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segunda-feira, março 04, 2013

Nesta noite de Quinta-Feira por volta das 22h, foi registrado um homicídio na cidade de Macaíba localizado na Pista nova, próximo ao (pórtico), segundo informações colhidas pela a nossa equipe dois adolescentes transitava pela calçada quando foram alvejados com vários disparos de arma de fogo, o adolescente conhecido como Felipe foi atingido mais foi encaminhado pela SAMU ainda com vida para o hospital, em quanto o outro morreu no local ele era conhecido como (Bimba) e tinha 14 anos, todos dois adolescentes residem no Bairro campo das Mangueiras.

Shannon Mum Begs Sex-Swap Strangler For Cash
Skint Karen Matthews is so desperate for cash she has been sending begging letters to a sex-swap killer claiming she is ­behind on her bills.

"She's just engendered differently": Wachowski siblings give first interview in 14 years
The reclusive Wachowski siblings have given their first interview since 1999 to 'The Sunday Times' newspaper about co-directing 'Cloud Atlas' with German director, Tom Tykwer.

Transgender MP speaks at Dublin conference
A woman who made history by becoming Europe's first transgender MP addressed an Irish conference on poverty and social exclusion in the LGBT community yesterday.

Viré parce qu'il devient une femme: Agusta doit lui payer 14.100 euros d'indemnités
La cour du travail de Liège a condamné l’entreprise Agusta Aerospace Services, établie à Grâce-Hollogne, à payer une indemnité de 14.100 euros à un de ses mécaniciens harcelé et licencié de façon abusive, alors qu’il subissait un processus médical de changement de sexe.

59 Deputies From Republican People’s Party (CHP) Request LGBT Rights Inquiry
Republican People’s Party (CHP) requested an inquiry yesterday from the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) to find solutions for the problems of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The request for the inquiry was prepared by İstanbul deputy of CHP, Binnaz Toprak and signed by 59 CHP deputies, including Toprak.

Kohat warning: Militants rough up transgender guru, spark exodus
A senior member of the transgender community was tortured and threatened at the hands of militants in the southern Kohat district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa on Saturday.

Aravani Girl: Story of India's teenage boys who have decided to change their sex
Aravani Girl is a 53 minute award winning documentary film which looks at the lives of five teenage boys and follows their progression into womanhood. We follow the boys as they travel through a fascinating and colourful world from school days to snake dancing, prostitution, and finally tragedy.

Intersex pondered as gender category
ACT birth certificates could soon recognise transgender and intersex people. As well, another category, ''indeterminate'', is also being considered.
Canberra considers intersex box for birth certificates

Sex education bill to recognise LGBT students and reject ‘gender stereotypes’
A new sex eduction bill introduced in the US on Thursday would provide five year grants to programs rejecting gender stereotypes and embracing LGBT students.

Transgender Students Getting More Health Care Support
Until recently, transgender students were treated as second class citizens in regards to health care services in colleges.
Every State Can Implement Transgender-Inclusive Health Coverage

Transgender man documents transition on Facebook
The remarkable story of a young transgender man trapped in a girl's body, who made the decision at age 16 to become a boy.
Aiden Kaplan is now a 20-year-old college student. What's even more amazing, he documented his transsexual transition on Facebook.

Heart of the Treasure Valley: 2 women share their transgender journey
They transitioned from being men to living as women so they could align their thoughts and gender.

The experiment that could let two men marry in Chile for first time
Lack of transgender ID laws make it possible for LGBT male activists to say “I do.”

Comunidad transexual habló con el Dadis y entregó pliego de peticiones
Piden aceptación, que esa palabra se convierta en un hecho para poder transitar libremente y sentirse con los mismos derechos que los demás.