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quarta-feira, maio 08, 2013

Espírito Santo: Universidade realiza cirurgia de readequação ao sexo que não amputa o pênis
Cirurgia é a única no mundo que não amputa o pênis

"Corrective surgery” on an intersex baby: “a huge human rights and children’s rights violation"
Paediatric Surgeon, Mika Venhola, MD, PhD, Assistant Chief, Dept of Pediatric Surgery - Oulu University Hospital, Finland discusses his experiences and thoughts about intersex and related human conditions.

Zambian gay couple rearrested after tipoff by relatives
Two men from Kapiri Mposhi have been living together and now face charges of 'having sex against the order of nature'
From hate speech to jailing gays in Zambia
Comparece ante la justicia una pareja homosexual arrestada

Nigerian Gays Angry With Govt
Homosexuals in Nigeria are not happy with the government, they said in a statement on Tuesday, following a meeting they held in Ibadan, the Oyo State Capital, southwest Nigeria.

[China/Hong Kong]
Transgender sick at hospital treatment
A transgender who hates being called "Mister" has filed a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission, alleging humiliating treatment from some staff at Prince of Wales Hospital, Sha Tin.
Transgender patient 'humiliated' by nurse

Transsexual singer promotes safe sex with all-condom dress
Singer Huong Giang, who ended up in the top ten of the 2012 Vietnam Idol singing reality show, doesn’t mind donning a heavy dress made of 2,000 condoms as part of a community campaign to normalize condoms.
Trans Vietnam Idol finalist stars in 'Normalize Condoms' campaign

Mariela Castro Wins Gay-Rights Advocacy Award
Over the weekend in Philadelphia, the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro and niece of Fidel Castro received an award for her gay rights advocacy. To understand the significance of Mariela Castro's honor, you have to go back to the 1960's when gay people were sent to forced labor camps.

Mujer transexual uruguaya se confiesa: 'o me mataba o me hacía mujer'
De niño le atraían los hombres y solía jugar con las muñecas de su hermana mayor. Hoy, a diez años de su operación de cambio de sexo, Ema Natalia García vive como una mujer, aunque no le ha sido fácil. Como transexual, fue blanco de ataques, amenazas de muerte y discriminación en su natal Uruguay, por lo que está solicitando asilo en Estados Unidos.

Berkeley Groups Mark Birthday of Transgender Woman Who Died in Police Custody
Several Berkeley community groups will hold an event tonight to mark the birthday of a mentally ill transgender woman who died in a struggle with officers two months ago.
Community marches to honor Kayla Moore’s memory
Supporters Mark Birthday of Mentally Ill Berkeley Woman Who Died in Police Custody

New Hope Ministries To Settle Discrimination Suit
Agreement requires women's homeless shelter to admit transgender clients

Fort Lauderdale Trans Symposium Forwards Mission of Educating Medical Field
It’s pouring rain outside, but those inside the conference rooms at the Embassy Suites in Fort Lauderdale are too engrossed in their seminars to care.

Trans mixed martial arts fighter to make television debut since being forced to come out
A mixed martial arts fighter, who was forced out as transgender last month, is to make her television debut in what will be her third fight since she came out.

WATCH: Transgender Woman Arrested for Exposing Breasts, Jailed With Men
Ashley Del Valle is a transgender woman from New York who was arrested in Georgia for indecent exposure after she allegedly showed her breasts, but then was housed in an all-male jail.
Transgender Woman Arrested For Exposing Breasts Jailed With Men

Duke University Approves Gender Confirmation Surgery Insurance Coverage For Students
Duke University has now joined the growing list of universities and colleges that offer health insurance coverage for gender confirmation surgery for transgender students.

The ‘Schenecta-T’ Pride Walk for Transgender rights
On Saturday, April 13, Union hosted the Schenectady County Human Rights Commission’s Community Pride Walk. The goal of the event, which kicked off at 11 a.m. at Memorial Chapel, was to “stimulate dialogue and inspire action within our community to enhance advocacy for LGBT concerns in Schenectady County and beyond,” according to a campus-wide e-mail sent by Director of Multicultural Affairs Jason Benitez.

Convicted Oklahoma rapist threatens suicide if state doesn't give sex-change surgery
A convicted rapist who wants the Oklahoma state Corrections Department to pay for a sex-change operation claims in his latest court filing that he may kill himself if he doesn't receive treatment by the time he turns 45.

Penn. school district to forbid graduation usage of transgender student’s name
This is the same school district that denied trans student Issak Wolfe a shot at running for prom king. In that earlier case, the principal changed Wolfe’s name on the official ballot and instead put his birth name down and listed it in the “prom queen” column. The district has since refused to back down from that decision.

Trans-Man Denied Name Change from Louisa County Judge
"when it comes to someone needing their name changed for their mental health, they get roadblocked."

Washington McDonald’s Models Safe Bathrooms For Transgender Customers
A McDonald’s franchise in Seattle, Washington provides a perfect example of how easy it is to make sure transgender customers feel safe using the restaurant’s restrooms. A policy posted on bathroom doors reads the following:
Washington McDonald's Supports Transgender Rights With Bathroom Message
McDonald's Restaurant In Washington Upholds Trans-Inclusive Restroom Policy

[Latin America]
Progress on LGBT rights in Latin America remains mixed
Last Thursday the Uruguayan Congress voted to legalise gay marriage thus becoming the second country in South America and the twelfth in the world to do so. Passed by a majority of 71 out of 92 the decision was greeted with delight by onlookers in the gallery and activist groups like the Black Sheep Collective.

El transgénero que quiso confundir a la Policía
El hombre capturado el viernes ejercía la prostitución con otros travestis y transgénero desde la adolescencia.
Travesti de Barranquilla lo era por convicción y no por evadir la justicia

Un bachillerato libre de discriminación para travestis y transexuales en Rosario
El Bachillerato Popular Trans Mocha Celis, para personas transgéneros, mujeres y varones trans se creó en Buenos Aires. Hay conversaciones para replicar la experiencia en Rosario.

El Gobierno decidió subsidiar a travestis y transexuales
La medida tiene como objetivo "mejorar las condiciones de empleabilidad y apoyar la inserción en empleos de calidad de trabajadoras y trabajadores”.
Extienden el seguro de desempleo a travestis, transexuales y víctimas de violencia de género
El Gobierno otorga el seguro de desempleo a travestis y trans sin trabajo