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terça-feira, maio 28, 2013

Lutter contre la discrimination fondée sur l’orientation sexuelle et l’identité de genre
La Commission sur l'égalité et la non-discrimination de l’APCE, réunie aujourd’hui à Paris, s’est déclarée profondément préoccupée par les atteintes répétées, dans certains Etats membres du Conseil de l’Europe, aux droits à la liberté de réunion et à la liberté d’expression des personnes LGBT et par la nette régression dans ce domaine due à l’introduction de lois et de projets de lois sur l’interdiction de la « propagande homosexuelle ».

‘First ever’ C of E service to affirm transsexual
A man’s sex change has been affirmed in a Church of England service, said to be the first of its kind.
The transsexual man who is known as Susan Musgrove, 60, underwent surgery last year and has now been publicly blessed as a woman at St Andrew’s Church in Northumberland.

New project records the lives of transgender people in Brighton and Hove
Brighton's community publisher QueenSpark Books has launched an exciting new project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund to record the lives of transgender people living in Brighton and Hove.

'Open Civil Services for third sex': a transgender's appeal
The results for the civil services examination that were out yesterday have a fine blend of achievers - men, women and even physically challenged. But the country's top bureaucracy is not yet open for transgenders. One such civil services aspirant from Madurai is taking on the government head on, demanding equity.

Killer 'eunuch' held after five years
A city-based construction worker, who had killed his wife over suspected infidelity in 2009, almost got away with the murder by pretending to be a eunuch and camping with them at Kalyan railway station.

Miss Tiffany Universe 2013 Announced
The finals in the Miss Tiffany Universe 2013 beauty competition got underway on Friday evening at the Tiffany Theatre on Second Road. This world famous event, which was broadcast live, was as ever an extravaganza of colourful costumes and glamorous transgender beauties.
Nong Neck crowned Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2013

[New Zealand]
Georgina Beyer reveals serious illness
Georgina Beyer has revealed she has been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure.
Georgina Beyer has chronic kidney failure
Former MP Georgina Beyer seriously ill
Georgina Beyer suffering kidney failure
Georgina Beyer diagnosed with chronic kidney failure
World’s first trans MP suffering kidney failure

Protesters support transgendered bride
Protesters gathered outside of Jenny’s Bridal Saturday in Saskatoon to show their support for Rohit Singh Peace.
Rally at local business supports transgendered bride
Transgendered bride attends rally at store she says refused to let her try dress
Dozens protest as bridal shop refuses to allow trans woman to try on wedding dress

Landlord must uphold transgender tenant's rights
It is illegal to make a tenant move out because of gender identity, even if others are uncomfortable. The landlord also must use the appropriate pronouns and stop harassment by other tenants.

Coroner Cites Drugs in Police Custody Death of Kayla Moore
An Alameda County Coroner's report released today, Friday, says a drug overdose caused the death of Kayla Moore, a 41-year-old transgender Berkeley resident who died in police custody in February, according to news reports.
Transgender woman died of toxic drugs
Coroner: Drugs, obesity, heart disease killed Berkeley man, not police force
Coroner, police deliver reports on Xavier Moore death
Kayla Moore’s cause of death released

L.A. Times Editorial Board Supports Transgender Students
Transgender Law Center applauds the L.A. Times Editorial Board for supporting transgender students in a powerful column published May 3rd.

Corrections officials: ‘No obstacles’ to Kosilek’s surgery if appeal fails
Unnamed doctors who have reviewed the medical history of a convicted transsexual wife killer awarded taxpayer-funded sex-reassignment surgery by a federal judge have found no “obstacles” to performing the surgery should the state Department of Correction lose its appeal of the judge’s decision.

Smith College Takes First Step in Changing Trans Policy
Following criticism that it was hostile to a prospective transgender student, Massachusetts's Smith College will form a committee to revise its policies on trans women.
Smith College to form committee addressing discrimination against trans women applicants following advocacy
Smith College having "ongoing conversation" on issue of transgendered students
Smith College Plans Committee To Address Transgender Student Applicants

Maine pediatricians support transgender student’s use of girls bathroom
The president of the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics said Friday that “a transgender girl needs to be treated like any other girl” and should be allowed to use the girls bathroom at school.

New York state assembly passes gender expression non-discrimination act
The New York State Assembly this week approved the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), a bill to prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender identity and expression in employment, housing, public accommodations and credit.

Ohio politician says murder of trans woman was a ‘hate crime’
Cernia Acoff, 20, was stabbed, dumped in a pond tied to a concrete block and a steel pipe three weeks after she went missing

Transgender Worker Sues His City
A South Carolina city discriminated against a transgender public safety employee by making him use a woman's bulletproof vest after he had gender reassignment surgery, he claims in court.