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quinta-feira, dezembro 06, 2012

La nueva edición del DSM rebajará la carga patologizante de la transexualidad, pero incluirá el diagnóstico de “disforia de género”
La Asociación Americana de Psiquiatría (APA), responsable de la elaboración del DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), quizá el “catálogo” de enfermedades mentales más utilizado del mundo, y que junto a la Clasificación Internacional de Enfermedades (CIE) de la OMS constituyen los dos principales métodos de clasificación de las mismas, sustituirá en su próxima versión (DSM-5) el diagnóstico de “trastorno de la identidad sexual” por el de “disforia de género”. Una decisión que, sin bien se deshace de las connotaciones negativas de la palabra “trastorno”, hace oídos sordos a las crecientes demandas de despatologización de la transexualidad.
American Psychiatric Association to stop classifying transgender people as having a mental illness
The Complicated Question Of Diagnosing Transgender Identities

[Commentary] Liberation Day
[Commentary] DSM-V Approved By APA Board Of Trustees
[Commentary] Transvestic Disorder?
[Commentary] An Update on Gender Diagnoses, as the DSM-5 Goes to Press
[Commentary] Trans people still “disordered” according to latest DSM

Transexual eliminada do Miss Bumbum quer posar nua
A transexual Amanda Sampaio ficou em 20º lugar no concurso Miss Bumbum.

Pará: Ex-soldado do exército mata namorada travesti por ciúmes e é preso
Na terça-feira (04), em Belém, o ex-soldado do exército Gleyson Charles Araújo Barreiro, de 23 anos, foi preso por matar a travesti “Raika”, de 18 anos, com nome de registro Emerson Moraes Costa.
PA: Ex-soldado é preso por morte de travesti
Ex-soldado do exército mata namorada travesti por ciúmes e é preso em Belém

Sex changes and a draconian legal code: gay life in Iran
Country is second only to Thailand for sex changes
State funds for operations up under Ahmadinejad
Iran reveals more than 1,000 gender reassignment operations in four years
Iran performed over 1,000 gender reassignment operations in four years

Trans-actional eunuchs out
With dazzling make-up and stylish dresses, eunuchs roam across the provincial capital – from markets to parking and roads to residences. The more the society debates on their identity, the faster the eunuchs take to the streets for their rights.

The need for sensitivity
The week-long ‘Bengaluru Pride 2012’ events have done well in creating more awareness among the ordinary folk on the ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender’ community (LGBT).

Human Rights Watch tells Malaysia to stop vilifying LGBT people
Leading human rights organization sends letter to Malaysian PM saying his discriminatory policies are against the principles of UN member states

Indonesian Islamic extremists shut down trans festival
FPI forces closure of Festival Waria Berbudaya (Cultural Transgender Festival) in Jakarta, but denies violence

[New Zealand]
New passport policy has been implemented
A new passport policy has been put in place and is a great step forward for trans and intersex people in New Zealand.
New Zealand trans now able to change gender on passport easily
X marks the spot on passport for transgender travellers

Liability for harassment of transsexual woman
Recent amendments to the Human Rights Code (Ontario) added to the protected grounds of discrimination both gender expression and gender identity.The recent decision of Vanderputten v. Seydaco Packaging Corp.,[1]while filed prior to the amendments, is instructive on the handling of gender identity and expression issues in the workplace.

Students planning human-rights action against Thames Valley District School Board
Six current and former Thames Valley students are launching a human-rights complaint, alleging harassment from teachers and administrators based on their gender identity.

‘Transgender’ teen girl wins access to boy’s high school bathroom
A girl who identifies herself as a boy has been given permission to use the boy’s bathroom at her Ontario public high school.

Slow Movement On Banning Anti-LGBT Job Discrimination
Although marriage equality advocates have found recent success, anti-LGBT job bias measures have been stalled in Congress and at the White House.

Never-ending accommodations
A family advocate contends that prison officials must consider scientific facts, not cater to political correctness when it comes to transgender inmates.

MSW student plays key role in gender-neutral housing policy
When UB introduced gender-neutral housing at the start of the fall semester, the new policy reflected not only best practices in residential living for college students nationwide, it also incorporated a transgendered student’s thoughtful analysis and the ethical principles of social work he holds dear.

Dashad Smith Disappearance May Not Be Taken Seriously By Charlottesville Police Because He Is Transgendered Says LGBT Group
Members of Charlottesville Pride Community Networks say they are concerned that police are not handling the case of missing transgender teen Dashad Smith properly.
Dashad Smith's Family to Councilors: City Isn't Doing Enough

Asesinado homosexual en la avenida Lequerica Vélez
Un reconocido homosexual, murió ayer en horas de la madrugada, “cocido” a cuchillo, luego de que, al parecer, sostuviera una discusión con un amante furtivo, minutos después de haber pasado un “rato” en una de las tumbas del Cementerio Central, que es utilizado como motel por estos personajes en las madrugadas magangueleñas.