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sexta-feira, maio 24, 2013

Ex-BBB Ariadna é homenageada em evento no Rio de Janeiro
A ex-BBB Ariadna, primeira transexual a participar do reality show, foi uma das homenageadas da sétima edição do prêmio da revista "S! de Cultura e Cidadania".

Never again! PACE Report presented on forced sterilisation
“Never again”, Liliane Maury Pasquier (Switzerland, SOC) declared today when presenting her report on coerced sterilisations and castrations to the PACE Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development.

Western Balkans: European Parliament completes annual LGBT assessment
This week the European Parliament adopted three new reports on the EU accession process for Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and on gender equality in the Western Balkans.

Council of Europe demands that Russia protect gay rights
The Council of Europe demanded that Russia must act to guarantee the right of LGBT people to freedom of expression and demonstration

Brighton and Hove could return nation's first ever transgender MP
Will Sussex have the UK’s first openly transgender MP?
Rianna Humble is in the running to become the Labour parliamentary candidate for either Hove or Brighton Kemptown.
Trans woman former councillor hopes to become Brighton MP

Press Release: Talking Recognition at Home and Abroad
TENI advocates for inclusive Gender Recognition for Ireland This week, members of TENI will present to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and to members of the Oireachtas on the necessity for inclusive, marriage-friendly Gender Recognition Legislation for Ireland.

Finally: Forced sterilizations removed from the Swedish legislation
Today, May 22nd, in the afternoon the Swedish Parliament voted to finally remove the mandatory legal requirement of sterilization for those who want to change their legal gender. The change enters into force on July 1 of this year.

Lithuanian parliament to discuss proposed ban on sex change
The Lithuanian Parliament has approved for discussion an amendment to the Civil Code which, if passed, would impose a ban on sex change.
The proposed change, which suggests that "medical change of sex is banned in Lithuania," will now be discussed by parliamentary committees.

Sexual assault on transvestite not worth registering a case
A security guard is still at large after sexually assaulting a transvestite in Sector G-11 of the federal capital as the police concerned fail to register a case despite the medical examination confirming the occurrence.

Malaysia government will 'block LGBT' in bid to win election
Government should be 'ashamed' says Human Rights Watch for publishing 'discriminatory, dangerous and unacceptable' material

'Impersonating a woman' decriminalized in Samoa
Third gender fa'afafine in Samoa celebrate the end of legal discrimination
Samoa wipes crime of 'Impersonating a woman'

Shop stops trans bride from trying on wedding dresses
Trans woman filing formal complaint after she was stopped from trying on dresses in a bridal shop in Canada
Bridal shop refuses to let transgender shopper try on gowns

Alex Jones Warns Against Transgender People "Vomiting And Crapping All Over The Place" If They're Protected By Non-Discrimination Laws
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones went on a rambling, transphobic rant during his radio show, warning that protecting the rights of transgender people will cause them to start "vomiting and crapping all over the place."
Alex Jones takes break from Boston Marathon bombing conspiracies to go on transphobic rant

Brandy Martell remembered
Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan was one of several speakers at an April 29 candlelight vigil to mark the one-year anniversary of the murder of Brandy Martell, 37, an African American transgender woman who was shot in her car at 13th and Franklin streets.

City Council meeting erupts in heated debate over Kayla Moore’s death
The unusually packed Berkeley City Council chambers exploded into a shouting match Tuesday between Mayor Tom Bates and protesters demanding more information about the death of Kayla Moore, a 41-year-old transgender Berkeley resident and diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic.

Oceanside man gets 20-yrs-to-Life for killing transgender prostitute
An Oceanside man was sentenced today to 20-years-to-Life for killing a transgender prostitute more than a year ago.
Tyree Davon Paschall, 29, admitted second-degree murder in the beating death of 47-year-old Crain Conaway, in the victim’s rented home in Oceanside, in January of 2012.
Prison for Parolee Who Killed Former Girlfriend in Her Oceanside Home
Man sentenced for killing girlfriend, dog

Bill making sexual identity discrimination illegal shot down
The LGBT community took another hit in their fight for equality at the State Capitol today.

Transgender Day of Celebration Comes to Boston For the 1st Time, Honors Life
The Metropolitan Community Church of Boston is hosting Boston’s first Transgender Day of Celebration, a day complementary to Transgender Day of Remembrance that publicly celebrates transgender lives.

Student Group To Deliver Petition To Smith College After Calliope Wong, Transgender Student, Was Rejected
Calliope Wong, a transgender woman who was rejected as an applicant to Smith College, has inspired a petition with 4,000 signatures that will be delivered to Smith College administrators on May 2.

Gay rights activists rally in Albany
Advocates of gay rights from across the state rallied in Albany. They're pushing for the Gender Expression Non Discrimination Act, or GENDA. YNN's Karen Tararache was in Albany with more on GENDA and what it means for the LGBT community.

Assembly Approves Landmark Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, bill sponsor Assemblyman Richard Gottfried, Governmental Operations Committee Chair Steve Englebright, and Codes Committee Chair Joseph Lentol today announced the passage of the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA). The measure would protect transgender New Yorkers from discrimination under the state's Human Rights Law.

Trans woman stabbed, dumped in pond tied to concrete in Ohio
A 20-year-old transgender woman was found three weeks after she went missing half-naked with numerous stab wounds
Transgender Woman's Body Found Near Cleveland; News Coverage Denounced
Transgendered Woman Murdered, Online Commenters Take PD to Task
Trans Murder Victim Maligned by Press
Cleveland Plain Dealer Coverage Insults Transgender Murder Victim
GLAAD and local advocates addressing horrific coverage of transgender murder victim
Cemia Acoff Fund
Activists condemn media coverage of Ohio murder
LGBT Groups Criticize Ohio Paper's Coverage Of Transgender Woman's Murder
Ohio trans woman killed, media coverage denounced by GLAAD
Cleveland 'Plain Dealer' Dehumanizes Horrific Murder of Trans Woman
Councilman: Murder of transgender woman should be investigated as hate crime
Cleveland City Councilman says murder of transgender woman in Olmsted Township is 'hate crime'
Rally Sends Message to Transgender Community
Cleveland Plain Dealer to meet with local trans advocates after GLAAD outreach

ACLU threatens legal action against Pa. school on behalf of transgender student
A spokesperson for the American Civil Liberties Union said Monday that it will take legal action in the case of the transgender student who was barred from participating in a prom election based on his gender identity, if the school fails to meet its demands by the end of the week.
ACLU: Dispute concerning Red Lion transgender student progressing

5 GetEQUAL TX activists arrested in ENDA protest at Texas Capitol
Cd Kirven of Dallas was among five GetEQUAL members arrested at the Texas Capitol this morning, according to KEYE, the CBS affiliate in Austin.

Un grupo de travestis reclama una zona para trabajar
Las quejas de los vecinos del barrio Hernando de Lerma motivaron el pedido de un espacio y horario determinado para ejercer la prostitución.