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terça-feira, dezembro 04, 2012

Video on transgender people goes viral
A video clip featuring transgender people made by ICS, an organization supporting LGBT community’s rights in Vietnam, has recently gone viral and received positive responses from netizens.

Report sheds light on how to improve DSG health
Groups and organisations representing the country’s diverse sex and gender (DSG) community have called for the Federal Government to urgently act on the recommendations of a groundbreaking report released by the National LGBTI Health Alliance last week.

[New Zealand]
Twitter users say Air NZ transphobic joke not funny
Air New Zealand has launched a Christmas promotion which is causing many to take to social media websites to voice their disgust, saying the “joke” is transphobic.

School lifts ban on trans boy using male toilets
Canadian trans student, 16, was previously told to use female washroom despite having transitioned before joining the school

NCTE Commemorates World AIDS Day
On this World AIDS Day, the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) honors those living with HIV/AIDS, and remembers those we have lost. World AIDS Day is an international day of awareness, and a time for renewed commitment toward ending this epidemic.

American Psychiatric Association Officially Removes “Gender Identity Disorder” From DSM
The American Psychiatric Association has approved major changes to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, including the removal of the term “gender identity disorder,” in favor of the more neutral “gender dysphoria.”
[Commentary] Gender Identity Disorder Diagnosis Is Quietly, Without Much MSM Notice, Going Away
APA Revises Manual: Being Transgender Is No Longer A Mental Disorder

‘The true me’: A quest for acceptance
It was decades before Bill Jutz admitted the truth to his therapist and to himself. By then he was in his late 50s, a man whose wispy white hair and sad gray eyes made him look older. He had never married. He had no children. He had one cat: Bond, like the secret agent.

[USA] [Commentary]
Op-ed: How TV's CSI Is Screwing Us Again
Wednesday night's episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, entitled "Strip Maul," contained the latest in the show's long history of offensive and defamatory portrayals of transgender people.

Gender identity struggle figured in Manning's detention
The US military held WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning under strict "suicide watch" partly because his gender identity struggle showed he was mentally "not stable," a witness said.
Counselor explains why he thought Manning was a suicide risk

Gay rights ordinances pushed in small Kentucky towns
In a scene that has been playing out in small cities throughout Kentucky in recent weeks, local citizens working with the statewide Fairness Coalition - which includes groups such as the Louisville, Ky.-based Fairness Campaign and the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky - are seeking local anti-bias protections for gay and transgender people.

Drag Show Provides Fun Atmosphere
Drag kings and queens strutted their stuff at the Gender F**k Drag Show in Catskellar Friday night.