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domingo, junho 02, 2013

Por fin, nuevo paso para la despatologización de la transexualidad
El “trastorno de identidad de género” desaparece del Manual Estadístico de los Trastornos Mentales V (DSM). Un paso para reducir el estigma de las personas Transexuales y una V de victoria, aunque todavía quede trabajo por hacer.

Meeting with the Department of Social Protection
TENI representatives met with the Department of Social Protection to discuss the introduction of gender recognition legislation.

More Finns seek gender reassignment therapy
The number of Finns seeking gender reassignment therapy has risen by hundreds in the last few years. Doctors attribute the growth to increased awareness about trans lifestyles and options for treatment.

The Istanbul Convention excludes transsexuals
The Istanbul Convention will help prevent gender violence against women and domestic violence against women and children, but not gender and domestic violence against transsexuals. Yet, these people are those who most suffer gender discrimination in Italy, starting with the impossibility of finding a job.

Albania passes landmark gay hate crime laws
Two laws just approved by Albania's parliament make it one of the countries with the most advanced legislation in the region for protection of LGBT people

Nigeria bans gay marriage, gay rights groups; imposes 14 year prison terms
Lawmakers in Nigeria passed a bill Thursday banning same-sex marriage and outlawing anyone from forming organizations supporting gay rights, setting prison terms of up to 14 years for offenders.

Tough Times for LGBTI in Namibia Too
One thing is for sure. It is still not easy to be gay in Africa. Even against the background of growing acceptance and acknowledgement of human rights across the continent, the topic of homosexuality remains beyond the pale. And when it is discussed, it inevitably gets the political blood pressure boiling.

‘Transgenders will get ration cards, voters ID soon’
The Judiciary Department is taking all efforts to provide basic facilities like ration cards, voter identity cards and shelter to transgenders, according to Chief Judicial Magistrate G.Magizhendhi.

Ladyboy Beauty Captures Miss Tiffany Crown
At 9:30 p.m. the top 10 ladyboy finalists competed in the televised final round of the Miss Tiffany Universe 2013 pageant, held at the Tiffany Show theatre in Pattaya.

Warias, Come Out and Plaaayayay
Tucked away inside the back room of a beauty salon in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, is a school for Islamic studies tailored to a very specific student body: transsexuals. The Senin–Kamis school (“Monday–Thursday” in Indonesian, the two days of the week school is in session) was founded in 2008 as a safe place for transgender Muslims to practice their faith without judgment or ridicule. In Indonesia, transsexuals are known as waria, a portmanteau derived from the Indonesian words for woman (wanita) and man (pria). I first learned about the plight of the waria while researching an entirely different story, but on discovering Senin-Kamis I abandoned my original project and made arrangements to visit.

Samoa celebrates decriminalisation of fa’afafine
A new law has come into effect in a Samoa, officially decriminalising the “impersonation of a female.”

Sexless activist wins appeals verdict to recognize third sex in Australian state
An Australian person who is neither male nor female has won an appeals verdict in the Supreme Court of New South Wales after the New South Wales state Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages issued norrie mAy-Welby with a certificate declaring norrie ‘sex not specified’ and then withdrew it
Legal recognition for those who don't identify as either 'M' or 'F'
Please, just call me Norrie, this is a whole new agenda

Federal trans bill passes second reading in the Senate
After a week of debate that saw senators speak for and against NDP MP Randall Garrison’s federal trans rights bill, C-279 passed second reading in the Senate May 29 and will now go to the standing Senate committee on human rights.

Transgender woman's complaint against MLA dismissed
An N.W.T. human rights panel has dismissed a complaint by a transgender woman alleging discrimination by territorial cabinet minister Michael Miltenberger.
Gabrielle Landrie said Miltenberger asked her to leave the Aurora College campus when Gov. Gen. David Johnston was visiting Fort Smith in 2011.

First transgender veteran has military documents changed
It's a first in the history of the military, as the Pentagon officially recognized a local Navy veteran's change of gender.
Born a male, Autumn Sandeen said as a teen, she identified as a female.
She joined the Navy, lived as male and kept her secret for two decades before retiring.

Transgender Latina creates safe haven for multicultural LGBT community
When 42-year-old Ruby Corado was 16, her parents had her immigrate to the United States from El Salvador to escape the civil war. She says that when she arrived in Washington D.C. in 1986, she noticed that there were very few resources for Latinos in the area, and none for LGBT Latinos.

Police: Tampa teen shot transgender man
A Tampa teenager is behind bars after police said he shot a transgender woman.
Tavares Spencer, 16, is facing charges of attempted murder, robbery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The charges carry enhanced penalties because officials are considering this a hate crime.
Tampa teen Tavares Spencer charged with hate crime for shooting transgender woman
Tampa teen faces hate crime charges in attack on transgender woman
Police: Tampa teen shot man for being cross-dresser
Teen charged for hate crime shooting of trans woman
Tampa teen arrested in hate crime shooting

Inmate’s sex-change operation in jeopardy
US District Court Judge Mark Wolf warned convicted wife killer Michelle L. Kosilek that Kosilek could lose the oppor­tunity for taxpayer-financed sex reassignment surgery if the inmate violates court confidentiality rules in the future.
Judge warns Kosilek he could pull sex-change surgery order

Pediatricians' Group shows support for transgendered girl
An appeal in the case of a transgender girl in Orono is getting the support of the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

3 on front line for transgender civil rights
The moment of dread for transgender people comes when the question arises on a job application: "Have you ever lived or worked under another name?"
(Photo: Transgender activists Drew Cordes, left, Christopher Argyros, center, and Paola Gonzalez on the front steps of the Capitol on Tuesday May 28, 2013 in Albany, N.Y. They are leading the fight to pass this legislative session the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act(GENDA))

Paper criticized for handling of transgender woman’s murder
A body found in a retaining pond on April 17 has been identified as that of Cemia Dove Acoff, also known as Ce Ce.
Arrest made in case where dead body was found in pond, tied to concrete block/steel pipe
Suspect arrested in Olmsted Twp pond murder

El transgénero es una identidad y no una preferencia sexual: Gloria Hazel Davenport
La activista es la primera persona transgénero que ocupa un lugar público a nivel federal
Leyes de identidad de género que se han hecho a nivel mundial se concentran en tres principales: Argentina, España y Reino Unido

[Costa Rica]
Diversidad sexual se manifestó cerca de cumbre de presidentes
Miembros de la diversidad sexual trataron de llamar la atención de los presidentes de Centroamérica, reunidos en San José, Costa Rica, con el presidente Barack Obama.

Movimiento Homosexual Limeño denuncia a Perú ante organismos internacionales por violar sus derechos
El Movimiento Homosexual de Lima (MHOL) denunció a Perú ante el Parlamento Europeo, las Naciones Unidas y la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, por una “sistemática violación” de los derechos de la comunidad LTGB, formada por lesbianas, trans, gays y bisexuales, informaron este jueves sus dirigentes.
MHOL denuncia a Perú ante organismos internacionales

La primera transexual con jubilación
Se había sometido a un tratamiento quirúrgico en 2007 y luego obtuvo el DNI como Carla Castro. Todo antes de la Ley de Identidad de Género. Por el cambio la dejaron sin trabajo y entonces decidió tramitar el retiro. Comenzará a cobrar en junio.
El rubor en las mejillas, las uñas de las manos y de los pies pintadas de rojo, el pelo corto y dorado. Sentada en el sofá de su living, Carla Castro reluce y deja en claro, a sus 62 años, lo que desde un primer momento fue: una mujer.

Inclusión: Primera mujer transexual en el Gobierno de Salta
La dirigente Mary Robles trabajará por la igualdad y contra la discriminación.
Otro símbolo de los cambios sociales que atraviesa el país. La reconocida militante por la diversidad Mary Robles será la primera funcionaria transexual en el Gobierno de la Provincia. La decisión se publicó el jueves en el Boletín Oficial.