GLBTI.

Despedida por travesti
María Laura Alemán es cantautora y compositora clásica y popular. Se gana la vida con clases particulares y dirige un coro. Hace un año que la echaron del colegio donde trabajaba por elegir cambiar de género. Allí era el profesor de música Eduardo, hasta que la fotografiaron travestida en una farmacia. Desde entonces, comenzó un raid de extorsiones que culminó en su despido y que demuestra la marginación social y laboral a la que son sometidas y empujan a las personas trans. Esta es la primera entrega de una serie de historias que aborda la problemática en primera persona.