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segunda-feira, dezembro 31, 2012

True Or Falsetto? When Opera Singers Were Castrated To Hit The High Notes
In the 17th and 18th centuries, opera performers could take any role they wanted. Sopranos were kings, countertenors their lovers; although, in an old theater tradition that went back to the Greeks, wet nurses were always played by men, and the character was re-written if no male could be found to play it.

El Consejo Audiovisual de Andalucía recuerda a los medios que deben referirse a las personas transexuales por su identidad de género
El Consejo Audiovisual de Andalucía ha dado la razón a ATA (Asociación de Transexuales de Andalucía), que presentó ante ese organismo una queja formal por el tratamiento informativo que diversos medios dieron al asesinato de una mujer transexual a manos de su pareja en Fuengirola (Málaga).

My husband hasn't got a penis but we still want a New Year baby: Sex change Big Brother winner Luke Anderson and his wife on their plans to start a family
Luke Anderson, winner of Big Brother 2012, was born a woman but is undergoing a full sex change
Wife Becki says they have an 'incredible sex life' and can't wait to start a family
His hormone injections have lowered his voice, grown hair on his body and even thickened his facial bones, which help him achieve a more masculine look

Transsexual thrown from balcony, three arrests made
Two Romanians have been charged with attempted homicide after allegedly committing violent assault on a transsexual on Christmas night.

Anti-gay academic books to be banned in Albania
Following a complaint by LGBT rights group the Albanian government will remove from the market all anti-gay academic books

‘Be-All’ Chicago transgender conference called off after 30 years
Organizers of one of the nation’s largest transgender conferences, Be-All Chicago, said Friday the popular gathering’s May 2012 conference in Downers Grove was its last.