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domingo, junho 16, 2013

European Parliament condemns Russia’s federal censorship law
Yesterday the European Parliament adopted a resolution condemning the “anti-propaganda” law voted in Russia’s federal Duma earlier this week.

"Me he ganado el respeto como mujer con sudor y sangre"
Manuela Rute, la transexual de Íllora a la que La Iglesia le ha negado la confirmación, se siente "destrozada"

Transgender people seek State recognition to escape gender ‘limbo’
Lack of legislation forces people to jump through hoops to prove identity

Save Laetitia (a transwoman being deportated to Russia)
Laetitia is a woman with trans background from Russia. In Russia, she faced harassment and violence on a daily basis. She was treated inhumanely in the police station, beaten up and urinated on by the officers. She sought asylum in Sweden three years ago.

Transsexual woman says man linked to gay club murders tried to rape her
Police investigating the 2009 double murder at the Tel Aviv gay youth club Bar Noar said Thursday that a prominent LGBT activist, believed to be the intended target of the attack, has been accused of attempted rape.

Is being a transsexual a mental disorder?
For the past few weeks, the media has been awash with the story of Audrey Mbugua – formerly Andrew Mbugua – who claims to be a woman despite being born a man.

Montenegro’s Liberal Party pledges total LGBT equality
The Liberal Party of Montenegro has pledged its support for the full recognition of same-sex couples in the former Yugoslav republic and will hold an LGBT education seminar for its youth wing

Belarus denies it plans to be the first country in Europe to make being gay illegal
Belarus lawmakers deny reports of plans to recriminalize being gay in the country, which have alarmed the local LGBT community

US Ambassador concerned over Russia's 'gay propaganda' ban
US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, has said that the ban on homosexual propaganda contradicts the spirit of a democratic society.
LGBT community takes legal steps against main sponsor of ‘sex propaganda bill’

HC asks centre to come clear about stand on eunuch rights
The Bombay High Court on Thursday directed the Union ministries of health, social justice and empowerment to file an affidavit stating what steps it proposes to take for the protection of the fundamental rights of eunuchs and transsexuals.

School in backflip over transgender child's use of girls' toilet
A transgender child who was born a boy but has been going to school this year as a girl will be allowed to use the girls' toilets at her South-East Queensland primary school.

Social Security eases trans angst with new transgender policies
Excerpt: To begin with, the SSA will no longer have the surgery requirement and will instead just require “appropriate clinical treatment”. New SSA staff guidelines will be issued for interaction with trans people, including the proper usage of pronouns and proper respect.
Transgender advocates applaud new Social Security policy
VICTORY: Transgender People Can Now Change Their Social Security Record’s Gender Identity
Social Security to ease requirements for transgender people
Social Security Administration updates policy on changing gender marker
Social Security Removes Surgical Requirement for Gender Marker Change
Huge win: Social Security Administration modernizes gender marker policy
Social Security Administration Updates Policy to Protect Privacy of Transgender Individuals
Social Security Administration Modernizes Gender Change Policy for Trans People

Boston police issue transgender search guidelines
The Boston Police Department has issued antidiscrimination guidelines for police interactions with transgender individuals that offer them new protections during searches and bookings.

Maine high court hears appeal of transgender teen
Nicole Maines, who was born biologically male but has always considered herself a girl, said she hopes no other transgender person ever has to go through what she went through in the fifth grade, when she was banned from using the girls' bathroom at Asa Adams Elementary School in Orono and bullied for her sexual identity.

Expansion of New York’s Human Rights Law to Include Gender Identity Would Protect an Estimated 41 Percent of New Yorkers From Discrimination
Amending New York’s Human Rights Law to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on gender identity would extend protections to an estimated 41 percent of New York’s population, including 23,800 transgender people, according to a Williams Institute study.

Oregon Legislature Repeals Surgery Requirement for Gender Change on Birth Certificate
With Gov. Kitzhaber's approval of HB 2093 yesterday, transgender people in Oregon will no longer have to show proof of surgery in order to change their birth certificates to accurately reflect their gender.

Roommate charged in Milwaukee rapper's death testifies in own defense
Billy Griffin said he was threatened by gang leader not to talk about killing

Premier urges MPs to approve human rights changes
Premier Craig Cannonier is today urging parliamentarians to approve changes to the Human Rights Act which would prohibit age discrimination in all areas except the workplace and ban sexual orientation discrimination altogether.
Bermuda approves bill prohibiting discrimination against gays

117 gays han sido asesinados desde 2003
La denuncia sobre estas muertes fue hecha durante la presentación del proyecto "Derechos Humanos de grupos vulnerables"

Un transexual de El Alto muere por enfermedad crónica
Yandira de 38 años, más conocida como La Chibola, es el primer transexual que muere en La Paz, en lo que va del año. El deceso fue a la 01.00 de ayer en el Hospital de Clínicas de la capital paceña.
Surgen dos versiones sobre la muerte de trabajadora sexual transexual en El Alto

Dos días para un derecho
La Legislatura porteña aprobó instituir el 18 de marzo como Día de la promoción de los derechos de las personas trans en tanto el 7 de marzo será el Día de la visibilidad lésbica. Los proyectos de ley respectivos fueron elaborados por la diputada del Frente para la Victoria María Rachid, el primero en memoria de Claudia Pía Baudracco y el segundo por Natalia “Pepa” Gaitán.
La Legislatura aprobó dos herramientas contra la discriminación

Tucumán: Nueva etapa en la Línea de Inclusión Laboral Trans
El Ministerio de Trabajo a través de un decreto publicado en el Boletín Oficial estableció ampliar el seguro de capacitación y empleo para trabajadoras y trabajadores desocupados, incluyendo así a travestis, transexuales y transgéneros. En Tucumán rige un convenio entre Empleo de Nación; INADI y el Superior Gobierno de la provincia.