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quinta-feira, maio 16, 2013

After a century of rapid expansion throughout much of the wild parts of our world, we are beginning to better understand all of what was lost in the process.

Pacientes processam médico após cirurgias de mudança de sexo
Conhecido internacionalmente por cirurgias de redesignação sexual (popularmente chamada de 'mudança de sexo'), o cirurgião plástico jundiaiense Jalma Jurado, 76 anos, está sendo processado por pacientes que ficaram com sequelas após cirurgias consideradas mal realizadas.

French footballer accused of paying for sex with iPhone, injuring trans person
Ousmane Dramé allegedly tried to pay for sex with an iPhone, stealing her purse, and pedalling away on a bicycle in Italy

School sets up 'gender-neutral' dressing room
A Stockholm high school is set to open a third changing room for transsexual pupils and those who don't want to define themselves as being male or female, a move believed to be the first of its kind in the country.
Swedish school opening gender neutral changing room

Joanne Cassar thanks social dialogue minister
Joanne Cassar, the person at the heart of the controversy over whether trans-gender persons should be allowed to marry people of the opposite sex after gender reassignment surgery, this morning made a surprise call on Social Dialogue Minister Helena Dalli to thank her for launching amendments to the law.

Transgender club victim speaks out
“I was standing outside the nightclub with my friends when I was ordered by [municipality] police to get into the car, with no legal order” one of the transgender revelers harassed Saturday night at Dekwaneh club Ghost told NOW, on condition of anonymity. She said she was taken into a room where she was abused both verbally and sexually by municipality head Antoine Chakhtoura's deputies.

Kenyan 'LADY' wants court to order KNEC to recognise his SEX-CHANGE from MAN to WOMAN
>A 'woman' who underwent a sex-change operation has gone to court seeking orders to have the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) to recognise that she is now 'female' and not 'male'.

I’m losing sleep about my Nigerian trans friend
Being transgender in Nigeria means a life of living in the shadows but ‘Cassie’ has a dream to be a dancer and actress

A Transwoman in Uganda is Brutally Beaten; This is Her Futile Search For Justice
This article first appeared on my blog during a reporting trip to Kampala, Uganda in September 2012. I was there to investigate the impact of federally funded U.S. “faith based” organizations on anti-gay sentiment, stigma and resultant public policy in Uganda.
During my stay, I was alerted to the brutal beating of a transwoman and invited to speak with her. Subsequently, she invited me to accompany her and a group of her friends and LGBT activists as they sought medical care, police help and eyewitnesses to the beating.

Mongolian parliament discusses LGBT human rights
'A historic moment for the Mongolian LGBT community,' says Otgonbaatar Tsedendemberel
Coming out for LGBT rights in outer Mongolia

[China/Hong Kong]
Hong Kong LGBT activists fight school bullying with video series
Pink Alliance makes eight clips to inspire confidence and give support to viewers

Transgender lets tears do the talking
A transgender, who had continuously been coming to Koovagam every year, was the centre of attraction on the last day of the Koothandavar festival, as scores of people crowded around him and gave audience to the heartrending story of his life.

Samoan fa'afaine don't want gay marriage
Fa'afaine, a third gender culture unique to Samoa, say they don't want gay marriage despite former colonial rulers New Zealand legalizing it

Revictimized In Death
Dehumanization of murdered trans women seems to be the norm these days. No matter how many times GLAAD and trans activists reach out to teach journalists how not to revictimize murdered trans women — especially trans women of color — there always seems to be a “next time.”

ENDA Lives to Die in Another Congress
The Employment Non-Discrimination Act, the zombie of gay rights legislation, has been reintroduced in Congress. It has nominal bipartisan backing, a long list of co-sponsors and virtually no chance of ever passing.
ENDA Once Again Introduced By Bipartisan Group Of Lawmakers
Religious exemption in ENDA raises concerns

UFC champ Jones calls Mitrione 'a scumbag' for comments about transgender fighter
Jon Jones, one of the most well-known fighters in the world, believes his UFC peer Matt Mitrione is “a scumbag” after the hateful comments Mitrione made about transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox earlier this month.

Yale Health extends sex-reassignment coverage to students
The Yale Health Plan will now cover sex-reassignment surgeries for students, joining fellow Ivy League schools Harvard, Brown and the University of Pennsylvania in offering insurance for the procedure.

Transwomen often face 'transmisogyny' transgender rights activist says
Writer and transgender rights activist Julia Serano told a Smith College audience Thursday night that transwomen often face “transmisogyny.”

Massachusetts Legislature revisits issue of transgender access to public accommodations like rest rooms and locker rooms
Republicans seeking to establish that sex-segregated facilities are determined by anatomical sex rather than gender identity were stymied in a budget debate on Wednesday.

Smith College Says No to Trans Students
A trans woman won’t get to fulfill her dream of attending Smith College, a private women’s university in Massachusetts, because on government federal financial aid documents she is registered as a male.

Panelists share experiences with transgender identity
A panel of two men and two women discussed personal journeys and issues faced associated with the transgender and transsexual community on Wednesday April 24. This panel was created as part of the service learning for the Real World Geneseo program.

Transgender student switched from Prom ‘King’ ballot to Prom ‘Queen’ ballot
Prom court voting is over, and with prom night just days away, one senior at Red Lion Area Senior High School in Red Lion, Pa., is angry over an arbitrary decision by the school’s principal that left him excluded from the prom court election.
ACLU threatens legal action against Red Lion in transgender case
ACLU: Red Lion transgender student allowed to attend prom with girlfriend
ACLU to York County principal: Allow transgender student to graduate as a male and attend prom with girlfriend

City's health plan to soon cover 'gender confirmation surgery'
In a move that the LGBT community called "historic," City Council approved a bill yesterday that would require the city's health plan to pay for transgender city workers to complete "gender-confirmation surgery." The bill also would require newly constructed or renovated city-owned buildings to have gender-neutral bathrooms.
City council passes LGBT equality bill, first in the nation
Philadelphia Passes Groundbreaking LGBT Protections In Healthcare And Employment