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sábado, dezembro 15, 2012

Second international intersex forum demands doctors change their ways
A second meeting of activists for intersex rights has called on the medical community and the UN to respect their rights
The Second International Intersex Forum concluded

TGEU Media Release: Launch of TvT research report on 11 December 2012
Transgender Europe’s TvT research team will launch today the report on the human rights situation of gender-variant/ trans people at the 26th ILGA World conference in Stockholm (Sweden).

European Parliament demands human rights for trans people
The European Parliament adopted today its annual review of the situation of fundamental rights in the EU 2010-211. Read below specific sections relating to trans people and gender identity.

April Ashley: MBE for transgender campaigner
One of the first Britons to undergo sex-change surgery has received an MBE for services to transgender equality.
Trans pioneer April Ashley receives MBE at palace

Pour le respect des droits fondamentaux des personnes trans
Le sexe d’une personne est généralement déterminé par les médecins à la naissance, puis il devient un fait juridique et social.

Bourbon ad accused of trans stereotypes
A new advertising campaign featuring a drag queen urinating has drawn accusations of stereotyping transgender people.
Transphobic ad? Here's Skye High's reply

LOWE: Transgender students long for more change at school
Simple things.
That’s what would make it easier for Josh to feel comfortable at school — gender-neutral bathrooms and teachers using his preferred name.

Conservatives filibuster trans rights bill
An Ottawa trans activist says federal trans rights bill C-279 will likely be defeated after Conservative MPs filibustered committee debate Dec 6.

[Dominican Republic]
Transsexuals demand equal treatment, respect
Dominican Republic’s Transsexual Community (Cotrave) on Monday demanded treatment without discrimination and equal access to basic services.

Agrupación “Transgéneras por el Cambio” recibieron por fin sus subsidios habitacionales
El día lunes 10 de diciembre, integrantes del punto Incide “Transgéneras por el cambio” recibieron una gran noticia, ya que luego de una larga lucha y de haber tocado diferentes…