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quarta-feira, dezembro 05, 2012

Lithuania: proposal to ban Gender Reassigment re-introduced
A Bill, Prohibiting Gender Reassignment, Proposed to the Agenda of the New Parliament

‘Things will change’
It was gay abandon in all its hues. The ‘Pride March’, that drew more than 400 people from different parts of the City over the weekend, grabbed a lot of eyeballs and attracted a great deal of media attention.

Rescue plan for Thai lame duck PC Air?
Two years ago, PC Air made headlines around the world bringing a fresh wave of sympathy or curiosity among media when the new airline announced to hire Thai transgender persons as flight attendants. Twenty months later, the tune is quite different: this autumn, the carrier left 400 passengers stranded at Seoul Incheon International Airport as it was unable to pay airport’s fees to the operator. It seems that the airline did not pay for a while its airport’s bills as well as its jet fuel supply. All in all, PC Air had a debt towards Seoul Airport’s Authorities equivalent to over THB 10 million (US$ 310,000).

Vietnam trans video goes viral
LGBT rights group ICS show the people behind the stigmatizing term 'pêdê' in Vietnam

FPI Shuts Down Transgender Festival in Jakarta
A transgender festival in Jakarta was cancelled on Monday night, after the Islamic Defenders Front turned up to the event and demanded the organizers shut it down.

Diversity conference inspires employers
The annual Pride in Diversity LGBTI workplace conference took place at the headquarters of banking giant NAB early last week, with over 115 people attending the two-day event which also heard from representatives from the Top Ten employers for LGBTI people according to the 2012 Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI).

[New Zealand]
Air New Zealand accused of transphobia over testicle gag
Airline's Christmas cracker joke about Olympic shot putter Nadzeya Ostapchuk sparks Twitter backlash
Air New Zealand slammed over testicle 'joke'
Air NZ make no change to 'offensive' joke promotion

TV personality slams Conservative government for supporting ‘transgender’ bill
A senior correspondent for a major Canadian news outlet has accused the Conservative government of being “conservative” in name only after throwing support behind a bill that critics say will allow men who dress as women to use women’s public showers, changing rooms, and restrooms.

American Psychiatric Association to remove term 'gender identity disorder' from manual
The American Psychiatric Association has voted to eliminate the term "gender identity disorder" and replace it with "gender dysphoria" when diagnosing people who are transgender.
APA Revises Manual: Being Transgender Is No Longer A Mental Disorder
Being Transgender Is No Longer a Disorder
The APA Removes "Gender Identity Disorder" From Updated Mental Health Guide
American Psychiatric Association drops Gender Identity Disorder from manual

First Friday Transgender Discussion Group
The DC Center will launch a new First Friday Transgender Discussion group on Friday January 4th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the DC Center, 1318 U Street NW. This group is starting based on the input and interest heard from the community at our recent Transgender Community Input Session.

Non-discrimination ordinance clears hurdle in Helena
The Helena City Commission has approved first passage of an ordinance prohibiting discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individuals.
Proponents, opponents of anti-discrimination ordinance pack meeting
Residents address contentious non-discrimination policy

Villarreal again files Texas ENDA. Now where’s that City Council resolution?
State Rep. Mike Villarreal, D-San Antonio, has again filed a bill that would ban employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in Texas.
Rep. Mike Villarreal Files Legislation to Prevent Gay/Transgender Bias in the Workplace

Local LGBTQ Group Concerned About Police Involvement of Missing Transgender Teen
Members of Charlottesville Pride Community Networks say they are concerned that police are not handling the case of missing transgender teen Dashad Smith properly.
Police Search For Transgender Teen Missing 2 Weeks

UVA Assault Prompts Call for Expanded Protections
Virginia Anti-Violence Project calls for legislators to add sexual orientation, gender identity to hate-crimes provision

Inmate who prompted Sex Change Prevention Act sues again
A Wisconsin inmate who sued state prison officials for the right to sex-change surgery has gone back to court, claiming officials falsely induced a settlement of that 2003 case and have reneged on promises of the deal.