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sexta-feira, maio 10, 2013

Bahia: Transexuais rompem barreiras e conquistam espaço no mercado de trabalho
Até pouco tempo era raro ouvir falar em transexuais aceitas pelo mercado de trabalho que não fosse em salões de beleza ou realizando atividades artísticas. A transformação dessa realidade começou a chamar atenção em Salvador após Paulette Furacão assumir a coordenação do Núcleo LGBT (Lésbicas, Gays, Bissexuais, Travestis, Transexuais e Transgêneros) da Superintendência de Apoio e Defesa aos Direitos Humanos da Secretaria da Justiça, Cidadania e Direitos Humanos (SJCDH).

GDF passa a respeitar nome social de travestis e transexuais
Todo o serviço público direto e indireto prestado no âmbito do Governo do Distrito Federal passa a ser obrigado a respeitar o nome social (adotado) por travestis e transexuais. A medida já era praticada pelas escolas públicas e pela Secretaria da Mulher, mas, a partir da quinta-feira 9, passa a valer para todo o GDF.

Deputy Lib Dem leader ‘really disappointed’ at IPS rejection of trans and intersex inclusive passports
The deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats says he is “really disappointed” by the Identity and Passport Service’s decision to reject non gender-specific passports for trans and intersex people in Britain.

Gallery: Marchers pay tribute to transgender Accrington teacher Lucy Meadows
SCORES of supporters turned out for a march to remember a teacher who was found dead while undergoing gender transition.
Teachers and pupils march through Accrington to remember Lucy Meadows

Zambia's Anti-Gay Obsession Is Worsening Its HIV Epidemic
One of Africa's leading human rights activists was arrested on April 7 after appearing on live television -- when police officers reportedly "stormed the station" and "tried to stop the interview," reports The Guardian and BBC. Paul Kasonkomona's crime: "Inciting the public to take part in indecent activities." Kasonkomona called on the government to decriminalize same-sex relations on live television.

Pakistan’s transgender community ready to vote
There’s a new voter group in town – Pakistan’s transgender community. With newly granted voting rights, members of the Khawaja Sarra community can now vote and contest elections not as males, but rather as recognised members of a third gender.
Candidates urged to resolve minorities issues
On the brink of elections, an outpouring of adoration for Sanam Fakir

Pakistani TV channel launched for ‘Ladies, gentlemen and she-males’
Producers of the new Abb Takk television channel hosted by a transgender activist hope to address the country's complex LGBT issues
First ever television channel from Pakistan provides representation to transgender community

Transgenders happy over ‘recognition’
Seeking blessings from transgenders is a tradition prevalent in North India. The trend is gaining popularity down South too, especially this election season, where politicians are seen seeking blessings from the community members in the hope of bettering their electoral prospects.

[China/Hong Kong]
‘Humiliated’ transgender patient lodges complaint against Hong Kong nurse
Pre-op transgender woman complains to equality watchdog for being called 'Mr' loudly and repeatedly

Transgender teacher releases CD for charity
Pham Le Quynh Tram, the first transgender who was recognized by the law in Vietnam has made her debut album. She said that all revenue from this CD will be donated for charity.

1 in 2,800 of Sapporo residents struggle with gender identity disorder
A recent study from a medical group in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, found that one out of roughly 2,800 people in the capital of Sapporo admitted to suffering from gender identity disorder. In 2011 the Japanese Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry estimated that there were a little over 4,000 people nationwide with GID, but the ratio
from the Sapporo study translates to about 46,000 people across the country.
In Sapporo, one in every 2,800 conflicted about gender: survey

From Antwoin to Shaniah to murder suspect: Mother shares daughter's journey in Mobile slaying
Shaniah Michele Woods is a transgender woman, a drag show queen and an attention-seeker who once went on the “Jerry Springer Show.”
What Woods is not, her mother insists, is a murderer.

Transgender Woman Wins Gun Club Membership
At times it feels like discrimination against and harassment of transgender people knows no bounds. And as always, Transgender Law Center is there to help those who become victims of outrageous conduct.

Trans woman alleges abuse by Savannah police, jail officials
A transsexual woman arrested April 7 in Savannah, Ga., is claiming she was harassed by police officers after she was charged with indecent exposure.
Transgender woman's fury after she’s thrown in men's prison

LGBT Antidiscrimination Bill Fails in Pocatello, Idaho
A proposed new ordinance designed to protect the LGBT community in Pocatello, Idaho from discrimination in housing, accommodations, and employment, was rejected on April 18.

No Arrest Yet in Murder of Trans Woman
At press time there has been no arrest in connection with the murder of Kelly Young. On April 3, Ms. Young, 29, a transgender woman, was found shot at her home at 2200 block of Barclay Street in East Baltimore. She later died at an area hospital.

Sex Change Didn't 'Magically Dissolve' Marriage
A Michigan woman suffering from dementia was properly granted a divorce from her husband who had surgically become a woman, a state appeals court ruled.

Pleas for transparency in Morris case renewed at PAC meeting
Pleas for transparency in the Nizah Morris case were renewed Monday at a Police Advisory Commission meeting at the William Way LGBT Community Center.

Inédito: Transexual da a luz a un niño en Chile
Nacido mujer pero inscripto como hombre, representa el primer caso de estas características que se conoce. En el país, está prohibido el aborto y el matrimonio homosexual
Transgender man gives birth in Chile