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sábado, dezembro 01, 2012

Mudar de corpo e voltar
Casos como este são uma minoria dentro de uma minoria - em Portugal só encontrámos um. Ainda assim, um diagnóstico errado de transexualidade pode levar homens e mulheres, pela segunda vez, à mesa de operações em busca do corpo que perderam.

Polícia prende travesti acusada de matar deficiente em Barra de São Miguel
Uma ação da Polícia Civil, coordenada pelo delegado Aydes Ponciano, resultou na prisão de uma travesti, acusada de matar Jaelson Antero da Silva, de 21 anos, morto na manhã desta quarta, 28, em Barra de São Miguel.

Leveson Report: Press has failed to respect the dignity of trans people
Trans Media Watch (TMW), the charity that works to improve media coverage of transgender and intersex issues and had previously submitted testimony to his inquiry, has welcomed the publication of Lord Justice Leveson’s report into media standards.
Leveson wants tighter British press protection for trans and gay people

Christine Jorgensen: 60 years of sex change ops
News of a pioneering sex change operation, one of the first involving both surgery and hormone therapy, was announced in 1952 - exactly 60 years ago this weekend.
"Ex-GI becomes blonde beauty!" screamed one headline as newspapers in the United States broke the news.
George Jorgensen, a quiet New Yorker, shocked a nation by returning from a trip to Denmark transformed into the glamorous Christine.

La Transyclopédie : tout savoir sur les transidentités
La Transyclopédie a enfin vu le jour et elle ne pouvait ne pas être à l'honneur ce mois-ci car comme on va le voir, la genèse de ce premier dictionnaire des cultures trans mérite qu'on s'y arrête. Le "T" est aujourd'hui plus en vogue mais il ne l'a pas toujours été dans le monde de l'édition notamment. Les Editions "Des Ailes sur un tracteur" nous ont aimablement autorisé la reproduction de l'introduction originale de l'ouvrage que nous tenions à livrer dans sa forme la plus authentique. Toutefois, cettte introduction en appelait une autre qui se déroule ici sous vos yeux.

War On X-Mas Heats Up As Toy Store Inverts Gender Norms
Swedish toymaker Leklust will undoubtedly incur the wrath of One Million Moms and other fake advocacy groups with its Christmas catalog, which depicts a boy playing with a dolly, a girl shooting a Nerf gun, among other non-conforming imagery.

Turkish LGBT campaigner to receive David Kato award
Ali Erol, an LGBT activist in Turkey has been honoured with this year’s David Kato award, which was set up in memory of the gay Ugandan campaigner who was murdered in 2011.

[Czech Republic]
As many as 60 Czechs undergo sex change each year
Fifty to 60 sex-change operations are performed in the Czech Republic annually now, Ivo Prochazka, deputy head of the Sexological Institute, said and added that more than 1000 Czechs have undergone this surgery since the first was carried out in 1942.

Gender Identity: The other sex, part 3
Kenya’s first public transgender person was a woman only identified as Rose. She made headlines in the 1980s after she got sex reassignment surgery because gender identity disorders were unheard of then.

Trans woman wins custody battle in Australia
Federal Magistrates Court of Australia awards equal, shared responsibility for three daughters to a transsexual woman after a three and a half year legal fight

[New Zealand]
Ex-MP O’Regan apologises to trans people
Former National MP Katherine O’Regan has apologised to transgender people for not including their protection in changes to the Human Rights Act in 1993.

Transgender teen allowed to use boys washroom after petition signed by classmates
A transgender teen initially banned from using the boys washroom at his Toronto-area high school has been told he can now use it freely.
School board grants transgender student permission to use men’s washroom

Bill C-279 testimony met with jeers
Observers in the gallery of the standing committee on justice and human rights shook their heads Nov 27 as they listened to a representative from Real Women of Canada speak out against trans rights.

NCTE Applauds Inclusive Principles for Immigration Reform
The National Center for Transgender Equality applauds the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), which yesterday released a strong set of principles for common-sense, comprehensive immigration reform that include and protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) families and undocumented youth.

Jared Leto 'starved' for super skinny HIV trans role
Hollywood hunk reveals he fasted for a month in order to achieve dramatic weight loss for part in Dallas Buyers Club movie

Community speaks out on East Aurora transgender policy debate
More than 100 people from across Aurora showed up at the East Aurora School District School Service center Thursday night with signs and loud voices, ready to express their concerns about a controversial transgender policy board members continue to grapple with.

KU center promoting one-person, gender-neutral restrooms this week
If you've stopped by a restroom at KU's Sabatini Multicultural Resource Center — or, at certain times, the Kansas Union — and seen a sign out front labeling it as a "single-use, gender-neutral restroom," you may have wondered what that was about.

Pressing ahead for gender identity rights
The civil rights team that had success in Howard and Baltimore counties will press ahead in 2013 to secure gender identity rights in Maryland. Gender Rights Maryland — the state’s only civil rights organization exclusively representing trans persons — and the Howard County and Baltimore County chapters of PFLAG announced last week they will continue the alliance they formed this past year in passing gender identity and expression legislation in two Maryland counties.

Keisling Calls For Passionate Action Against Violence
Trans people don't always have a lot to celebrate. Besides the fact that the odds are stacked against them financially, socially and judicially, they're also much more likely to be victims of violence. This is why each year on Nov. 20, we take a bit of time out to celebrate and recognize those who have lost their lives due to transphobic violence.

Ward 4 voters get their wish, Laughton resigns
People in Ward 4 were of two minds over whether state Rep.-elect Stacie Laughton should resign the seat she won in November.
Felon lawmaker Laughton calls it quits on TV Thursday, parallels Tom Alciere
It's Final: Laughton Resigns State Rep Seat

Spanning the Brooklyn Bridge to Remember Those Lost to Trans Violence
With somber moments of silence and bursts of cautious enthusiasm, New Yorkers marked the 14th annual Transgender Day of Remembrance Nov. 20 with events throughout the city. Trans people, their friends, allies, and advocates came to remember those of the community who have passed on, and to steel their resolve for the continuing struggle in the courts and mainstream life for full equality.

Person of interest in Cordova case
Police announced this week that they have identified a person of interest in the killing of local transwoman Kyra Cordova.

A muxhe honra
Uno de los mayores orgullos de los pueblos originarios de Oaxaca, su atípico respeto a una sexualidad no oficial y el canto a la feminidad, aparece bailado y estudiado por Lukas Avendaño, muxhe y antropólogo mexicano.

Gender and Sexuality Groups Rally for Greater Gender Equality in Venezuela
Chanting, “Free at home, free in the street”, “Neither silenced nor silent”, and “Against personal attacks, social defence” members of the Feminist Spider network gathered in front of the Attorney General’s Office, near Carabobo Park, to carry out a series of activities for the International Day against Violence against Women on Monday.